Tuesday 28 January 2014




  1. I see old Queen Lizzie is down to her last £1 million quid with regards to her property upkeep budget, funded by the taxpayer, aw! what a shame, no doubt the old witch will receive more public fund.

    Meanwhile Tory MSP Jackson Carlaw, has said Scotland must not use the Golden Eagle as a national symbol as its linked to the Nazi's, and swastikas

    1. ...Unlike Iain Duncan Smith who believes that forcing sick people to work for nothing makes them frie... I mean free.

      What is Jackson Carlaw again?

    2. Tris

      Take it from someone with an o grade in German it's spelt "frei"

      Jackson Carlaw is a Tory list MSP for West of Scotland. He stood for Eastwood but lost to Ken McIntosh (Labour). And if you think the eagle scheisse (Swiss spelling!) was bad, think yourself lucky you don't get his election leaflets through the door!!

    3. Ah... Danke PP...mein Deutsch ist schlecht (is that right?)

      I can never remember which of his names is is first one and which is second.

      Nah, I think I can manage without his leaflets. He seemed a particularly sleazy spivvy Tory to me when he was up against what's her name and thingy for the leadership.

    4. He should probably just shut his silly mouth. He appears to be pretty stupid.

  2. Queen Bessie does a good job, but her successors will do less so. Charlie (ironically) polls better these days than his son up north and in Scotland (not sure why if I'm honest)

    Willie is a joke. Oh, he can do his 'duty' and impregnate a girl capable of providing heirs and fresh allegiances to the institution (in this case new monied upper middle classers otherwise known as the 'centre ground of British politics'... i.e... the only voters who matter in those precious few marginals in the idiotic FPTP system...)

    Big question: would an elected presidency be any cheaper? And would it be any less or more divisive?

    Sometimes the crap status quo is better than a sea of total non-entities being the replacement. Imagine it... president Michael Martin... or president Jeremy C(h)unt

    ... hmm ... its a toughie, but I'm a republican on hiatus. A hiatus expiring upon Bessie demise. She's given us a good run, lets let her reach the finish before phasing the job out with her?

    1. I'm not that bothered about royalty, Dean. It's way down my list of important things to worry about.

      Instinctively I'm a republican, but I accept that a presidency would throw up other problems. President Boots Filler is, as you suggest, every bit as unpleasant as the idea of the royals.

      I've always said that I wouldn't much care (not ever being likely to make president myself) if there was some sort of prince or king or something. But not aunts and uncles and grannies and nephews and all... Come on. Why should we keep these scroungers?

      And this... "they're just like us" crap, but of course they are different, so there is no hassle about spending millions on doing up their version of council housing in St James' Palace for some distant relatives... while bedroom tax is charged to a poor bloke that needs a room for his dialysis machine. If they are the same as us that is all wrong.

      Charlie makes me sick with his selfishness. I want to marry Mrs Parker Bowles, therefore I shall and she SHALL be queen no matter what.. At least his great uncle had the decency to bugger off when he insisted on marrying Mrs Simpson. The church that he headed said he simply couldn't marry because it offended god's teaching...so he left the church and his job at the top of it. But Charlie wants the best of both worlds.

      Deeply religious and spiritual Charlie does what he wants, and sod the church.

      I've not any time for Willie either. I nearly died laughing when I heard that he liked staying with the Middletons and had become quite fond of the middle class way of life... in their £4 million house.

      I suppose that is middle class if you were brought up at Windsor and Kensington, but not anything I'd recognise from any of my friends' homes.

    2. I think one of the problems with the UK constitution is that (by historical accident) it has placed far too much power in the hands of the Prime Minister, who is not even elected to that job by the country as a whole. Did you get a chance to vote on whether Gordon Brown should be PM. The monarch should in theory be able to limit what a PM can do, but the Queen did not intervene to stop Blair involving the UK in an illegal invasion, there is no expectation that she would ever intervene in any such situation, and it would be widely considered unacceptable if she did. A lot of countries give at least some power to a directly elected president, and this seems sensible to me.


    3. Yes. We were just discussing that this afternoon. I know we only elect MPs, and only our own, but we are aware of the likely prime minister when we do it.

      No one elected John Major when he took over from Thatcher, except his fellow Tories. Although to be fair England certainly re-elected him in the subsequent election.

      No one ever elected Gordon Brown, and when he went to the country as PM he was defeated.

      The whole UK system is corrupt.

      The prime minister is an elected dictator.

      The Queen and her son have real powers apparently, although we were always told they had none. But if a law affects them personally in any way, they can have it altered.

      Sweden has the right idea with that. No connection with politics at all. No rights to be consulted to encourage or to warn, or to change the law to suit your books.

      I see we had to spend £10 million to do up a 22 bedroomed house in Kensington Palace for prince Willie and George and Kate Middleton... Just as well we are stinking rich, eh? 22 bedrooms for 3 of them. Has to be a bedroom tax there surely?