Tuesday 17 December 2013



  1. And pray just what has he done to change any of this
    not a lot in fact he supported Margaret thatchers policies.
    The snp have it in their remit to use financial powers to alleviate
    the problems he waffles about,
    But he and the snp and many cybenats would burn scots
    alive if they thought it might aid the independence agenda.
    no he couldn't give a toss about suffering scots other than
    a photo opportunity and a time to utter some mundane
    platitudes about the wicked union.

    1. He's used the financial powers he has to alleviate the problems as much as he has the power to do.

      The fact that jackie Baillie wants him to spend more, and have the power to do this stripped from him by teh Tories says a lot about Labour.

      Of course, as it is now funded by a pile of shire living Eton educated toffs, I wonder that Labour and Better Together give a damn about the poor.

      Don't you think the union government is wicked?

      Didn't you just say it the other day?

      Why can you say it and it's good, but Eck says it and it's bad.

      have you thought about volunteering to lead Blether Together, because you'd be perfect for the job...well, the blethering part anyway.

    2. But Danny Alexander ,one of the architects of the current austerity we're in stands and smiles while he holds canned goods in a foodbank and that ok?

    3. He's a horrible man.

      To be honest, I can take the Tories doing that sort of thing.

      When you vote for them you know you are getting fat, greedy, mindless, intellectually inferior people who would sell their loved ones for horse meat, but you kinda hope that Liberals and Labour people might have a trace of human decency about them.

  2. Are you offering yourself atop a bonfire Niko?

    Anyone got a match?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. He's an obnoxious ex true blue labour member.

    3. I'll provide the paraffine!

  3. Davey boy

    No doubt thats were i will end up if the nats triumph
    ch be the one to start the fire.

    One foot in Eden still, I stand
    And look across the other land,
    The world's great day is growing late,
    Yet strange these fields that we have planted
    So long with crops of love and hate.
    But famished field and blackened tree
    Bear flowers in Eden never known.
    Blossoms of grief and charity
    Bloom in these darkened fields alone.
    What had Eden ever to say
    Of hope and faith and pity and love
    Until was buried all its day
    And memory found its treasure trove?
    Strange blessings never in Paradise
    Fall from these beclouded skies

    1. You'll be on the first fire, Niko, on Arthur's Seat... to spread the joyous news that we are free at last.

      My brother may well be there beside you.

    2. At least you haven't staggered down the path of Dunky Horsefeathers and called me 'sweet cheeks' or 'petal'.
      There's always time for that as the day of destiny draws near.

      'Davey boy' is as much of your patronising shite as anybody could stick.

    3. I'm sure it was said with love David :)

  4. tris

    I have clocked into the republic and am now off
    to claim me £300 for attendance

    1. You have to stay longer than half an hour here, Niko. It's not like the house of lards here, you know.

      And I see in the time honoured fashion of the English Tory Boy, the old bugger very quickly points out that half of them are at it.

      Thieving old git., but you see, like a lot of them, when he gets caught he has a nervous breakdown and gets out of prison early for fear that he dies on them.

      He got 9 months and served 9 days.

  5. ch me besty mate you gotta have look at this


    1. "So Cameron should be proud of the resemblance – and if there's some sort of horsey connection between their families, perhaps it's better than his descent from George II, who authorised the butchery of the Highlanders at the Battle of Culloden." I knew it. He's descended from a butcher of Scots.

      Actually, I can't help thinking that she looks better than him, and that was painted not long before she popped her royal clogs and bought the imperial farm...

      I don't think Dave's gonna die though. I think he'll just be replaced by Boris, who, strangely also looks like a fat old queen.

  6. Niko

    You are full of bullshit. Enumerate these policies you claim Salmond supported.

    Your party did and does not only support them, they implemented extensions of them and refused to reverse legislation curtailing worker's rights

    Your party failed to vote against rhe Bedroom Tax, and has twice voted against steps to help the victims of it.

    being a tribalist is bad enough, blind statements of untruth are mindboggingly insulting

    1. Niko is built in true unionist imperial British style.

      His statements have no connection whatsoever with the truth.

  7. Oh btw, Niko... what happened to your manners? I commented on your blog and you never answered me....

  8. The Better Together campaign against Scottish independence is led by the former Labout chancellor Alistair Darling. Photograph: Ken Jack/Demotix/Corbis


    Even the Guardian (at least as of this minute...it may correct it) thinks Darling is a layabout.

    The rest of the story is pretty true too.

    The people who want Scotland to stay in the union are filthy rich Tories. They are the kind of people who would sell their grandmothers, if there was a reasonable profit to be made.

    Are they sentimental about Scotand?

    Do they like that their taxes go to subsidise Scotland as we are told (wrongly) that they do?

    No, it's because Scotland is worth a lot of money to these Londoners.

  9. I remember reading Jon Ronson's The Psychopath Test, in it he's interviewing a CEO who'd done some pretty crappy things in the name of business, not limited to laying waste to entire towns by closing factories and off-shoring manufacturing in America.

    Ronson put it to the guy that perhaps he had psychopathic tendencies - it doesn't mean you're a murderer per se - just that he had a psychiatric inability to empathise or see the POV of others.

    The CEO chappy said he couldn't be a psychopath because he had two red setters, when they died he cried like a baby. This is not something a psychopath would do.

    Later, Bob Hare (who developed The Psychopath Test - google it if you want) said he probably wasn't crying because the dogs had died, but because he'd lost something he owned which he valued. He had no empathy or sympathy for the animals - he was upset because he lost something he coveted, nothing more.

    And so it is with all these rich Tories. They don't give a fuck about any one's welfare, they just want to continue 'owning' Scotland and all it has to offer. To them, we and the country we live in is a possession, nothing more.

    That toad Cameron has no love for Scotland, he wouldn't be upset to 'see us go' he & they would be upset about losing an asset.

    Ron Jonson's book is well worth a read, it made me wonder about many politicians, especially Tony Blair. Run him through Bob Hare's Psychopath test and see what you find.

    1. Couldn't have put it better myself Pa, just last night when I was going off on one (as the wife would have it) said just the same thing, as far as the Tory toffs are concerned the only thing wring with Scotland is the Scots, we're just a necessary annoyance on their way to their weekend estates and the fact that another clearance is not socially acceptable these days, and besides since Canada, USA Australia told them to sod off there's nowhere they can pack us off to, so if they can tell us to bugger oft they'll make as many as they can homeless and starve the others to death instead,
      the list of donors to better together defies parody, those peoples identity should be posted on every bus stop in Scotland and the question posed,. do you really think people like these give a rats ass about YOU

    2. Exactly. Spot on.

      Can you imagine the embarrassment for this government if they were the ones that lost Scotland.

      For the Liberals, or what's left of them, it would be a bit of a bummer that their first shot in government for 90 years and they lose a country.

      And for the Tories, and Camergoon in particular, it would be like King George losing the colonies.

      A Tory...losing a empire, and one that is worth as much as India was.

    3. Pa. Interesting. I Agree with you. I'd like to know what this bloke would have made of Blair, as he developed from being the young opposition leader to the old right wing neo-con war monger.

  10. ps that list of Tory selfservatives is a gift from heaven, noone who reads that list of buffoons can really believe that their interest is in protecting us from ourselves, "poor daft Scots if we let them get on with it without all the support we give them they'll be eating their young before the years out"

    1. Yep, while the ins and outs of economics may be beyond most people's interest, the fact that it is the very people who robbed us... bank of England directors and their likes, that are paying for this, should make people take notice.

      I'm now convinced that, with a perfectly good Labour for Independence to support, anyone who is voting for the Union, is an out and out Tory.

      And I can think of few worse insults, and none that I could write down here.

  11. apparently it takes a thousand years for a plastic back to rot down? how do they know? did William the conqueror bring his sandwiches in an asda bag? http://texan56.www1.50megs.com/1000.html

    1. LOL... don't be silly. He was French. He didn't eat sandwiches!

      He ha d a full banquet laid on.

      Funny though...and how can they know it takes 10,000 years for the radioactive waste from power stations to be safe?

  12. Niko,

    The mere setting up of ATOS is an albatross round Labour's neck of which they will never get rid and that is just the tip of the iceberg as far as these self-serving bastards that pollute the one great Labour party are concerned.

    Who in their right mind would willingly pay for Lords Foulkes, Reid, Martin etc etc to pop into the Lords, have a tax-payer subsidised G & T, gorge on a tax-payer subsidised lunch, served by individuals on minimum wage and working zero-hours contracts, and then stagger off with £300 in the back-pocket again courtesy of the tax-payer. Perhaps you can tell us what these toss-pots I mentioned ever did that was of benefit to Scotland and Scots?

    1. It's a weird old country when you think of it.

      While some people are starving to death because we can't afford a welfare state, we are paying out vast sums weekly to fat useless tossers like Haddingfield to eat, drink and steal.

      According to him 50% of Lords do that, and if I remember rightly that Labour blokey who was found selling his influence said that 80% of them did that.

      Now I can understand a Tory, a person who has dedicated himself to being a Tory for all his life, being quite happy to steel money from the taxpayer, while he passes lesser mortals starving and homeless on the street because of his government's policies... but a Labour man, a man who presumably went into politics long ago to make things better for ordinary people who didn't have a voice until Labour came along.

      What kind of person would that be?

    2. Just got this email from Urchin...


      I seem unable to post on Munguin. It asks me which identity to use, I select Google and push the post button.

      My wee contribution just disappears in the ether.

      It maybe because I have a cookie tracker self destructor running in Firefox.

      It indicates that I have a load of hidden trackers running on my Mac and informing Twitter etc where I am going. Amazing because I don’t do Twitter but did open an account some time ago.

      Anyway my post would have been as follows re Nuclear Power Plant decontamination

      Radioactivity deteriorates in a logarithmic fashion and is usually express as a half life, anything from milliseconds to centuries depending on which isotope.

      The tests to set the half life are made in a lab and are as exact as can be. Then they are extrapolated to the 50% level.

      Theoretically the isotope never will actually make the zero line viz, 50% to 25% to 12.5% to 6.25% to 3.125% etc etc

      Best regards

      So, thanks for the information Snotty...

      Anyone give him any advice on how to correct the problem...?

      I can't post at the moment on Bateman, Wings, Grumpy...

      Any tips for me would be appreciated too...

    3. It has become like any process that gets so complicated that there are so many links in the chain with so many variables that pin pointing the cause of a particular problem becomes a nightmare of unknown constituencies.

      I had to reset password on Derek's blog after he went on a new platform and blogger has intermittent problems especially if one doesn't log in before pressing publish button but maybe this wind will clear the cobwebs out.

    4. constituencies should be consequences.

    5. Any hints for Urchin then, CH?

      Start again and change password?

  13. "It maybe because I have a cookie tracker self destructor running in Firefox."

    If you mean the "do not track" bit in firefox, I'm using it on a PC and not having problems so I think it's something else

    1. Thanks PP...

      I hope he can see them ok...

  14. Hmm! tris
    i cant post from my iphone same prob as urchin
    although my thoughtful insights are a bit more precious.
    as for burning moi and your own dear brother on a barbarians
    funeral pyre,

    no doubt brownlie and the other nat swine will dance naked
    and painted blue whilst our bodily smoke wisps away into
    the free Scottish sky.

    1. Well obviously, Niko.

      It would be a total disaster were your precious insight to be denied to us...

      And yeah, right again. I have the blue paint here. Taz nicked it from your garage.

      And wow, there will be a rare heat from your two. We won't need to bother with all this fracking nonsense that Gideon's father in law wants us to do so he can make more money..

      No sir, we'll just burn you lot.

      Right, that apart. Have you any insights in to how to deal with this problem?

  15. tris

    er ! what problem is that ?????
    These referendums are contagious

    David Cameron prepares 'nuclear option' on EU referendum
    David Cameron is preparing to use the Parliament Act for the first time in a decade in order to force the EU Referendum Bill into law before the next election, the Telegraph has learnt


    1. He can't afford UKIP to get the better of him.. abour now has so many lords it could d that leaving him vulnerable to an attack at the election.

      You're not supposed to use the parliament act for party benefit, but he's a liar and a cheat and an English gentleman, so he probably will.

  16. BBC Scotland is corrupt.

    Scottish Independence Likely Neutral for Residual UK

    Scottish independence: use of pound 'unstable', says Fitch

    News Sniffer

    I designate Pacific Quay as a warehouse where we can dump all of our unwanted junk after 19/9/14 no matter the outcome of the referendum.

    1. If we lose this, we should remember the BBC and there should be a mass refusal to pay. Perhaps coupled with a demand that tv's should be available with BBC blocked.

      It's another one of these things that we just shouldn t tolerate.