Wednesday 11 December 2013


If Alistair the Comatose read the YES campaign's white paper in less than an hour (all 600+ pages of it), how long do you think it will take him to plough through his own effort.

I see though that they have missed the word "clout".

Tut tut.

And while we're here it might be worth pointing out that the latest scare story (that we won't be able to afford to eat in Scotland after independence) has  bitten BT on the bum within 24 hours. Morrison's appear to suggest that they might reduce prices in an independent Scotland. 

Deary deary tut.


  1. I suspect that you august organ has made these supermarkets' take note.

    1. Well modesty forbids....

      But now you come to mention it.


    2. tris

      A blank white paper to match our blank white
      unionist minds, still we know were to put our mark
      come the day of the referendum....we been telt.

      “Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.”
      ― George Gordon Byron

      Its slaves to the union then???

    3. Sounds like it Niko.

      Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves;
      Unionists will all be slaves...

      Isn't that how it goes?

      Just remember though, Taz has his instructions from Alex and Nicola (of whom he is very fond). When you are about to put your cross, he has to bite you hard on the leg, making your pencil slip and ... hey presto, you will have voted YES!!!!

      Us Nats have all our dirty tricks worked out!!

  2. snp malcontents
    Catalonia sets date for independence referendum, but Madrid vows to block it
    Catalan parties agree wording of proposed November 2014 referendum but Spanish government says it will not allow vote

    How very dare they I blame you lot and your seditious ways
    we have had enough they will never see Dr who again.

    1. It is spreading, Niko.

      Aren't we lucky that we have a nice benevolent prime minister who was willing to give us an opportunity to vote (before he was instructed by the Council Of Europe that he HAD to.

      It is probably that Madrid will have to give in, bless them.

      It might be worth his while allowing it, as it will distract from the charges of corruption that appear to be following the good señor el Primer Ministro around.

      I believe that Dr Who in Catalonia is known as "Metge Que".

      Foreigners, huh? What would you do with them?

  3. and the price of food has just gone up serves them right
    and the peseta has dropped massively
    and they wont be allowed to join the eu

    and , and , well all the usual unionist tripe

    1. The birds will cease to sing; there will be borders and barbed wire erected and if they want to go to visit their Tía María Eugenia en Madrid, they will be flat out of luck...

      Also, despite them having 15% of the population, but contributing 20% of the GDP of the current Spain, they will be broke, about 20 minutes after they become independent, they will be forced to have nuclear weapons in the middle of Barcelona, and they will be thrown out of the Euro and then forced to join it again. And all before lunch time, and the siesta too!


    2. The plus side for them is that they will be spared Alistair and Alistair... amd presumably Big Eck won;t have eaten all the "pie..ella"