Thursday 9 January 2014


It's not all oil
Not a bad balance
And you got a new jacket...
The birds have worked it out
If I were you Eck, I'd have a good belly laugh...
Thanks to Urchin for this
Mr Cameron will be handing out knighthoods for this
Well, we'd be at least £600 better off, so why wouldn't they?
Well, duh! Because they are nasty dangerous things that might well blow up.
Well Ed, Johann? What you got to say to that?
Not just a pretty face is our Kezia 
Hard to argue, unless you like supporting London.
And Labour can talk about solidarity with English working classes,
but that's not where it's going.
The English working classes are starving too.
Next these people will be wanting electric trains and duel carriageways
Wanted: A prime minister with a bit of bottle. Move along, no one here like that
Actually, he had to admit that he has no mandate in Scotland and that he is roundly hated by everyone except Ruthie.
This is what Johann's leg looks like

Nope. You're avoiding debating with him because everyone,
even the staunchest unionists would shout you down.
You have NO support here. Bugger off.

These are from Urchin: This is a play on Descartes' "Je pense, donc je suis"
(I think, therefore I am.) In an increasingly consumer oriented world, it becomes "I buy, therefore I am"
Another good one from the Urchin.

"la pub" is not the boozer (that's "le pub"). It is "advertising" (publicity).

“Dé-penser” is a play on words. “Dépenser” is “to spend” (so, advertising makes you spend). But "Penser" is "to think" and the prefix “dé” usually means “un” so “dé-penser” could be "to unthink"…so "advertising makes you unthink (not think)",  and let’s be honest, when you are spending post Christmas in the sales most people are not thinking!!


  1. JoJo's leg looks a lot shapelier than I recall - have you airbrushed it?

    1. Hairbrushed, I think.

    2. BTW, John. I was just talking to my mother. She was saying that she had been worried about you being blown off your wee island into the sea, never to be seen again... and then ... out of turned up...

      Talking of which, where's Dean? No sooner does the lad convert to the light side, than he mysteriously disappears. I trust the Butter Together campaign aren't torturing him in Johann's dungeon somewhere on teh South side...

      If you're there Dean, say hello... If not we'll take Niko prisoner and torture him till you're returned to us safe and well...


  2. love the Oliver one and of course the Penguins. Are they any relation? However much as I dislike Kez, it's a bit below the belt to comment on looks especially when its just a bad picture. Would have been more appropriate given her expression to sub it "Bitter Together" methinks.

    1. Distant cousins of Munguin, so I'm told PP.

      It's precisely because it was just a bad picture that I felt inclined to allow a comment about Dugdale. If she really was hideous I wouldn't have commented on her looks, I'd have concentrated on her intellectual vapidity. :)

  3. I heard the BBC earlier talking about Virgin's imminent space flight and the possibility of flights from U.K. to Australia in 4 hours. Whilst talking about these flights they made mention of the fact that the North of Scotland is being considered as an area that could become a spaceport, ostensibly ex-R.A.F. Lossiemouth. Not only this but they were also talking to someone from Clyde Space who manufacture miniature satellites for use in space. They are quite excited about the prospect of the North of Scotland possibly becoming a spaceport as it would mean only a short(ish) road or rail journey as opposed to the current lengthy trips their satellites have to make to their current launch sites.

    While our politicians do not, as yet, make much play of this fact I think we are on the verge of seeing yet another massive bonus for Scotland, one of the first, if not the first, spaceports in Europe. I wonder what good old George Osborne will do about his beloved A.P.D. (Air Passenger Duty) then! £1,000 per passenger anybody?

    1. LOL. You can already imagine that he is totting up what he can charge. Ghastly little spiv.

  4. Cameron is a wimp as his only debating technique is snide retorts.


  5. David Cameron (Im going to fight with every fibre of my being to keep Scotland), what he really mean't was to keep Scotland poor, restricted, laden with nuclear weapons and subs, and if that depresses you dont worry, Cameron is going to spend £50 Million quid on the WW1 celebrations to cheer you up, so hurry up down to the foodbank then rush back to your freezing home which you'll lose due to your extra room and get ready for 9 months of unionist propaganda shite.

    1. You paint a lovely picture of the dear old UK. I can't wait to leave.