Thursday 23 January 2014



  1. Ocht, now... Bessie ain't bad, she just buckles under pressure from 'democratically accountable' politicians. It isn't her fault the peoples reps are criminal (either morally or actually), and totally unsuited to real life down in westmidden!

    Poor wee bess, I hear the masonary is falling down about her ears in Buckingham Palace... that is what happens when its owned by the state. Perhaps it should be privatised? Like everything else... let a corporation own it... maybe 'Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-PLc'?


    And in other news... from bonnie wee Glasgae...

    I'm looking forward to 'labourforindy' STUC meeting tomorrow. The STUC is so near one of my fav pubs the doublet! This is 'winning' I take it?


    1. Hello there Deano... Nice to see you back with us.

      I've often wondered about the privatisation of the monarchy. Abity like the BBC, you'd have thought that the Tories would have been happy to sell and make a few quid, but, strangely it remains soliday state owned and run.

      Must be something to do with Downing Street wanting to control it....just like the BBC! Just imagine if the Chinese bought it up.

      I wondered if you'd be going to that. It sounds really interesting. I hope you'll write a review of the meeting on your blog, or send it here.

      I'm very very interesting in Labour for Indy. Because with a bit of luck, their policies are going to be the policies of a Scottish Labour Party in the future, when they have shaken off the chains that bind them to Buckinghamshire.

    2. Aren't London's buses still state owned as well?

    3. I think you're right there. When Tahtcher deregulated buses, she didn't do them in London. Not that she used them but I guess she was worried there would be riots... when the service got worse and the prices went up, which, guess what... is exactly what happened everywhere else!

    4. London bus routes are owned by Transport for London but the services are operated by up to 11 private companies, depending on how you define a "London" route.

      The largest route networks are in the hands of the usual public transport giants. One is controlled in England (Go-Ahead), two in Scotland and six overseas, including, ironically, the state-owned or controlled transport operations of France, the Netherlands and Germany.

      I could go on......

    5. Thanks Barney... Sound incredibly complicated.

      And of course it works best for the companies and not much for the customers.

      But hey what can you do. Most areas are only served by one operator, so if you don;t like it, to use the competition you have to move house, or place of work...

  2. ....while claiming benefits FAR above the 26,000 cap, and taking multiple foreign holidays per year - and I'll bet she's got Sky and a flat-screen T.V!

    Bedroom Tax? Not our Betty!


    1. I wonder how many spare houses she has, never mind bedrooms!

  3. Ha!

    I wonder what the bedroom tax would work out to for her?

    1. She'd be better to move her main residence to her Edinburgh council palace.

      We'll get rid of the tax, until at least we have built enough suitable houses that we can saw that staying in a house bigger than your needs is a lifestyle choice.

  4. I suspect that her silly hat is actually worth a lot more than just a million pounds. But she has made sacrifices. She no longer has her own ship for the times when she might wish to go on a cruise, and now has to charter one such as the Hebridean Princess, originally built as a ferry. Such an indignity!

    1. Yes Scaraben, I thought that no one could put a price on that hat.

      I wonder if there is anyone who would want it?

      I wonder, if we sold it off, would it pay off the £3 trillion+ in state and personal borrowing.

      But the indignity of having to hire a ferry to take one and one's family on a cruise that the state used to pay for...

      Next it will be a car ferry!!!

    2. So what's the point of the big boat docked in Leith then?

      Just a tourist attraction?

    3. It's there for when Munguin is in Edinburgh! Or anyway, that's what he thinks. :)

  5. tris and the malcontents

    Nice to read a interesting article by a nat and it
    not being the normal hate filled snp diatribe against
    decent labour voters was good as well.

    To win, nationalists must acknowledge that Scotland is not one nation, but many. A hardcore of Scotland is rich, authoritarian, or militarist; where these households vote yes, they are statistical flukes. Salmond's team has sacrificed far too much to them already. Independence can, and must, be won by flouting and even alienating Scotland's landowners, businesspeople, and leafy suburbanites.

    In 2014, Scotland's Labour traditions are the real battleground. Many heartland supporters have already defected, and a smattering of leading trade unionists and Labour socialists have professed reluctant support for yes. In coming months, closet-dwelling Labour traditionalists face a tough choice. Sacrificing their loyalties to the British state might be a necessary price to keep what remains of Britain's social democratic decency.

    1. Thanks Niko. I'll read and comment later. Just getting ready for an evening's hard work... :(

    2. Just had a read through it.

      Interesting. These guys are from the radical independence movement. Not the SNP. That might explain why they say that the government has failed to show that they can do when they say they will do. They are I suppose left wing Labour people. That's good though, because hopefully people like them might persuade Labour back to its roots.

      Mind you, I still say that you can have reasonably low taxes and a good welfare system if, by having low company taxes you can encourage enough people to set up businesses. It's a bit like bulk selling in supermarkets.

      If you have enough jobs, the welfare bill is lower and the income tax take higher. But hey, I;m not an economist.

      I think all nations are mixtures of people. In England for example, as well as the Cornish Celts, there are Northerners and Southerners.

      And sometimes the rich and the poor do indeed live not just in different countries in the same town, but in different worlds.

      I’d be interested to hear other people’s views. I only skimmed the article.

      Thanks again for the heads up Niko.

  6. This despicable woman, tried to claim winter heating allowance a few years back, to heat her palaces, paid for by the public purse, her advisers managed to persuade her to drop her claim as it would look decidedly greedy of her, in the publics eye.

    1. They tried to get money to insulate their houses too, if I remember rightly. They claim everything they can from the EU in farming subsidy... and I found out that, if you die intestate in Cornwall, Mrs Parker Bowles gets your dosh, rather than the state (as in other countries of the UK).

      Air Miles uses flights of the RAF to get himself to St Andrews where he likes to play golf and his girls... ooops sorry bloody princesses... no, I'll get it right, BLOOD princesses get protection as they stumble back from nightclubbing nissed as pewts.

      I believe we had to spend a fortune on St James' Palace to modernise apartments for them so that they have somewhere to live in London...

      I really won't much care about is having a royal family if there weren't so many hangers on and they didn't steal so much money from us.