Thursday 16 January 2014


...and you live in the Glasgow area... then I know a place where you can go...

It's absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Englishmen. It's for Scots to decide. That's why Dave the Spiv is absolutely set against debating with Alex Salmond... It's simply NOT HIS BUSINESS.

That's maybe why he's sending that well known Scotsman Wee Willie Hague, another failed Tory leader, to Glasgow to lecture us in his superior English way. 

Presumably we will be told about the hundreds of thousands of embassies and consulates that litter every corner of the globe, and which are there just to serve you when you are abroad (as long as you have a title). Scotland couldn't afford one in every country in the world.
Don't forget; wherever Wee Willie goes,
the wicked old puppet mistress is always pulling the strings
Probably he'll throw in another warning about the EU throwing Scotland out and Nato refusing to even talk to us, not being on the UN Security Council and no one in the world wanting to do business with us, or indeed even recognising us as a country.

There's bound to be a piece about how much clout we won't have.

It will almost certainly be a load of bollocks.

So, if you're in Glasgow and you've nothing much else to do, go and welcome the wee soul. As a Tory he'll feel a bit lonely otherwise and Glasgows a frightening place if you are all alone.

Just one thing though... unless you want to see the wee soul cry, don't ask him about Robert Gates' speech...


  1. tris

    That is so wrong on many dont agree you dont want
    then dont go . What you are doing is inciting violence towards an English politician the answer is dont go just ignore him.,

    1. I'm not inciting violence, Niko.

      I am against violence at every turn. You don't know me at all if you think I would ever encourage any kind of violence. I'm the kid that wouldn't fight with anyone at school and who rescues wasps from water barrels despite being seriously allergic to their stings.

      No violence, even against people like IDS, never mind hapless helpless muppets like this one. (Although I'd have to admit that if I saw someone perpetrating violence on IDS, I'm betting I'd suddenly develop a blind spot).

      But this man represents a government which we didn't vote for and which is pushing on us policies that not only did we not vote for at an election, but in unison our MPs, Labour and SNP have voted against.

      Furthermore, whatever side you are on in the independence argument, Cameron, his boss, has said it is nothing to do with Englishmen. It is up to Scots to argue it out.

      This is his given reason for not wanting, as head of the UK government to argue with Alex Salmond, as head of the Scots government.

      But he treats us like morons. If it's sod all to do with an Englishman, as Mr Cameron has said, why is he allowing one of his Englishmen to come and lecture us on it?

      We need to let Cameron know that when he says it is none of his business, he should stick to that.

      Just ignoring things and hoping they will go away in Britain is why we are trodden on... not just Scots, everyone.

      If you told the French there was going to be a bedroom tax, despite the fact that there was no smaller housing available, and that people at death's door would still have to pay up or get out, they wouldn't just ignore it and hope it would go away... They'd be on the streets, which is, of course, why it won't happen in France, why their pensions are twice ours and their state healthcare is the best in the world.

      The demonstration is to tell him we DO care about him coming here to lecture us. He almost certainly has no idea what he's talking about (the 10 pints a day when he was 14 must have addled his brain) and he will almost certainly lie.

      No violence, just cat call him or turn your back on him...

  2. I think it's the R.I.C. that are organising a wee welcoming committee for him tomorrow Tris, just to make him feel at home like, you understand. LOL

    Whatever happens tomorrow I think we can all be assured of a few things.

    1. No one will ask the wee bloke with no hair about Cameron prostrating himself in front of Putin.

    2. No one will as him about the e-mails he sent to embassies around the world telling them NOT to promote Scotland only UK

    3. No one will ask him for proof of his, no doubt assertions, that an Indy Scotland will be out of E.U., NATO, U.N., etc

    4. No one will be pushing him for answers as to why UK government has been trying to push Spanish government and E.U. to come out and confirm Scotland is a leper outside Europe

    Still not to worry though Hague will be escorted throughout by his very own personal bodyguard a.k.a. Beaker! LOL

    1. Yeah, a left wing Labour group with their hearts in the right place.

      The last time they told some right wing nut job to bugger off there was no violence at all.

      And you're right. It's only from the left wingers that questions like:

      If it's only for Scotsmen to decide, why is Vlad the Bad being asked to poke the KGB's oar in?

      What deals has the second hand weapons salesman done with Spanish over Gibraltar?

      Why are embassies being told to work against the interests of Scotland?


      Who makes up the scare stories about the treaties... Wee Willie Rennie or Enid Blyton?

  3. I think if it was Enid Blyton who was making up the stories about the treaties I think you'd find them very believable. :-)

    1. Noddy and the Famous Five go to Brussels!!!

  4. More posh Tories telling us what to do.
    Great stuff!

    1. It is counter productive, and you know, in a way, I can see that Niko has a point.

      Slightly odd old Tory come to Scotland lectures us on whatever and returns tout de suite to London, apart from having a cheering effect on one or two people like Ruth and Jackson Carlaw (or is it Carlaw Jackson), the rest of us are just reminded how completely divorced from anything Scottish the UK government is.

  5. These visits and speeches to the committed are pointless. Most Scots, I'm still assuming Labour supporters are anti-tory, will just not give a crap about what he has to say. He is just another posh boy with a voice to put children to sleep coming up to lecture the dirty unwashed and save us from oursleves.

    I've also had the displeasure of having to use an embassey abroad and the experience was anything but helpful, if anything they were shit, and I was advised by another Brit to go to the Irish or any other major European Embassey if needing assistance but not the British one, how correct that man was, useless.

    I hope he gets a loud, boisterous , and unpleasant welcome and the supporters going in to hear him the same, but no violence as you said. That helps no one and would just give Johann Lamont 2 things to say, one quote from his speech and one about the nasty horrible nationalists or seperatists ( badge of honour for me ) but she makes it sound like something she stepped in. Hague is a clown.


    1. I'm not sure about the corncrake voice of Wee Willie Hague putting children to sleep. You'll all be dead in 15 years Hague has a voice like a rusty file on on dry glass!

      Yes, British Embassies are not a place for ordinary people. If one is titled one can always stay the night with the ambassador, dine and enjoy one of the parties they throw at our expense... As for doing what they are there for, I've never yet heard of a satisfactory experience.

      If it's Radical Independence that is organising it then it's nasty Labour nats that he can talk about... Of course he won't. He'll talk about the SNP!

      Maybe he can go for tea with Ms Lamont. Maybe she'll even get to share the platform with him. That's what she wants to do.

  6. How does Cameron square his position of not debating with AS because the Referendum is for Scots and yet he lets the Boy Haigh come up and lecture us.

    Incidentally I heARD HIM ON R4 THIS MORNING, HAIGH THAT IS, AND HIS IS still mouthing the long discredited pish about the EU, Schengen, Euro etc.

    Haigh is either a clown or an an idiot or both.

    1. I heard it was all about loss of clout.

      Scotland will not have any in the world.

      I've always thought that if UKOK didn't have any clout then maybe these people in government would have the time to sort out the worst railways in western Europe, the failing health service, the fact that our kids can barely speak English, the worst pensions in western Europe...etc.

      If only they weren't running the world, maybe they could run UKOK.

      As it gets more and more obvious that UKOK will leave the EU in a few years' time, I fail to see why they keep on about how Scotland would be thrown out.

      I heard the chairman of the EU parliament talking yesterday. He didn't have a nice word to say about Cameron. I really don;t see them acceding to his demands for a British style EU with rampant corruption in the money markets. So I reckon George Osborne's threats of setting up an agreement with like minded states is the UKOK way forward.

      Just don't know what the like minded states will be!

    2. North Korea, Iran, USA...UKOK will become just another terrorist state...


    3. Well, there are similarities...