Tuesday 28 January 2014


I just came across this book on Amazon. It was written by Dundee author Callum Duffy, who amazingly, is only 15 years old. It gets good reviews on Amazon, and I'm very happy to encourage local talent...

The independence referendum is only weeks away. The people of Scotland are being deliberately misled. Three unlikely heroes set out to discover the truth, but the power of the state seeks to silence them. So begins a desperate chase across the Scottish countryside to discover and reveal the truth. The very future of Scotland is at stake ...


During the run up to the Scottish independence referendum, the Yes campaign are leading. This drives the opposing No campaign to desperate measures, and they have to start inventing false truths in order to get their favoured result. When the political lies and spin reach an unbearable level, it falls to a retired MI5 agent, a jailed computer hacker and a schoolboy genius to expose the truth.

The truth is out there somewhere ...

Main Characters

David Chisholm - Former MI5 operative 

Nigel Braithwaite - British Prime Minister

Penny Carson - Adviser to the Prime Minister

Shona Murray - Computer hacker and whistleblower

Rory Lawson - Schoolboy maths prodigy with a flare for code breaking

Norman Williams - MI5 Operative

Callum is a 4th year pupil at Grove Academy in Dundee. He is also an NCO in the 44th Dundee Company the Boys' Brigade. A keen violinist, Callum is a member of the Dundee Schools' Symphony Orchestra.

He has long been interested in creative writing and had the idea for this full length novel two years ago. 

During this time he has been researching relevant subjects and taking expert advice on constructing and editing the book.

Callum really enjoyed the process of researching and writing the book, and he very much hopes that you will enjoy reading it.

The book is available as a paperback or an eBook from all good bookshops and Amazon.

The eBook can also be downloaded from this website.

I understand that authors make considerably less money through Amazon, so if you have compatible software, I'd suggest the website.


  1. yeah i wrot a book about the ' YES ' to independence campaign
    the mystery of disappearing executives and a demagogic
    snp leader and his loony cybernat hit men.

    Its Called ' THE LYING BASTARDS '

  2. niko is a 4th year pupil at Gove Academy in Dundee. He is also an NCO in the 44th Dundee Orange Order A keen violinist, Niko is a member of the Dundee Orange order drum and pipe band.

    God save our Queen

  3. nikos favourite hobby is cybernat baiting and snp bashing

  4. Hmmm...

    Munguin wrote a book about a first class dog from Edinburgh called Taz.

    It's the story of this poor dog's hard life trying to train his incredibly stubborn thick person to vote the right way... oh yeah and to use the toilet too.

    It seems he is failing at both, but it ends happily with his person who is called Niko, finally learning the right place to put his cross.

    Not all good news of course as on the way out of the voting booth this silly Niko character lifts his leg and pees on the count official. But you can't have everything...or so says Munguin!!

    Taz is a graduate of Fettes College for Canines of Class and Edinburgh University for Dogs of Distinction, where he graduated PhD with his thesis on Dealing with Thick Humans.. Niko is...well, he's just Niko. Not much more you can say about him, but for all his faults Taz loves him.

    Munguin's hobby is telling tales on Niko... when he gets out of hand, usually to John Brownlie. John's hobby is giving Niko a good thrashing.

    You can get Munguin's book a t the very reasonable price of £500 Scottish, from Tris... at the above address...

  5. Lets keep fiction out of the indy debate shall we?

  6. Dean,

    If you do that the Better Together campaign will be speechless?

    1. Yeah Dean, as John says, what would BT talk about.

      I read a lot of political thrillers and although I don't and won't make a habit of recommending them on here, I thought this one worthy of a mention because the author is from my home town, Dundee... and it's very good too.

      But, I guess not everyone likes political thrillers... :)

  7. Well done Callum, who knows in an independent Scotland you may become the next, Allistair MacLean. Though if you're looking to write fairytales, listen to the Better Together camp, as they know a thing or two about fantasy.

    1. I should point out that I don't know this guy. I came across the book by chance on Twitter and was interested because it was written in Dundee.

      So I though...give it a go.

      And I'm glad I did. I finished off another book last night and started this one and it starts really well. I certainly didn't want to put the light out and go to sleep!!

      I reckon Callum has a future as a writer, no doubt at all.

  8. I don't do eBooks, and I notice Amazon aren't doing any sort of free delivery on this item. I'm going to ask my friendly local bookshop to get it for me, and then I get it for cover price and the author gets a bigger cut as well.

    1. Yes, that's a good idea.

      I never thought I'd take to reading on a Kindle, but I was given one as a present, and once I got used to the idea of reading from an electronic device (which as I do it a lot during the day on the PC, Chrome Book of phone, wasn't a huge deal) I came to love it. One of the bes things about it is that I can see a book I want to read and have it there within 2 minutes!

      But I still love to have a real book in my hands!!

      It's a ripping good story, government intrigue, on both sides... well drawn characters which you can really like or loathe... good plot.

      If you like that sort of thing, you should like enjoy this. It's a lot better written than loads of its kind.

  9. Come one guys, a braveheart annabae anti-wesmidden novel is NOT worth bothering with. Independence must transcendent idiotic nationalism. Lets have a nice, wholesome, SOCIALIST yes vote. Labforindy style. None of this filthy SNP 'King Alex' anti-England nonsense.

    1. I have a confession to make. Uniquely among nationalists, it seems, I have never seen "Braveheart" or "Brigadoon". I do understand, though, that the leader of the Scots in Braveheart was chopped to pieces and would not wish that on anyone so I cannot understand why any nationalist would vote for that.

      I understand that Brigadoon was an idyllic place presumably run by an old Labour council who held their meetings in the local hostelry Niko's Bar where the genial host was never averse to a lock-in with never a dodgy dossier or a Tory bung in sight although the odd LibDem would pop in to prop up the bar or to prop up the local Tory party. Or am I getting confused with NuLabour in Falkirk, Niko?

      PS: Dean, who is annabae? Did you mean Annabelle?

    2. LOL.

      I've never seen Brigadoon either...

      And I remember seeing Braveheart at one time with a French mate who couldn't understand most of it, so I was translating most of the time.

      I can''t remember the plot at all.

      My only memory of it was that Gibson was incredibly awful and that his Australian, American Scottish accent must have been learned anywhere but the Highlands, as there were bits of Glasgow and bits of Fife... and what a mess.

      So sorry, you're not entirely unique, matey!!!

      Although my mum says you're one in a million.

  10. Dean... Calm yourself matey. It’s a piece of harmless fun.

    It's not what the fight is about. The aim of the independence movement is to get a government (probably, I'd hope on the socialist side), but most importantly a government that WE voted for and that cares about what happens in Scotland. Not one which, quite reasonably, given the demographics, is primarily concerned with what happens in London and its environs.

    But there is no harm in enjoying a well written piece of fiction. Particularly when it does talk about something that is quite possible.

    I've said before that I believe that if things start to look bad for the No campaign in the run up to the referendum that the UK government will look at whatever options are available to it to keep Scotland and its wealth.

    I'd not be surprised if Kate were to get pregnant, Harry will be married off to whomever, and you'd be mad to think that MI5 isn't desperately searching for something they can use against someone in the SNP. If Cameron isn’t against using our ambassadors and the much vaunted diplomatic service all over the world to brief against Scotland, then where will the draw the line?

    If you don’t like this kind of fiction, then don’t read it. (I know you are more intellectually inclined.)

    But I love political intrigue … the House of Cards trilogy is one of my favourite reads of all time… and this is a well written novel, by a local guy.

    It’s not the fight. It’s fiction about an aspect of the fight!