Friday 17 January 2014


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PS Mr Hague: 

Given that you seem to think that it is reasonable for you to come to Scotland to deliver a lecture about how you think things might be when Scotland is independent... (and you might remember that your record on forecasting what we will do and how we will do it in this country is far from being faultless) ...perhaps you might like to add some information on how the alternative will work for us.
Mr Hague and the Tories were desperately
anti-devolution, you'll remember
The alternative, of course, being that we remain in the UK, that we continue to be ruled by your party, in your parliament, populated mainly by your countrymen, in your country... and therefore, Mr Hague, something you might be expected to know a little more about.

Because, you see, this is important to us. Not just to our Deputy First Minister, but to us too.

You simply cannot expect people to make a democratically legitimate decision on their future based on a white paper from the Scottish government and a series of scare stories from the UK, most of which have already been discredited by, for example, Nobel prize winning economists, parliamentarians and ministers of other EU countries ... and by common sense.

You must lay out what is likely to be on offer.

I accept that that is not something that you can do for the whole of the British nationalist parties. The White Paper issued by our government is a view of how things could be. It is the view of our current government, and one which could be changed by the Scottish people should they wish to vote for a different government in the future as, at some point, they almost certainly will. (We could try to ask Ms Lamont for a vision of an independent Scotland, but she doesn't have one. Indeed we wonder if she has any vision at all. Of course given her desire to share a platform with Mr Cameron, it is possible that their visions are identical.)
Ms Lamont's vision is...erm...ugh... yeah
So we do not ask you for a definitive vision of how the UK will be after 2016 should the Scottish people remain as part of it. But we can reasonably ask you to lay out is what a UK government under the Tories might be like.

We can, of course, ask Mr Miliband to do the same for a possible Labour government, and even Mr Farage, as he now appears to have a very considerable influence on English politics.
Ms Sturgeon's letter isn't a political stunt. Any thinking person wants to know what your vision for Britain is, so we can look at it in concert with that of Mr Miliband (we already know that Labour would devolve health to Edinburgh ...presumably having first taken it back to London) and compare them both with the vision we already have of  Scotland as painted by Ms Sturgeon and Mr Salmond.

Please do give it some thought.



Stuart has taken some of Hague's speech to pieces here

As always with Wings' stuff, it is worth a read.


  1. Cracking letter from the DFM, and an excellent, thought provoking article, Tris.


    1. Thanks Eck. Nicola is a tireless asset to our country.

  2. I wonder if Lamont was alongside the baldie heided dwarf this morning beside Beaker, you know as part of his 'protection force' I thought she'd be there to answer questions from the media. LOL

    1. I think they had morning coffee in the Lamontbunker, planning a two pronged assault on Scotnats... Cameron and McThatcher.

    2. Don't forget Tris, wee Ruthie must have been there incognito as well. She would have been incognito just in case any of those nasty cabernats were around and out to get her! LOL

  3. See that Nicola Sturgeon, she's pure dead brilliant so she is. Seriously though, Scotland's future FM/PM imho unless she holds her breath waiting for a response from Hague.

    1. I imagine that Hague, when he finds out who Nicola is, will have someone write to her. The letter will be waffle, and won';t answer a single question.

      Simply he hasn't got any answers, except that clearly rpe will be endemic in soldiers all over the world, if England loses 5 million people from its northern provinces.

      Probably we'll find that there will be soldiers who mistreat prisoners, break Geneva Conventions and sexually assault and humiliate people in their charge too if Scotland goes its own way.

      Why, the world may even come to an end. Still I'm sure the Spanish King will stop shooting big game and come over and shoot Big Eck for David Cameron, and the KGB is doubtless reading this blog right now, under Putin's orders and planning to fix Minguin for once and for all...

      Fear ye not, the Brits are here...

  4. Umm when a snp/nat looks at a snp turd they see
    a bar of gold....other more normal,decent.honest
    folk see a turd just a plain old smelly turd

    1. Sometimes, Niko, you say really amusing things, sometimes they are perceptive, sometimes witting, sometimes even learned.

      This was not one of any of these occasions.

      Beneath your dignity there, Niko.

  5. What the hells going on, you have David Cameron hiding out in his Der Fuher bunker, beneath Westminster, meanwhile every other shady politician with a voice, and an opinion, has made there way north of the border.

    You have Harriet Harman, Willie Hague, Danny Alexander, and of course Alistair Darling, all making regular sorties, on the Scottish public, preaching that Scotland will go straight down the pan if Westminster isn't there, to hold our hand. So much for no interference from non better together members.

    If I hear one more time, that we're stronger, have more clout or punch above our weight more, as part of the UK, I'll have nervous breakdown and start mumbling gibberish just like Johan Lamont, heaven forbid.

    1. Nah, you won't Anon. No one havers like Lamont.

      Let them come; let them tell us how pathetic we are.

      Those who believe it, will go on believing it. Those who don't won't... and those who are undecided will see a trail of English people coming up and telling us that while they respect us enormously and we could of course make it on our own, we wouldn't be allowed to be in the EU, or NATO or even the SSPCA; we wouldn't be able to afford embassies; we wouldn't be able to afford an army, and in any case no one would want to be in it if we could, because all our people would hate the country and that there won't even be any wee dugs and sausage rolls because fatso will have eaten them all. (And I'm not talking about the lovely Mr Pickles.) And they'll be pretty fed up with it.

      My warning to people living in these towns where the Cabinet comes is to lock up your valuables and don't let your daughters, or your dogs, out without supervision.

  6. Stu has just put up a wee piece about Saffron Dickson Tris. I think this more than anything else explains why I and thousands/millions of us are voting YES in September. Now if a sixteen year old girl can be so clear about why we should be an independent country why are the so called intelligencia doing so much to deny us that right.

    As we know the coward who is Cameron is refusing to debate with Alex Salmond. Instead he sends his underlings up to Scotland to keep telling us how too wee, too poor and too stupid we are to go it alone.

    I wonder if he'd consider venturing North to debate with pair wee sixteen year old Saffron? If the gutless coward did I'd lay a bet that Saffron would win Game, Set and Match! LOL

    1. I dare say he's get annoyed and be patronising. Calm down dear style... They are good at that kind of thing. It's what they learn at their public schools.