Saturday 4 January 2014


If you are voting no because you hate Alex Salmond,
are you also voting because you love David Cameron?
They certainly are; we certainly aren't,
but be honest, when did we ever matter?
If we live in a democracy and 80% of the people
don't want something, then why have we got it?
That's their own side admitting it...
Says it all
Just the way the Tories like it

And people say that the EU is undemocratic.  It may have many faults, and in many European countries lack of democracy may be a fair argument against it. But HERE? With this shower of leeches, an hereditary head of state and first past the post elections in which the bulk of seats never change hands, together with whipping...?
PLEASE, don't make me laugh. Bad argument.
And they accused us of racism when someone
 (an Englishman from the Labour Party as it happens)
told Nigel Farage to go home.
Ye Gads
Very equal union. I noticed yesterday that house prices have gone up by 8%
Until you look a bit closer and find out that that is 16% in London and 3% in Scotland
That's praising him. If he were only clueless he'd be far better. 
Piece of advice Darling, don't try to argue with Nicola. You'll lose.
Remember when the labour party used to be about this, instead of collecting
 congressional medals and the scalps of Iraqis and Afghans?
Yes good one...except they won't. They like it the way it is.
Utterly corrupt.
But who is it that gets the extra allowances?
When they bring in area related benefits, will Edinburgh get 10% less than London?
Will that include pensions?
I wonder if any of the current, or past governments will get
 or got seats on the boards of these companies
Well, we can't all be rich can we?


  1. No direction? Unfortunately they have a direction - straight down, dragging Scotland with them!

    Has anyone ever seen JoLa and Daphne Broon in the same room? They're both two dimensional characters with drawn-on eyebrows, although, admittedly, Daphne's are professionally drawn!


    1. LOL...

      Yes. that's true.

      We also have a new direction which we can take if we want.

      Love the eyebrow comment!!!

    2. Tris, sorry to go off topic but did you get my emails?


    3. Yep... replied! :)

  2. Westminster is a fat overblown pig trough, when you think about it why? well the USA has 100 Senators and 435 in their House of Reprentatives. In the UK we have a whopping 650 MPs plus over 800 fat greedy Lords, plus EU MPs.

    As for Westminsters vanity of WMDs there not the only WMDs in Scotland Im pretty sure the nukes of the 60's are stored near Machrihanish in Argyll according to John Jappys blog.

    2014 will see more foodbanks more poverty and more despair, and a 1914 farcical war commeration, who the hell commerates the START of a war, theres already a perfectly good day on in armistice Nov 11 and why Glasgow, its all BT Bullsh*t trying to out play the YES camp.

    What a cynical bunch of t*ssers, the BT and Westminster muppets are.

    1. Yes, I agree...

      I'm interested in finding out more about these nuclear weapons though. John Jappy is no one's fool so if he reckons there's something there, it is cause for concern..

      Got a link?


  3. First off if you vote no cos you hate Alex salmond its possibly
    the best thing you are ever going to do in this life,
    It doesn't mean you love David Cameron or the English conservatives
    it does mean you are for a plural democracy which could include
    conservatives if that is what the Scottish people want, to link
    hatred of a political party to the notion of escape through independence
    is both crass and untrue.

    There are many conservative within and outside the snp who would
    dearly love to construct a Scottish Thatcherite nation.
    If you want vote for independence ( i hope you wont ) then vote
    because you want to be free to choose for whatever party you
    decide to support and not in hatred of another party

    The good reason to vote in hate against Alex is only due to
    the fact he and the snp would impose him as leader for
    life. And all democratic accountability would die under
    the snp placemen/quislings.
    The snp have for years used the cult of Alex Salmond with
    much success and the idea they would disobey his commands
    is risible. no to be and remain safe and free the key to democracy can
    never be placed in his hands,,never!..never ! ..never !..

    Westminster may ? the augean stable but under snp rule
    in a Independent Scotland holyrood would become
    the very pit of Hell

    1. Niko,
      this is just pathetic trolling. Not even a snigger in it. That's simply an insult to The Republic. 0 out of 10

      It's now 2014, be sure not to piss away your hard won reputation as a decent but misguided emotional unionist.

      That's friendly advice Niko. No one is immune to the reality of the social choices that are to be made this year, and no one but the independently wealthy will be able to avoid the consequences of getting that decision wrong.

      Are you independently wealthy Niko?



      Cast caution aside in the fight for the United Kingdom
      As the Scottish independence vote looms, ministers can no longer give Alex Salmond an easy ride

    3. In the end Scotland is far more likely to elect a Labour government, and a real Labour government, than England is.

      At the moment no one really argues this. We get the government that the 50 million people of England want, as opposed to the government that the 5 million in Scotland want.

      That, of course, is as it should be.

      Some times the two have been the same. Recently, of course, only because Tony Blair made Labour a slightly right of centre party which the English seemed happy enough to vote for.

      I accept that the North of England would probably vote for old Labour too, but as Mandelson pointed out, the prize is to get the vast number of people who live in the south east to vote for you adn you don;t do that by redistribution of THEIR wealth.

      Will Scotland have Tories. Yes. Only we won't call them that.

      Are some of them currently supporting the SNP? Of course.

      Will Scotland then suddenly become a right wing country on independence? Well, I dunno...looking at te population, the housing etc etc, no, I'd not have thought so.

      I've no idea who the Scots will vote for... Both Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon are left of centre politicians. Some SNP people are presumably, right of centre. But I can't think of any in the government who are.

      I don't think that Johann Lamont is a right winger either. I don;t think that she supports nuclear weapons, seeing as she went into politics to get rid of them. I don't think she wants to see pensioners on the streets; I don;t think she likes the bedroom tax. But when you're boss's job is dependent on you peddling that kind of policy in the important part of the country where governments are made or lost, it is probably best for her that she shut up and do what she is told.

      Fir that matter I don't see most of the rest of the Labour party in Scotland supporting that kind of crap. Well except for Harris, but then he makes Mrs Tahtcher look reasonable and almost sane.

      Niko, in the UK we either get Conservative governments or Labour governements which no longer represent the working people.

      At least in Scotland you'd have a good chance of getting a working class government made up of people who have actually lived in a house, as opposed to a castle or mansion, and gone to school in the same town as their parents lived.

    4. To save funding Niko and his Tory media buddies the archive link is here.

    5. Niko that piece by Moore is so full of downright lies, written to please an English audience (the Telegraph sells very few copies in Scotland)

      Lies about the Queen, the EU, the pound, the flag, the name of the country...

      I expect he thinks that Mr Carmichael, Mr Sarwar and Mr Moore, all came up to Scotland to debate with Ms Sturgeon and didn't try because they are nice English gentlemen who don;t argue with ladies, but now the gloves must come off.

      The big guns must stop giving the foul separatist traitors an easy tiome, just because they are thick jocks, or women.

      Well, let their head bloke come up and give Mr Salmond a hard time...
      Go on Dave. Come up and show us that we need England's superior intellect to show us what to do.

      Let's be honest, their big cheese went to what they say is the best school in the world and the best university in the world, out of which he emerged with a First class degree. To get that from Oxford, you need a title (which he doesn't have), or great prowess as an oarsman or rugby/cricket player, which he doesn't have, or great brains... so he must be able to beat local school boy Alex Salmond to a let's see him.

      Unless of course his degree was awarded in return for a new roof for the chapel... surely an English gentleman would never countenance that. It's just not British!

  4. I think Marcia's tablet must have got the better of her. I see her posts in my email, but not on here...

    (She just said that the pics were good choices, then fell out with her question mark, and explained that she had a new tablet... and was taking some time to make peace with it!!).

    Thanks Marcia... I wish you joy with it! :)

    1. Back to a laptop! I wish there was a way of distributing some of these posters to a wider audience, that is a lot who are not in the computer world. It would wake some of them up.

    2. Ha ha... welcome back from tablet land!

      Yes, I agree.

      I'm not sure what proportion of the population is connected these days, and of course, being connected doesn't mean that you look at this kind of thing... or if you did, you would understand it, or pay much attention to it.

      I just wish that the MSM would stop lying...