Friday 10 January 2014


Writing in the Washington Post and quoted in the Telegraph, Mr Robertson of Port Ellen has warned of the damage Scottish separation would cause to the UK on the world stage. He reminded them, and us, that UKOK was the “United States’ oldest and closest ally”.

So here we have it. Mr Robertson is worried about the standing of the UK on the world stage. 

How Tory and patrician. 

He doesn’t appear to be in the least interested in the future of Scotland. He may be right that Britain is the USA’s oldest ally. He might remember that the very fact that they are two separate countries, and thus able to be allies, is due the fact that the Americans threw the Brits out.  

As for closest ally…well, I don’t know. They are the most useful one, because they will do virtually anything the USA tells them, whereas other allies, like France, Germany, Japan, Korea, etc, tend to have minds of their own and can only be pushed so far.

Robertson said the global balance of power would be “substantially upset”, by a split, especially if the Nationalists pushed ahead with their threat to expel Trident, and the “ripple effects” would not be limited to the UK.

Incidentally, it’s not a threat, as I see it, Mr Robertson; it’s a promise. 

And how would the global balance of power be affected? 

As I see it, Scotland houses, for the UK, a small number of nuclear missiles, tiny by comparison with the West’s overall arsenal. The UK in fact has 225 missiles, with only 160 being active.  The USA has 7,700 with only 2,150 active. This can be measured against Russia’s 8,500 (1,800 active) and China’s couple of hundred. 

The UK’s total arsenal is controlled by the USA. Not only would Britain never dare use them without America’s permission; it actually couldn’t use them, because they employ the American delivery system and thus require the Pentagon to supply the firing coordinates. 

The British stockpile, small as it is, is not independent. It belongs to America in all but name (and expense). 

What difference would it make if Scotland rejected it? If English lives were thought to be too important to risk having thedodgy stuff anywhere near even small English towns, they could be transported to America, which in any case controls them and indeed counts them among its own.

The noble old buffer goes on to say that ‘separatist’ movements in Spain and Belgium might also succeed in breaking away, leading to a more fragmented, more unstable Europe. A continent more likely to produce “strife and dissension”. So independence of a tiny unimportant northern nation might cause world war three?

Does he seriously think that Catalonia and Belgium are dependent upon Scotland to decide what they will do with their futures? 

The Catalans have already announced their referendum. They have massive support. They will almost certainly vote for independence, Scotland or no Scotland.

Belgium, a strange mixture of Dutch speaking Flemings and French speaking Walloons, has never really worked as a state. The country has spent years without any effective government, even longer than the basket case iraq after our interference. It is only a matter of time before something  will have to be done to provide two countries for two very different peoples.

But typical Brit, he thinks that everyone in the world waits to find out what Great Britain will do... He obviously hasn't been talking to the Chinese recently!

Mr Robertson also accused the SNP of offering Scottish voters a “real pig in a poke” because key issues such as EU membership and currency cannot be resolved until after a ‘yes’ vote. 

But that's not true. They can be resolved; but UKOK doesn't want them resolved.

The UK government (the only organisation with the power to do this) won't ask the EU for a ruling on Scotland’s membership, because anyone with any common sense can see that, as Scottish people are currently members, Scots law complies with all the requirements of the EU, and Scotland is rich in oil, water and green power, it would be ridiculous to think that this expansionist organisation would do anything other than jump at the chance of Scotland’s membership. If they asked for a ruling it would almost certainly go against them.

As for the currency situation, we know that although the UKOk government isn’t for negotiating, the governor of the Bank of England, who understands finance, is very eager to talk to the First Minister, as was his predecessor.

 “Britain’s friends around the world need to pay attention. A dangerous historic event might soon be upon us — with few people outside the UK even noticing.” says the Noble one.

Britian's friends? Hmm, well we'll leave that one, because we can't prove much one way or the other, but I doubt they need a calculator to count them. 

But why would it be dangerous Georgie? What’s dangerous about a country with little in common with its neighbours, breaking up with them and running their own business as part of the EU or EEA?  Is it dangerous that Czech Republic and Slovakia are no longer together? Is it dangerous that Hungary is no longer a part of the Austrian Empire? Should we worry that Bulgaria, Poland Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia no longer are part of the USSR’s sphere? It’s not like we are about to declare war? Is England?

The Washington Post has previously warned in an editorial that Scottish independence would weaken America’s foremost ally and create a “less stable world” because Scotland would be too small to “contribute meaningfully” to world security.

I find that interesting. Presumably then the USA requires Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Faeroes to join together. After all surely these countries are far too small to contribute to the USA’s plan for the world. What about the Benelux countries? Probably they should all get together with Germany and Austria so that they are big and powerful. Or is it just countries that do exactly what the White House tells them that should be allowed to be powerful?

I mean, never mind that Scots have to live under a succession of governments implementing policies repugnant to us… as long as we aren’t upsetting America. It’s the least we can do to keep calm and suffer.

 “The United Kingdom has always punched above its weight diplomatically and militarily. A break-up would have a serious effect on its role in the world — all the more so because Britain’s nuclear-deterrent base is in Scotland,” chunters his nobleness.

Perhaps Mr Robertson would like to remember that punching above our weight has cost us dearly. The punching above our weight has involved massive military spending; money which might well have been used to maintain standards of education and health, transport and infrastructure which are well behind those of Western Europe.

But of course, wee George, who got himself a cushy little number in Brussels at an enormous salary together with a handy berth in the British elites’ retirement home, isn’t bothered about that kind of shortcoming. That only affects unimportant little people without titles.

Lord Robertson also challenged the Nationalists’ assertions that a separate Scotland would keep the Queen, the pound and EU membership with the same opt-outs as the UK.

Well, George, she’s Queen of Scots as well as being your English monarch. The Australians keep her too, and the people for Papua New Guinea adn they are not a part of England. 

As it happens, the pound is our currency too. We helped pay for it, and as doubtless, you'll be wanting us to take our share of the monumental debt the London governments have built up, while punching above your weight, perhaps you should think twice about trying to deny it to us.

Of course we could start our own currency and watch your pound fall through a hole in the floor: a heavily indebted country with no industry and no resources. 

As for the UK opt outs… I think you probably already know that these were bought at a price. So no, I don’t expect we can have them… but then we also won't have to pay the price that Mrs Thatcher paid quietly for them. You don't think she got the better of Kohl and Mitterrand, do you?

A spokesman for the pro-UK Better Together UKOK campaign said: "This is an important intervention from the former Nato Secretary General, a man with experience of the realities of international affairs. The SNP idea that everything will change but nothing will change simply isn't credible.”

That’s just too ridiculous to even poke fun at. 

Mr Robertson was a placeman sent to Nato by Tony Blair in his second job as Mr Bush's poodle because Mr Cheney wanted a patsy at Nato; a handyman who would do what he was told. Mr Robertson, somewhat flattered at getting such a highly paid job, well above his reasonable expectations, and a 'freeloader for life' title to go with it, dropped his constituents that only shortly before, he was so proud to serve as MP and dashed to the comforts of world "power" in Brussels.

He's a funny old stick. You’ll remember that he is a baron who recently informed us that we have no culture and no language. It was unfortunate that he said that, because the idiot chose for his aristocratic title, the name Port Ellen on the island of Islay, where a large number of the population speak Gaelic as their first language. 

It's a point that, you'd have thought such a ‘man with experience of the realities of international affairs’ might have thought about before he told us all that their language didn’t exist.

U KOK UP more like!


  1. The rUK is already looking like a foreign country -

    Best of Both worlds? UK OK? Status Quo?

    This "union" disgusts me

  2. Speechless?

    Didn't they do this kind of thing in the 1930s in Germany?

    It disgusts me too, James. Thanks for pointing this out.

  3. Come on now, tris. Don't beat about the bush - let's hear what you really think of Lord Blobertson.

    What a comprehensive demolition of a thick, pompous sinecurist who should have learned by now to keep his prim little gob shut. Brilliant job.

    BTW - Britain is the USA's oldest ally? More bullshit from the noble fantasist. The French, Dutch and, to an extent, the Spanish fought with the colonists against the UK to win their freedom and were the first to recognise the new nation's sovereignty.

    1. Thanks Barney. :)

      I was incensed when I read the drivel he was spouting.

      Everything was utter rubbish. A Daily Mil kind of job...never mind the facts, let's get the prejudice out.

      He's probably most worried about his £300 a day and whether all the companies with which he is associated. Will they want him on the board if he's only a Scottish ex-Lord?

      Robertson has received numerous honours (including a total of 12 Honorary doctorates from various universities).

      Currently he holds directorships of several notable companies in the UK, including the Weir Group,[14] and Cable and Wireless.
      In addition, Lord Robertson is a Senior Counselor at The Cohen Group, a consulting firm in Washington D.C. that provides advice and assistance in marketing and regulatory affairs.

      (From Wiki)

      Thanks for the comment about the allies!!

      My feeling is that the UKOK is only a great friend of America when it is doing America's bidding. If it ever disagreed with the president, it would be sawn off pretty damned fast.

    2. Oldest ally? Not in 1812, when America declared war on Britain and tried to invade Canada. Also, following the First World War, military and naval planning took account of the possibility of a war between Britain and America. In WW II, America did not rush to help Britain; any aid America did provide prior to Pearl Harbour mostly had to be paid for either in cash or in kind.

      There are too many UK politicians who have done the bidding of the USA, putting the interests of the American government ahead of those of Britain. Those who are Scottish, such as Brown and Robertson, generally compound this by putting the interests of the UK ahead of those of Scotland. Presumably they are strongly attracted towards power, and want to be part of it, as well as to gain enhanced status and consequential financial benefits. A more extreme version of such behaviour, in Nazi-occupied Norway, was that of one Vidkun Quisling.


    3. Beautifully put Scaraben.

      Anyone interested in power, real power, is not interested in being in the government of Scotland. That's small fry stuff... drains, flooding, employment, transport. It's a bit like being in government in Iceland or Denmark.

      However, if you can make it to London you have a chance to appear on the world stage, albeit as the puppet or poodle of the president of the USA.

      Nonetheless, if you can kid yourself, and let's be honest most of them are delusional, then you might imagine that you matter in world terms.

      Clearly Robertson is one of the deluded that thinks that what he says matters.

      Until of course someone like Stewart Hosie gets his hands on him and pulls him to pieces.

      The trouble with living in the Westminster bubble is that you start to believe the crap you tell the world about yourself...especially if you have a predisposition to delusions of grandeur.

  4. Lord Robertson of somewhere or other, a place whose inhabitants were never consulted by him to see if they'd be happy to be linked forever more with an overweight obnoxious ignorant money grabbing useless twat!

    As for the bloated git's assertion about Scottish Independence causing damage to the UK on the world stage! Well from what I've seen Scottish Inependence can only do one thing to the UK's image on the world stage and that is to IMPROVE what is currently a joke of a reputation!

    The UK is not so much a world leader as much as it is a world puppet, a puppet of the good old USA! The only thing the UK is really good at is asking the USA how high they would like us to jump when they say jump.

    This man is an utter Muppet, mind you I think he can only be classed a a second rate Muppet because the Muppet first class has apparently remembered that he has a constituency to represent and has been speaking there to anyone daft enough to listen to his drivel. You'll be glad to know that he has had nothing new to say of course, Scotland should stay within the UK but Holyrood should have more powers. Now remind me again but did the Scottish government not include an option on their preferred referendum question that covered this exact point, I wonder whatever happened to that option, oh that's right UKOK PROHIBITED it from appearing on the ballot paper, apparently it's appearance would prove too confusing for those poor wee too poor, too wee and too stupid Scottish voters to understand!

    Never mind Tris you can rest assured, we now know what good old Broon the Loon will fighting for if NO wins in September, full transfer of powers in transport, health, Crown Estates Commission and elections. Don't worry I'm not holding my breath, hell I'm still waiting for the jam to be delivered that was promised in 1979 for heaven's sake!

    I'll bow to the greater knowledge of others here but I always thought that Health has ALWAYS been fully devolved to Scotland, after all the Scottish Health Service was created AHEAD of the UK's Health service wasn't it?

    rant over, you may return to normal service. LOL

  5. Robertsons a joke, closest ally yeah the UK is widely known as the 51st state just one big airbase, infact the US is now drone bombing from RAF Waddington. Makes you proud doesn't it, knowing that you're part of a country blowing up women and children around the world, now why on earth would anyone want to be independent from these horrible events, I'll never know.

    Talking about horrible, I just had to add that Gordon Brown, was waffling on today in Fife, about giving Scotland more devolved powers. This unionist clown never once mentioned these fanciful powers whilst he led the UK down the pan, infact his tenure as PM was so poor he even sold the UK's gold for buttons, now know as Browns blunder.

    A word to the wise Mr Brown keep your forked tongue between your teeth, also keep walking your dog on Dalgetty Bay, with a bit of luck you'll get irradiated,and we won't need to suffer your unionist ramblings.

    1. I'm surprised he even remembered he HAD a constituency, after all on a recent visit to the Middle East, U.A.E. I think, he claimed to be an EX politician until the presenter of the programme gently asked him if he was not still an M.P. Man is a complete First class Muppet!

  6. well if your government in Westminster is run by muppets it goes without saying you will have muppets on your staff!
    Cameron cant distinguish between debt and the interest that's paid every minute. a complete muppet

    1. He's thick. But he's prime minister because of the school and college he went to and his connections at Buck House. Not a clue though...

  7. The noble Lord Robertson umm ! the nats
    are against him they would be.
    Therefore right or wrong I am for him and
    our glorious union.

    My honour is loyalty as once was said
    in another place and time

  8. FFS, Niko. I always took you for a socialist, but not a National Socialist.

    1. He's winding you up Barney.

      Robertson is a pompous Tory unaware perhaps that he was only sent to Brussels because he was such a walkover for Bush and Cheney.