Friday 17 January 2014


Who wouldn't want rid of him forever?
Will we ever know of all the evil  that woman was responsible for?
Watch out, she probably bites... No forget I said that.
Baroness Lamont of Principle Light
Clout clout clout clout clout...CLOT
That way they still get to go to the Lords and get £300 a day
Lord Danny of Unloved
You'll have to write it down for her, so she can read it...
while she's wiping the floor with Eck on a Thursday. Pfffff...
If you can imagine that
Have you ever known a Tory give something away?
Still waiting...
Try to make them ones someone has heard of Dave.
How about that nomark Hopkins? She's always good for a laugh.
Even Putin is afraid of them
Simples then...
Still, it's given the SPIV a good laugh...
Who'd have thunk it?
Cute turtle: who's the thick one on the right?
...And devolving health to Scotland!
Not too much to ask, is it?
Oh Lordy, I'd have liked a Margaret Thatcher Day.
What fun we could have had.
Me, I just think he's a wrong'un, but goodness
that Botox works a treat!
Doing a really good job, Osborne. Keep it up mate.
That would do me
Horrid little state
Proper Labour
I'm pretty sure he will go on cutting till only titled people
and Tory MPs can afford to live. 90% of the cuts still to come.
They should just make it into a prison.
It wouldn't matter if the one on the right was called Lying McLiar and his pants were on fire.
 I'd still trust him more than I trust the prat on the left.
The most expensive trains and the worst trains in Western Europe
With the biggest subsidies... Quite an achievement!
Better Together, the most successful economic
and political union in the history of the world for areas 1,2,3 and 4.
Smart by name...erm.... yeah:
 I wonder if he ever sued Stu for calling him a liar...
Captain Beaky's evil influence
They only see the best of him...
So why do they want to cause earthquakes and poison our water... ?
There is, after all, no need. We have all the green energy we need.
Oh yeah, They'll make a lot of money for Westminster and for themselves.
Silly me!


  1. tris

    Oh dear seeing yor propaganda sheet one
    can only say the snp have many enemies
    and few friends. you dont win referendums
    by making every non snp an hated enemy
    still cults are like that only true believers

    1. Interesting Niko, coming from the No side, which hasn't one positive thing to say about the Uk, except that I see Wee Willie is going to stop soldiers raping, and presumably pillaging (however he's not going to stop selling weapons to anyone who has the readies).

      Every single thing that No says is negative.

      All I'm doing is pointing out that all these wonderful things that the Tories, Labour and UKIP porise are a pile of pants.

      The U KOK side can't even say nice things about other parts of its own organisation.

      The people, Niko, aren't hated enemies. Their policies almost without exception, are.

  2. tris

    Many Labour and Conservatives (spits) and even lib dems
    are genuinely agonisingly conflicted on what to do.Its not
    an easy thing making a choice not after a lifetime are you
    a traitor to your country or your conscience.
    what to do ????

    Red tory Blue tory dont help

    1. No, I am sure it's not.

      I've never been even slightly patriotic.

      I’ve always seen Scotland as the place I live; that it is part of the UK, the British Isles, the EU and the world is just something I take for granted.

      I’ve often thought how I wish I’d been born somewhere else, and grateful for the fact I wasn’t born in Zimbabwe or Afghanistan or some terrible place.

      When I was a kid I was fed religion and patriotism at school.

      I rejected both in a quiet way, because it wasn’t quite the thing to question it out loud.

      I always hated the idea of empire, of class and of the huge divide between rich and poor. I couldn’t ever quite work out which party I should belong to, so I belonged to none.

      I used to think the royals were ok until I learned about things that they did. They aren’t nice people opening things. They are grasping, self important people, there because of birth that interfere with the democratic process. (It took me years to find out that the king had persuaded Clem Atlee to stand down and hold a general election to let his friend Churchill back in.)

      Britain stands for all the things I don’t like… as I mentioned above. It’s also so bloody pompous. Why, for example, would a British finance minister feel he had the right to lecture a German finance minister? Because he thinks he is better because he is British… because it’s certainly not about financial competence!

      So for me, independence was easy. I had no loyalty. I didn’t believe in the Tories or labour or the Liberals. I didn’t believe in god and I didn’t believe in that “corner of a foreign filed that is forever England” Britain or “spinster ladies cycling to church and the sound of cork on willow” that Mr Cameron and Mr Major espouse.

      I don’t care about Britain losing “clout” because I don’t believe it has any. As we saw the other day, the special relationship will be in danger unless America can count on the Uk to pay for more and more weapons, despite it being hideously broke (£1.6 trillion) and already having the fourth largest spend in the world.

      But I can understand how difficult a patriot might find this. I can understand how someone who had supported Labour (or Liberals) all their lives would find it.

      I just don’t know what I would so if I felt that way.

      It’s like finding out that your best friend is a thief or something I guess…

  3. went to the gym (Wednesday)on the way came across
    a small group of disabled/vulnerable teenagers.
    being shown some road safety lessons.
    has they were in front of me stopped for
    a few minutes to watch ,there was around 6 to 8
    of them with 3 carers showing them the road

    they were all huddled up together seemed happy enough
    not dressed like the young ones in my family
    all designer just a bit raggy as they quite often are.

    Just made me wonder what kind of life will they
    have in a Cameron .Osborne .IDS ruled world
    with maybe 50 years more to live.

    who cares for the most vulnerable the ones
    with no one to look after them.

    That scene has played on my mind a bit

    1. I’m not surprised.

      I see kids all the time, not usually ones with disabilities, but certainly ones that haven’t had the best start in life. You know: dad in prison, mum on drugs, with boyfriends. Not really enough to eat, or not the right stuff; no guidance about the future until they come to me and say, I wanna be a joiner… but I don’t have any qualifications…

      No one ever tell you that you need maths for that, son? Nope.

      And I see a future for them when there will be no safety net. No welfare state that Mr Osborne says Britain can’t afford and Labour say they want to be tougher on than the Tories…

      It breaks my heart to see kids with no future. Kids hurting, lost, unhelped, uncared for.

      And disablement, for all the “laws” is still a huge impediment to getting a future; a job, money.

      I saw the other day that there are suggestions from the DWP that people, who are diagnosed as having more than 6 month to live, will be forced onto work programmes.

      What a country. What a political philosophy.

      Things like that haunt me too, niko

  4. Some brilliant and deeply satirical pictures for Saturday, its true a picture says more than words ever could.

    I doff my hat to you and your excellent work. yir a wee star so yae ir.

    1. And you, sir or madam, are too kind...

      But keep the compliments coming... I'm vain!!!!


      Thanks. Glad you enjoyed them.