Sunday 12 January 2014


Well, it's been a funny old weekend. We've been told by the Herald that Dave the Spiv Cameron has appealed to Vlad the Impaler Putin, for help to deal with Salmond. When asked for a comment of course Downing Street demurred.
Then we read that Scotland on Sunday (yes, it does still exist) had managed to get Downing Street to deny that they had contacted the Kremlin, and say that nor would they in the future.

Rumour has it that the Eton Spiv has entered into some agreement with the Spanish prime minister, who of course also faces losing face and a loss of income from its richest nation. This, by the way, would be the same Spanish prime minister who was threatened by the imperial power of a British gunboat if he didn't mind his Ps and Qs over Gibraltar.
I'd be worried if I were Gibraltarian. Even spoilt boys who went to Eton probably realise somewhere deep inside that they can't always have everything that they want, and that compromise occasionally has to be made. I wonder if our second hand arms salesman has traded one thing for another with their sleazebag government. Heaven knows Mariano Rajoy, and Spain in general, could do with some good news, what with corruption hanging over the government and one of the infantas of the king, not to mention the king himself at his lowest ever popularity being boo'd in the streets!

Dave might not want to lose Gibraltar, but how much more embarrassing (and expensive) would it be to lose Scotland (and that's all he'll be caring about)?
Then, of course, there has been the revelation that despite us being told over and over that British troops did nothing wrong, there may be senior ministers of the Labour government prosecuted for atrocities carried out by Britain in Iraq. Geoff (Buff) Hoon and Adam Ingram together with General Peter Wall are accused that they "knew or should have known" that men under their command were committing war crimes. Based on the theory that "the buck stops here", should not Tony Blair and the Commander in Chief not also be in the dock?

Don't worry though, Labour and the Tories may be deadly enemies, but when push comes to shove, crooks usually stick together. Wee Willie Hague is fighting this with all his erm, might!
No more foreign aid till Nick Griffin's debts are paid off
We have also seen posters for the Better Together's friends, the BNP, saying that there should be no more foreign aid while pensioners are cold and hungry in UKokland. It is commendable that a right wing party has even noticed that the old and the poor are being maltreated, but isn't it typical that they would do other poor people out of comfort, before they would demand that the bankers pay back the money they stole; the house of lords be abandoned, and the royals made to live in just ONE massive palace in London instead of 5? Yet more proof that the Tories control Better Together!

And dear old Gordon Brown, proving that that doctorate he got on the Labour Party history, was, erm patchy, says that after a No vote, the Health Service should be devolved to Scotland.  Hmmm. The health service is one of the few things that has never NOT been devolved Gordo. Try to keep up. (That's the problem with only occasionally visiting the UK; you tend to forget how things actually work here).
Oh dear
Of course there was, earlier in the week, that hilarious story about our Spiv turning out for a photo opportunity with someone who had benefited from the Help to Buy scheme. There was Dave, we imagined, pretending to be all warm and friendly with this poor working mother in her joy at finally being able to get her foot on the housing ladder thanks to the beneficence of the British Conservatives. Pity that it turned out that Dave's struggling single mum was in fact a BMW driving, estate agent! Who employs their spin doctors?

If that wasn't enough, it was revealed that Dave gave his own hairdresser an MBE (the award that they give to cleaners, according to the late Michael Winner, who was offered and refuse it as being beneath his dignity). Still no such immodesty for Dave's £90 a snip barber.
The funniest tweet I've seen all week was this corker from someone who may be slightly delusional, or at least in denial about the debates that Ms Sturgeon has been involved in, but also seems to have a lamentable lack of knowledge about Scottish and British history.

I thought you might like some of these photos too:
Quick, call Vlad; get that submarine back...
UKOK alright!
You could try the Chinese; they are very close to Eck...
 trouble is they don't like you
Too late: Eck got there first as well...
Look what happens when you can't give an MBE to your hairdresser...
Yep... like a lot of things you never thought would happen...


  1. Alistair Darling, leader of the Better Together campaign,

    It's going to get more unpleasant," says Darling. "You can see it already. You're dealing with something that people have worked towards all their lives, and the stakes will get higher and higher. On the first day of 2014, the CBI general secretary in Scotland put out a press release that questioned various of the SNP's assertions. He was subjected to vile abuse from the nationalists. They went after him. The cyber-nat activity is disgraceful. They will trash anyone who disagrees with them. Their intention is to make people keep their heads down. Salmond could stop it, but he doesn't choose to.

    yep It's going to get more unpleasant

    1. Darling, and your, definition of "unpleasant" seems to be "those nasty people are using fact to challenge my lies, falshoods and smears.

      "I must be permitted to lie unchecked. I must, I must"

      Niko, if you don't want nasty people challenging your lies, simply tell the truth. Same advice for your pal Darling.

    2. Well, what he says to an extent is true. It will get nastier, I suppose as people who believe firmly in whichever side get more strung up about winning.

      Of course Mr Darling knows how nasty things can get. Look at the war between him and Gordon Brown.

      I'd have been more inclined to be sympathetic to his worries about the nastiness; worries that I share, had Darling mentioned some of the lies and horror stories being perpetrated by his own team, which nicknamed itself Project Fear.

      I am, for example, quite concerned that the prime minister of great Britain is trying to mobilise a dictator against part of his own country.

      I'd have thought that the example of Scotland working towards independence would have been a model for all around the world. No bombs; no terrorists; just arguments.

      But no.

      Alex Salmond isn't responsible for Nat nutters any more than David Cameron is responsible for people on his side. See the columns of the Daily Mail or the Sun.

      Alex Salmond's new year message asked everyon, on both sides to fight their argument with respect for those who disagree. Something he always does himself, no matter how unfairly he is being treated by, for example, Kirsty Wark (Jack McConnell's friend) he remained polite and respectful all the way through.

      Mr Darling, surely must have heard that new year message. Maybe of course, as his own side suggested, he was too lazy to listen to it, or too comotise... but it was surely his job to do.

      David Cameron hasn't managed to stop the vile comments about subsidy junkies, and lazy scrounging sweaty socks, and how after a few weeks of independence we'll be begging English taxpayers for more handouts. What is he supposed to do. Take a way the freedom of speech that we have in Scotland?

      He has asked people to be respectful of other people's points of view... I realise that the Tories would simply say that lower orders should learn to respect their betters, but that'snot the way it works in the 21st century.

      Mr Darling, being a mere backbench opposition MP (pretty part time) has even less power or authority than either Mr Cameron or Mr Salmond to do this.

    3. As for CBI Scotland, it actually represents very very few companies in Scotland. It used to publish its membership list, but has recently ceased to do so. And it refuses to answer any questions about what or whom it represents.

      It is clearly ashamed of its lack of membership, and is acting, as it would do, as the Tory's mouthpiece.

  2. Now that Cameron has put his begging shoes on and has been seen on his knees in Moscow begging, tear rolling down his cheeks, Vladimir Putin to step in and save poor wee Dave's Broken Union I think everything has become that much clearer. Now I understand why Broken Britain has so much World clout. I wonder who is next of World clouting Dave's list of contenders to help save Broken Britain, China, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Vietnam any one? LOL

    I'm just wondering how long Putin was rolling about on the floor laughing his heart out before he was able to give Cameron a reply. What on earth was Cameron thinking, not that I'm complaining this has got to be the best laugh we've all had out of the Save Broken Britain campaign yet. Perhaps someone in Number 10 should have mentioned to Dave that with all his toy W.M.D.'s pointing at Moscow asking Putin for his help to save the Broken Union might not go down too well!

    All this from the man who sits at the Top table. Well if this is the action of someone who sits at the top table then perhaps it is best an Independent Scotland is NOT going to be sitting there, what an embarrassment!

    One thing that might come out of this, despite almost total lack of media coverage, Herald excepted, is a massive increase in the viewing figures for PMQ's on Wednesday and FMQ's on Thursday. I wonder if Cameron has upped his order of anti squirm pills for Wednesday and what about the Bitter family in Holyrood, do they have any anti squirm pills left? LOL

    1. PR failure, above all else.

      I'm assuming that the Herald didn't just make this up. If it did, it must be mad. There is some truth at the bottom of it, and a Downing Street denial means nothing. Downing Street lies and lies and lies... from the [police at the end of it to the ministers that work in it. They are rotten and corrupt to the core.

      I can't for the life of me see why a according to them broke little country of subsidy junkies leaving the Great United Kingdom, is something that would interest the 8 supposedly richest countries in the world... Although I wonder if they are indeed the 8 richest countries in the world (given that Italy and the UK are amongst them).

      However, getting rid of a pile of whining useless drunks and benefit scroungers should positively boost the UK. Why would it change the balance of power. 5 million scroungers?

      Just think of all that money Boris Johnson will be able to spend in Croydon instead of Strathclyde and how much good it will do the UK.

      But, anyway, even if it did affect the balance of world power... the act of asking a man like Putin for help... a xenophobe, a dictator, a man who puts people in prison because he doesn't like them or because they are gay...for help, is a PR coup de poing.

      What a dick Cameron is.

  3. Alex Salmond has no control ovrr so called cybernats. The Yes campaign works from the bottom up. Unlike Better Together which works from top down. Ian McMillan was being corrected on his assertions snd untruths. There was no bad language or "disgraceful " behaviour on any posts I saw.
    You lead a sheltered life if you think he had a hard time. Check tweets #alexsalmond for some real disgusting comments.

    1. You are right, fireisk. Clearly I am a cybernat, and althougfh I like and respect Alex Salmond, I'd not in a million years tajke an order from hi8m about what I can or cannot say online.

      Scotland is supposed to have free speech. if he started telling me what I could and couldn't say, then I'd very soon lose all respect for him. And my answer would be NO.

      I happen to agree with him about listening to the BT campaign with a measure of respect... and I have proved it by never disallowing a comment form a No voter, no matter what they said. (I only once censored a comment which had been posted by someone when they were drunk and which was a succession of F and C words and pretty much nothing else).

      You are right too that Alex Salmond has had death wishes, been called a traitor and a terrorist as have many other people from the independence side of the argument.

      A read through the columns of the Daily Mail, Sun or the rare occasions when the BBC allows comments on a Scottish thread, often shows just what the BT side thinks of us...

  4. Alex Salmond has no control ovrr so called cybernats. The Yes campaign works from the bottom up. Unlike Better Together which works from top down. Ian McMillan was being corrected on his assertions snd untruths. There was no bad language or "disgraceful " behaviour on any posts I saw.
    You lead a sheltered life if you think he had a hard time. Check tweets #alexsalmond for some real disgusting comments.

  5. Tris. You shouldn't have posted that Better Together/BNP post. You'll get Niko all excited

    1. LOL. I like getting Niko excited, but don't tell him or he'll get the wrong idea!

  6. I can picture Cameron and Co asking Putin please please Vlad you manly man amongst men tell those pesky nats to just say Nyet!.

    Putin would reply ah David I will do it if you and IDs do the Cossack dance with me, here drink some vodka, cue the hoy!!.

    As for Lamont and SLAB, I just hope the SNP win Cowdenbeath I think they will as the nae to free school meals for the kids by SLAB should be enough to sicken even the most die hard (Cowdenbeather if there is such a word) from voting Labour.

    1. I don't have any info on Cowdenbeath, Anon.

      I don't know. It should be Labour's for the taking. It was a Labour seat, taken with a small majority by a violent thug for the SNP. He wouldn't stand down, even though he was thrown out of the party, so he has done independence a grea great disservice.

      In theory Labour should win this hands down, and with a massive majority. If they don't Lamont should resign. They couldnt ask for an easier win.

    2. Tris I think you are having a brain melt! Cowdenbeath seat is vacant because of the death of Helen Eadie, Labour, who apparently was a decent local MSP. You're thinking of Dunfermilne and Bill Walker.

      Do you Dundonians think it's all just one big blob in the central belt ;-)

    3. Oh Lordy ...sometimes I'm thick (specially at that time in the morning) . I'd just come back from the central belt too... the capital, where the weather was much warmed than it is up here...

      Sorry! :)

  7. Niko

    A link to the story about the England/Wales NHS plans to restrict treatments to only those deemed of benefit to society

  8. I hadn't read that Robertson thread, but I have now.

    For Niko to state that his honour is his loyalty is incredible. After all the things he has said. That is just a translation of the SS Motto "Meine Ehre heißt Treue"

    I don't know what to make of him. Sick individual, wind up merchant or just horribly, horribly confused

    1. He is one of those people one wouldn't trust under any circumstance and actually needs psychological help to counter his inner hatred of anything that threatens his perceived fantasy of the UK. A sad individual unable to evaluate a life outside the one we are stuck in as it suits his lifestyle.

    2. cynicalhighlander

      There are people like that in the world, sad but true. I have even met a few fantasists of the "McGlashan/Global Consipiracy" variety on the yes side

      It can't be comfortable living like that. A certain surety I suppose, at least you know where you are with a tin foil hat, but still ....

    3. I'm disappointed with Niko over some of these things.

      In the years we've discoursed, I've found him to be a decent bloke, sadly disappointed with Labour, as a lot of us in Scotland are, as they have morphed into a Tory Blair party.

      I can't really understand anyone who thinks that we are better ruled by the English than by ourselves. I'm not in the least patriotic about the Uk or even about Scotland, but I look around me and i see the things we have done, and i just can't believe that we are seriously inferior to the Irish, Icelanders, Danes, Norwegians, Finns, Luxembourgers, Maltese, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians... Why would we them not be able to run our own affairs.

      I suppose people of a certain age were brought up to be British first and foremost. Maybe Niko is one of them.

      Mostly I find him quite reasonable, even if he's on the other side.

      Sometimes he just seems to put himself out to be awkward and obstinate.

      I don't understand his support for Darling. The man is a Tory.

  9. LFI with now over 4000 likes shows that spring is here.

    1. I so much hope that LFI, which is Labour without the West Kensington, Chiswick weighting, will push forward and win votes from people who seem to prefer David Cameron to Alex Salmond.

      I really like what they're saying, and that they gain more support every day.

    2. This is a great article by LFI:

  10. Sorry Tris but don't know if you've seen this yet? LOL

    It would appear that Westminster are getting very edgy about what their beloved markets will do when Scotland gains independence if the question over the UK's £1.2 Trillion debt is not laid out in full.

    1. Wow... just wow.

      I'm waiting Stu's promised analysis, because he's infinitely brighter than me... adn maybe he can understand what this actually means.

      Clearly Danny Alexander is insulting us, but, I mean, who cares?

  11. I like to think that most of Niko's posts are tongue-in-cheek with the occasional compulsive need to howl at the moon.

    1. Yep, I think that too...

      I think he does it because he doesn't want us all to sit here agreeing with each other... so he pokes some fire in his own inimitable way.

    2. Has anyone ever seen you and Nico in the same room at the same time Tris?
      just askin sa'll.

    3. LOL... No, I'm pretty sure we have never been in teh same place at the same time...

      Now you have me wondering... Am I Niko?

      It's a deep one...a bit like

      Cogito, ergo sum:

      Niko sum​​?

  12. Tris

    The Russian thing is laughable really if were not so frightening and un-democratic, we are also now being told that France, America, Canada, Germany and Spain are all against Scottish independence and being asked to run Scotland down by the Prime Minister of the UK. My first thought was , SO, my second thought was , SO, but my third was, I wonder if their people know that their governments are being asked to influence domestic politics of so-called allies and against the will of the Scottish people. I guess we are now getting down and dirty. It was interesting that the money markets are now putting pressure on the Treasury to give assurances, funny that they won't talk to the elected Scottish Government and allegedly minor shareholder of the UK but will talk to unelected, unrepresentative bankers worried about their profits off the poor in this country and of course absoulutely little or no coverage and real explanation from that bunch of liars that are supposed to be the msm in Scotland.

    These kind of things can make you scream when you still hear people talking about why they are all voting no and none of it makes any sense what so ever, the arguments for a no vote are all stupid and full of rubbish that you have to think that all the economy burgers and tripe we have had to eat over the years due to poverty in our country has eroded the brains of many.

    I wouldn't be surprised if there is a wee back door deal on Gibralta, personally why we still refuse to just give it back to Spain is beyond me, well not really, I suppose a little empire for the Queen gives them the illusion of still being a super power. Spain is also no China, yeah there may have a been a lease on Hong Kong but thats never stopped us before, no , saying no to China would have resulted in a serious arse kicking and international humiliation for super power Britain.

    So on top of the policy of selection for who is worthy of health care, the continued attacks on the poor aided by Labour/Liberals and Channel Four, scare story after scare story, billions more in cuts, Gordon Brown threatening to really get involved we have a so called British Prime Minister asking so called allies to work against the democratic will of so called British Citizens, even the worst political fiction writers would not come up with a story as un-believable as that.


    1. It will make some corking fiction, Bruce.

      Every day there seems to be something else completely preposterous.

      I accept that Cameron may have been asked by Russia what matters it would like to see discussed by the G8, and he probably put Scotland on that list for agendas.

      It seems all the rest of the important countries in the world are scared stiff that 5 million people living in the north of Britain should break away and make the rUK poorer.

      Think on... if the rest of the UK gts poorer, what's going to happen to Scotland? I mean the money doesn't evaporate, so that seems to mean that IT GETS long last.

  13. Bruce, there is one good reason why Gibraltar should not be handed over to Spain, which is that apparently a majority of people there wish too remain British. No doubt there are other reasons which carry more weight with the UK government, bu those of us who support the right of the Scottish people to determine Scotland's status should not deny the right of self-determination to others.

    1. Scaraben

      I totally accept what you are saying, my point was really, badly explained I must admit, that as part of Europe Gibralta would be protected from any excesses of Spain and could negotiate a different position but I would never expect anyone to act against the wishes of the people of Gibralta but would not be surprised if the UK Government did as losing Scotland would be harder to take. Democracy we have is at the whim of toffs and poor toffs.

      Thanks for pointing that out though.


    2. Yes, I agree with both of these things.

      I can't for the life of me see why a bit of Spain should be British; nor can I see whey two bits of Morocco should be Spanish, but democratic rights are democratic rights, and if we expect them for us, we must accept them for others.

      of course the inhabitants of Gibraltar and the Malvinas both get a good deal. They pay no taxes to the UK and they get the protection of the UK, the use of its foreign office, and of course Gibraltar as an associate member of the EU can also use all the facilities of Spain (hospitals, work, universities) free of charge.

      Their tax is minimal. They have the best of both worlds.

      That said, i don't think Cameron would bother his posh arse about that if he could do a deal. I mean no one important lives there; no one with a title. So they won't count as equals in Cameron's world.

    3. I think we are agreed that a territory should not be transferred from one state to another without the approval of its inhabitants. Also, it is difficult to know where to stop if one starts arguing that some territory belongs to another state on the basis of proximity or history; just think how extensive the boundary changes in Europe have been in the last couple of hundred years. But I agree that one cannot trust Cameron when it comes to sneaky deals.

      As for how well entities like Gibraltar, the Channel Islands and Man do financially from their privileged position with respect to the UK, surely this should be looked at in these times of austerity - but of course it won't, as these places are havens for tax exiles who doubtless show their gratitude with political donations, directorships for politicians past and present, etc.

    4. It is difficult, I know. There was a time when most of the nations of Europe went out and took land from other people, whether they liked it or not.

      Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA are good examples. We never hear that we should be giving these lands back to their original inhabitants. But somewhere in history these lands were stolen from the people who lived there.

      The crown protectorates or whatever these places are are subsidised, from what I can see, by us.

      They often also depend on other local countries for medical emergencies. There is no great cancer hospital in Gibraltar, so I'm imagining residents are obliged to use the Spanish facilities which their associate membership of the EU affords them

      People in the Channel Islands often use facilities in France (although they are not in the EU) presumably because they are far closer to France than they are to England.

      The interesting thing is that, although people from these places can move to the UK, we cannot necessarily move there. There is in jersey, for example, the need to lodge a massive amount in the Jersey bank before you can take up residency.

      It's a brilliant deal. If the Channel islands became part of France, they would probably have to pay French tax. Likewise Gibraltarians on becoming Spanish, would be liable for their tax.

      In the meantime, these people enjoy far better conditions than UK residents, presumably because they don't have to buy nuclear weapons.

      Pensions in Jersey and Guernsey are around £200 a week, compared to the £105 paid to UK pensioners... and so on.

      I seem to remember that one of teh things that brought down Wendy Alexander (other than her brother), was the fact that she accepted money form a Jersey resident. But I'm sure more wily politicians than Wendy, have ways of being financed by people who keep their money there, but maintain some address in London.

  14. As for the last picture, in the event that readers might have thought that the frozen over place in Michigan called "Hell" is a bit peculiar, they would be wrong. In fact "Peculiar" is in Cass County Missouri about 30 miles south of Kansas City. :-))

    1. LOL. Ony in America Danny!

      Mind you, your roads look a lot better than pot holed British roads... even if they lead to peculiar... I mean Peculiar!

    2. Have you heard of Hell, Norway?

      Freezes over every winter.

    3. Wow... you know the last place on earth I would have imagined Hell to be would be in Norway... :)

      I'm guessing Norwegians don't have that expression....?

  15. I see that worm of a man IDS has said the idea of removing child benefit for a 3rd child and anymore over two as a brilliant idea, the worm also applauded the idea of removing housing benefit for people under 25. even the completely inept Nick Clegg seemed agast and disgusted at these ideas and compared, the child benefit thing as the Chinese model, due the punishment you receive in China for having to many kids.

    But I'm sure Clegg will comply with the Tory policy in the long run, in order to gain his erime coat in the upper house, speaking of worms the secretary of state for Portsmount Alistair Carmichael has stated 20 reasons why we're better off as part of the the UK.

    I've read the disection of them on WingsoverScotland, and it should be renamed the 20 reasons why we should hurry up and get the hell, out of the UK with regards to Westminster, and not the good English, Irish and Welsh people, of whom I only have admiration for.

  16. Anon. I was going to write a piece on Alistair Carbuncle's 20 reasons poking a bit of fun at them. Then I saw Mr Campbell's first rate piece and thought... leave it to the experts.

    I suppose most of you will have seen it, but if anyone hasn't, it's so funny and so brilliant, and so true, that it should be required reading for everyone in Scotland.

    No wonder Alistair is leaving politics after this parliament. It just isn't his strong point!

    As for IDS; although frankly I'd not particularly be against saying to people... look, the state will help you with 2 children, but sorry, no more. If you are rich and can afford them, fine; if not take up another hobby.

    I know that sounds harsh, but there is a limit to how much we should be paying out. 2 or 3 kids is fine. 5, 6, 7 8, 10...nope sorry. Effectively, no one, apart from royalty or bankers can afford to do that.

    But the problem with doing that is: what are you going to do when people have three kids and can't afford them? Not every child is planned, even in the best ordered household.

    Let them starve? Well, probably in IDS's case, yeah. But most humans wouldn't be happy with that.

    Or do you take them into care?

    Not a good idea either, because to kick off it is more expensive, and in any case we must all now be aware of what a dodgy time children in care have been subjected to over the years. (Not that I assume for a minute that that happens to all of them.)

    As for taking away housing benefit from people under 25... That's half witted even for a moron like IDS.

    Let’s paint a picture.

    Lad goes to uni at 18; moves out of family home; parents can't afford spare bedroom; parents move to smaller house with 1 bedroom. Lad kips on settee when he pops home to see his folks.

    Skip a few years…

    Lad, now 21, graduates (in England with HUGE debts); lad manages to get a job in town where he has spent 3 years at uni; he rents flat in said town; the company he works for goes under; lad is made redundant at 22; he can't get housing benefit for his home; he has £50,000 of debt; he can't get another job; he is thrown out of his flat; he can't go home because parents no longer have room for him on a permanent basis; he is homeless.

    Probably difficult for someone who lives in a lordly mansion to see. In IDS’ world there is a rich father in law who will build another wing on his already massive house, or a wife who can claim a salary for not doing a job …but in the real world with real people, it happens.

    Pity no one in the government is a real person or lives in the real world.

  17. tris

    Torys going up in the polls (apparently ) people are wery sad
    said not tongue in cheek.

    I come from a family of ten so know what life is like in
    a big family would of been a lot harder if ids had his way.
    And he is a Christian???? he says more a social than
    a real one i would suggest.

    Can just imagine its 1914 the rev IDS giving the religious service
    all pious like just before the off......and as he slopes off to HQ
    ten miles behind the lines.

    meanwhile You me and brownlie wait the whistle and then up and over the top to get shot to feck..................

    God save the king

    1. God bless us and keep us safe in the name of his majesty Niko...

      It would be such a privilege to lay down me life for the king...

      Of course the alternative was to be shot by your own lot (the donkeys) for being a coward.

      You'd just have to hope that IDS, who has a liking for the drink, would have got stuck in the cellars of one of these chateaux and given himself a severe dose of alcohol poisoning...

      I've got a brilliant pic to put up of that theme... Must remember to do that.