Tuesday 7 January 2014



  1. They're not the REAL labour party, that mantle has fallen to LfI.

    This shower of keech is what happens when a bunch of placemen are allowed to stew in their own bitterness for far too long. They define who they are by what they aren't. They're not the SNP, they're not for Scotland, they're not remotely electable to anyone with socialist leanings.

    1. They really do seem to adopt the Bain principle. If the SNP propose it we'll vote it down.

    2. Lots of people on other sites saying "from Keir Hardy to Laurel and Hardy" I'd widen it and say "from Karl Marx to Groucho Marx".
      After all, wasn't it Groucho who said "These are my principles - If you don't like them, I have others!"


    3. Tris

      I think in a lot of ways the "Bain" principle lets Labour off the hook a bit. They are saying if the SNP propose it we oppose it, when in reality Labour are now essentially a right wing party with an ideology as close to their tory pals as makes no difference between the two.

      What we should be shouting is not Bain but ideology, red torys or blue torys, makes no difference.

    4. Well, you could be right, Dubs.

      I still don't believe that Scottish Labour (sic) is actually right; I believe their lack of talent is because they are forced into right wing policies to please London which musty not be seen in any way to be even slightly socialist.

  2. At least they are being honest about their intentions.
    Anyone thinking of voting No, knows what kind of future they are voting for.

    1. I wonder if they are being honest.

      If the SNP hadn't proposed it, wouldn't they have been for it?

      If the SNP hadn't been left of centre on prescriptions, state ownership of water, healthcare, education, etc etc, wouldn't they have been? I can't help thinking that they simply oppose for the sake of opposing.

  3. Stuart Hosie had Kezia Dugdale turning on a spit last night in Scotland Tonight, the only thing missing was the apple in her mouth.

    1. Stewart is a formidable debater, John; he knows his brief backwards and forwards.

      I'd like to see him take a more central role this year.

      His arguments are crystal clear, well thought out and well expressed. I heard him talk "just to fill in time before the main event" (in his own words) a few months ago, and I can remember his speech, but have no memory of what the main event was!

      He demolished Robertson (of world war 3 fame). Kazia would, I imagine, have been easy meat for him.

  4. http://wingsoverscotland.com/conspiracies-of-silence/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=conspiracies-of-silence

    You'll have seen it already, I'm sure, but an excellent analysis here.

    Child care in general is a vexed question. There is a lot that the Scottish government can do, but if we want these policies to fund themselves, we have to have the tax generated by them returned to Edinburgh. Otherwise, London gets the money and something else has to be cut to pay for it out of the block grant.

    Block grants are no way to pay for running a country.

  5. SLAB are now at loggerheads with the EIS teachers union, Save the Children, the Children Poverty Action Group and the TUC over their reluctants to support free school meals. Johan Lamont said free school meals wouldn't have been her priority a staggering comment from a former teacher.

    We all know Johan Lamonts priority, it involves an erime cloak and a life time seat south of the border, Scots children and their wellbeing doesn't come into the equation.

    Can SLAB fall any futher, is it even possible.

    1. Yes, basically that's it. Keep Mr Miliband sweet and she will end up in the House of Lords with all the rest of the troughers.

      She must be fizzing that in all likelihood she has little chance of getting that honour...

  6. Not only have Slab become useful idiots for the conservatives - they are also quite simply the dumbest fuckers in the room. And do you know what the real joke here is?

    They did it to themselves.

    1. You would have thought that Lamont would have had an idea of what the TUC, EIS and children's charities would be looking for. You would have thought that it was important for Labour party to keep their wishes in mind, given that they represent the kind of people that Labour used to be about.

      But Labour appears to be more interested in keeping the millionaire's tax down than spending some money on feeding children. Of course, Mr Miliband needs the millionaires' votes.

  7. once again the snp glee club are wilfully blind
    to give free meals to all must mean those who can
    afford to pay, gain at the expense of the low waged
    who could be helped with the money taken from them
    and given to the wealthy.
    the snp reverse robin hood trick again.

    If you lot actually imagine you can reverse
    the massive losing trend your on in the
    referendum. By giving out the Labour /Tory
    joined at the hip garbage.

    All i can say is Better together will be
    laughing at you lot all the way to the
    winners enclosure come referendum day.

    1. I take it Glasgow City council are part of this glee club:

      I think Niko you need to remember that universalism only works through the taxes of those who earn the most. Excluding one group because you think they earn too much is simply idiotic. Under the labour plan, nothing would have happened - there would have been no aid for anyone.
      Only a tory takes delight in setting one side against another.

      Scottish labour in Holyrood chose to turn its back on a measure that will do great things. If only they had the courage of their Glasgow City Council counterparts, trying to deal with pay day lenders.

      In the end it comes down to the choice as to how the money is spent.

    2. Interesting to see that the trades Unions are with the government on this and at odds with Labour Niko.

  8. Social cohesion and solidarity Niko. The terrible fear of Labour eh? No more 'working class' this and 'Tory toffs' that, to hide your endless failures to deliver decent living standards and life chances behind, for all those constituencies you've controlled over the last 70 years and made a tidy living from. Baron Martin of Springburn FFS!

    You must be so proud Niko.


  9. Opposition should harden a party that is serious about government. Instead, it has exposed Labour. They see Alex Salmond as a puffed up ego they are desperate to puncture, but the fact their pins can't reach him has done something to send them demented. They have no ideas, no strategy, no leadership, nothing left except their sense of entitlement.

    1. I think that the SNP, left of centre, have stolen the Labour Party's clothes and they are kinda left with no where to go.

      It happened in England when Blair out-toried the Tories and Hague and IDS and later Howard were in a position where the only way they could go was to the right. To make clear blue water (as they called it) between the two parties, the Tories could only become the party of the toffs again.

      So in Scotland the SNP are building council houses and have stopped Mrs Thatcher's sell off; the SNP is holding on to water in public hands and has reversed the part privatisation of health which occurred under Labour/Liberals. The SNP has insisted that dentists provide NHS dental care, which had all but disappeared under Labour...

      What is Labour to do.

      They have been forced to the right by their London bosses. Remember that they introduced the bedroom tax for private tenants, and they weren't going to reverse the council tenants' bedroom tax until they were embarrassed into it. Ed balls said that they would have to wait and see if there was enough money.

      They lack any vision, because the basic feelings that most of them came into politics to defend have been forbidden by the Blairites. They lost their best people to London, and what they are left with is the likes of James Kelly, Richard Baker and Kezia Dugdale... dim as torch lamps, and without an intellectual thought in their empty heads. No vision, no drive, no nothing.

      Just an abiding hatred for Alex Salmond for taking their fiefdom

      Remember the utter rage with which Gordon Brown greeted the SNP victory?

      Just when he was to be in charge of everything, he was humiliated in his own back yard!!!!