Wednesday 31 December 2014


We'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who reads and comments (or just reads) these scribblings here at Munguin's Republic. 

We appreciate the time that you take to make this blog what it is. 

We really feel that we're a like a community of friends. Friends from all over the world... Scotland, England, France, Malaysia, China, USA,  and well, looking at the stats page, the list is seemingly endless so I'll stop at that. (There's no one from the Vatican.... why not?)

Anyway, wherever you are, Munguin and I wish you the very best of years in 2015. 


  1. We'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who reads and comments (or just reads) these scribblings here at Munguin's Republic.

    Scribblings fit ye oan aboot loon it overshadows hieroglyphics in the ancient art of script and their goings on. Have a good one even though we lost the the vote I am more confident than ever that it was only a postponement due to inclement MSM blatant bias roll on May 2015.

  2. LOL. It doesn't you know...

    But thanks anyway CH!

    We need to make sure that we convert all this support to useful power in the London parliament...

    Roll on May, 4 months away now.

  3. All the best Tris, and your own personal imperial master, Munguin.

    Jim, Arlene, Eoghan and Rhiannon.

  4. New Year greetings from Kedah, Malaysia. May we live in an interesting 2015...btw the best year end article is by Robin McAlpine in Bella (So Far So Good. British Unionism’s Review of 2014).

    1. Thanks AH... and for the heads up about Robin's article.

      I hope your weather settles down in the New Year.

  5. My New Year resolution was to find out where the tris/munguin angle came from. I think the site is great but coming to it late I don't know the beginnings.
    All the best however for 2015!

    1. Dear Anon,

      Those of us who have been on this blog from the beginning are well aware that "Tris" is a device used by Munquin when, after a few G & Ts, he posts absurdly ridiculous statements about the desirability of Scottish independence. This, of course, is designed to influence us into voting for Murphy and other Tories and, misssion accomplished, we can live happily ever after! Welcome to the blog but take all comments with a pinch of salt - apart from Niko's and mine!

    2. Hmmmm....

      Munguin is little and furry and the result of an assignation between and Monkey (mun) and a penguin (guin).

      He is exceeding rich (as befits a media mogul), and lives in a penthouse at the top of Munguin Towers, where all the staff toil on just under the living wage, while he helps himself to truffles and foie gras.

      Tris is his PA and general goffor!

      Thanks for your kind words Anon... but I have to advise that you should take ALL comment with a pinch of salt. Even John's...specially at an absurdly early hour of the morning!

  6. Happy New Year to all and especially those like me struck down with the cold that lasts forever.

    I'm not sure what will happen in 2015 and the GE will prove interesting. My prediction, based on no evidence whatsoever, is that the Tories will form the government either with a small majority or in coalition with perm any from UKIP, Norn Ireland Unionists and LibDems. I think that SLAB will have the majority of Scottish seats but the SNP will have around 20.

    Austerity will hit big time and things won't be pretty. And I'll change my name to Cassandra :-)

    1. Thanks PP...

      I'm hoping for 25 seats, but I know it is a big ask.

      Murphy has said he won't loose a single seat to the SNP, and in some of the seats that will mean getting Tories to vote for them, which Murphy will easily be able to do, given his right wing agenda. But I fear that that was a mistake and that eggs and Mr Murphy will be in the headlines again... This time it will be on his face.

      Austerity will be the name of the game after the election. But there will be a few sweeteners from the Tories in the meantime. Enjoy while we can. Life's about to take a turn for the worse for the least fortunate among us.

      Prediction of 3 seats fro the Libs in Scotland. Maybe 2-3 for the Tories, 25 SNP, 29 for Labour.

      I hope your cold goes away soon... that's nearly a week. Time it was banished.

      And Munguin says he'll call you Cassandra ...

  7. Forgot to say "Happy New Year to Munquin's Minions" keep up the good work, guys and gals after a year of great disappointment but conversely greatly encouraging.!

    1. Bliadhna mhath ùr, John.

      Isn't it strange. At 6 o'clock in the morning on September 19, I was so incredibly down. By 6 o'clock that night I was full of hope and making plans for the future ...

    2. We all were. How wonderful that the national movement in all it's garruous glory recovered so quickly. It is 'our time. after all.

      Don't comment that much but enjoy your blog - particularly the pictures. Aa da best for 2015. Onwards!

    3. Hey Derek,

      Thanks for the kind words...

      It is our time.

      I wonder if anyone had any idea that the internet would so change society that even the combined might of the establishment and the press would be hard pushed to beat us...even if it took the queen and a promise of devo super max...

      As you say... Onwards

  8. Happy New Year Munguin and Tris, his imperial Pugginess wishes his secretary to convey that you are working very well and that you must keep up with the same standards until the job is done.
    He also says pish on Murphy and his minions, that the right wing in England are now pushing the line that the Left wing will lose the election so nobody need worry about voting for the Labour Party here, they are not going to make any difference.
    Best wishes from me the humble secretary and general dogs body and in that I am not joking. May all have a happy prosperous and Independently minded New Year, exceptions for the two people who do not wish it (you know who you are).

    1. Thanks Helena.

      Give our respectful regards to Hektor... and here's to a great year.

  9. Happy New Year to His Mungness, Tris, and all the citizens of the Republic, wherever they are!

    1. Thanks Alex... Hope your 2015 is a great one.

  10. Avery happy new year Tris and all at Munguins.

    Heres to 2015 where the next battle will be fought. And we're winning. Check the polls, Labour falling apart and now you can join for a pound. Is that an rUK pound or the pound we cannot use.??

    So glad your still here Tris. With the YES movement fragmented and the political scene changed we can look forward to another busy year.

    Drank a wee toast to all and wish you and ALL your readers a happy new year.

    1. Hi Richy,

      I hope you're keeping well, this cold weather.

      It was funny when Murphy had a go at the SNP for doing memberships for £5, for the umnwages, when their own website was offeing anyone a £5 Labour membership.

      But talk about bargain basement. You can now join Labour for a whole year for the sum of 1 British/Falklands/Gibraltar/Channel Islands/Northern Irish, but not Scottish pound.

      As Stuart said, effectively they are operating at a loss. The membership card and postage along with admin associated will cost them far more than that.

      That's as funny as seeing Brown's book on the remaindered shelf within days of it being released.

      So happy 2015 to you Richy... I'm reckoning we'll meet up this year sometime.

    2. Big thanks Tris.

      This weather keeps me inside. arthritus is like toothache. Hurts like hell and dulls yer senses. It used to get me down , now it;s just "getting auld" So i Stay warm and pain free but look forward to better weather and an active part in this years election.

      The lousy weather forced me to miss you last time with the Lads from The Libations in Dundee. Next time i will be there to shake your hand and thank you for the blog. This is one of the best for getting the message out in short sharp bursts. And plenty of pics. Boy do they work.

      In 2012 i was a strong union believer. Wings, WGD and Munguins changed me. Opened my eyes and gave me strength to admit i was wrong and became a strong YESSER. For that i will always be greatful.

      Looking forward to meeting Munguin and getting a wee photo for the PC screensaver. Street cred will go through the roof .

      Many many thanks so far Tris and all at Munguins.

      Onwards and upwards folks :D

    3. Yes... I was really sorry when Darren said that you weren't with the lads that day.

      I'm really grateful that you found Wings and the Dug, and of course Munguin and that you changed your mind about the future.

      Munguin says he's looking forward to getting a screen saver with you. And unlike Tony Blair, he doesn't charge a halfpenny!!!! :)

      Take care, keep warm and we'll meet up in the summer. :)

  11. I was in the Vatican last year...does that count?

    1. Yes, Brian. That's put my mind at rest...


      Happy New Year

  12. tris

    Happy new year...belatedly

    In my mission to broaden your intellectual horizons
    and lift your heid from its nat navel gazing i give you this

    Dear Tony Blair, maybe it’s your fault if the electorate hasn’t shifted to the left

    You were only concerned about winning, not about reshaping society. So who are you to say Ed Miliband is too leftwing?

    You were about one thing really, Tony – winning. Winning at any cost. And being a winner meant being on the side of other winners. Bush, the bankers, Murdoch. These were the people on top – so all you had to do was be on their side.

    And therein lay your biggest problem: the limited scope of your ambitions. Not for you the challenge of reshaping the world in line with a new vision for society. Not for you the job of shifting the centre of gravity by detecting and riding new waves of political and cultural energy. Instead, all you did was to focus-group middle England and give a few swing voters more of what they already had. You remark, almost with pride, that the population hasn’t shifted to the left – well, what exactly was your job as a political leader supposed to be about then?

    Could apply to most of the Labour leadership none of them
    would of ever worked to bring the NHS and the welfare state into being.
    bit too much hard work and requires a kind of morality they seem to not
    only lack but also do not understand.or want to

    1. Ah, I wondered where you'd got to.

      Heavy night? Not get to bed till mid-day...?

      I dunno; you young things...

      Where will it all end up? That's what I always say, don't I Munguin...

      A-n-y way...


      I suppose that's a summation of the Blair man. He wanted his place in history, but it was to be got, if you like, the easy way. Follow Thatcher, follow Bush, follow Darth Vader.

      Don't actually make life better for people that always vote Labour. They will always vote Labour anyway... No, the art is to get some of the ones who usually vote for themselves first... ie Tories, to vote for you.

      That's why I just don't understand why they elected the sorcerer's apprentice to be the leader of the Scottish branch.

      Good article. But I don;t really think Ed has got it, left wing or not, and I see no real evidence that he is left wing.... just perhaps not to right wing as Blair.

      Now take a few paracetamols and go back to bed.