Saturday 21 December 2013


La Capa
Except Better Together, of course
In the good old days of Alistair Darling we
used to queue like this outside Northern Rock
Dreadful, because we wouldn't be sharing it in solidarity with the UK...
just the way the UK shares its wealth with, for example, Burkina Faso
No Alistair, it seems your god let you down...but you should never trust in money
To any reasonable person, it's a bit obvious
Oh Nickie, you don't seriously want me to answer that do you?
Hmmm. well it seems he would!
Look at that Wisteria on the chimney pots... have it taken down.
The plebs are paying.
We wish you a...Well, we wish you... No..we just wish...
Remember the botox skin of a few years ago?
Now even the make-up doesn't cover the debauched look.
Too much free booze, Wrinkles?
What does one do once one has put milk in it, Mr Pleb?
EAT IT??? Without truffles?
You have to be joking. 
And there's a new hydro plant to be built at Spean Bridge
No, you're right, we could never manage without the money from England
 and the brains of Gideon.
She is likely to be mistaken for the entrance to the underground car park
 if she is not careful
Let's get to it then guys...


  1. Not quite O/T here Tris but have you seen the post by Thepnr at 3:55 over on Wings?

    I think I'd win any bet going that THIS 1906 version of the Labour party would be siding with the SNP/Greens/Lab for Indy et al and be supporting the YES vote in September next year. :-)

    1. Excellent:

      Hard to believe that Labour once stood for these things.

      Now it is all about bankers and Atos.

  2. Brilliant stuff but I particularly like that baby's face! I have the same expression every time I hear one of U-KOK's pronouncements.

    Let's make history in 2014.

  3. At firat glance, I thought Darling was having a JFK moment.

    1. You thought he'd been shot by the Mafia?

    2. Shot by his own side, yes.

    3. Oh yes, it was his own side ... but he let them down. And you don't let the mafia down, no matter who you are, especially when they made you who you are.

  4. That kids expression is world class and as to Darling he is praying that he is in the new years honours list to complete his career goal or preferably gaol.

    1. I loved the wee ad's expression too CH.

      People of Darling's class don't go to prison. They have nervous breakdowns for a week or two...

  5. tris

    Charities condemn Iain Duncan Smith for food bank snub
    Requests for meetings with work and pensions secretary to discuss growing crisis have been refused

    Iain Duncan Smith, the embattled work and pensions secretary, is refusing to meet leaders of the rapidly expanding Christian charity that has set up more than 400 food banks across the UK, claiming it is "scaremongering" and has a clear political agenda

    what a cowardly tosser unfortunately for Ian dunce smith
    he is unable to dragoon a civil servant into the firing line.
    wee shame

    1. I'm not a violent person Niko. Never have been. As a kid would rather be called a coward than beat someone up.

      But I'd love ten minutes in a dark alley with that tosser.

      Better still if I had a tyre wrench with me.

  6. tris

    Yeah well I'd love ten minutes in a dark alley with that spooks......sigh !!
    I can only dream....

    1. Without the tyre wrench, I suppose.... :)

      Don't worry, I'll not tell Taz.

  7. Just a couple of quickies here Tris.

    I'm surprised that both articles actually appeared in the Hootsmon but then again they might be, just maybe, finally wakening up ever so slowly to the prospect of going out of business before the referendum date next year.

  8. Yes, I'm surprised too.

    And that guy is a TORY, who thinks Scotland would be better on its own...

    Hell's teeth.

    And of course we could drill for oil down there. It was the Navy that said we couldn't incase it got in the way of their boats with WMDs.

    That the people of Glasgow missed out on an oil boom was tough luck; they had to have their killing toys.

  9. Hi Tris hope you don't mind but I've just posted this over on Wings.

    Sorry I’m going O/T again but anyone remember the fantastic display of how we are better together defence speaking in December 2011?

    Well not to worry folks because guess what, it is happening AGAIN!
    Yup 2 years after the fiasco of December 2011 we are watching a re-enactment of the same scenario. The only difference this time appears to be the possibility that the UK naval ship may actually be in the area, off the Moray Firth, this time. Don’t worry though folks the ship in question still had to sail all the way up from the English SOUTH coast!!!

    I have a number of questions:

    1) have Westminster re-commissioned the de-commissioned H.M.S. York…….AGAIN?

    2) when they say the Royal Navy is shadowing the Russian fleet are they referring to the re-commissioned H.M.S. York or the fleet of Scottish fishermen who carried out such a sterling job the last time?

    3) does Westminster actually have a ship available to carry out this shadow work without re-commissioning H.M.S. York?

    1. And Hammond has the nerve to tell us that we couldn't defend ourselves?

      I don't know how fast boats like that go, but I'm guessing it takes some time to get from the South of England to here, during which time I'm sure that the Russians, who, in theory at least, are our friends, could have their feet under the table by the time HMS Slow Coach gets here.

      Just as well we pay less for protection than the people in the south of England... oh wait a moment!

    2. I checked recently using Wikipedia, and it seems that the total number of Royal Navy vessels based in Scotland to protect Scotland and Scottish waters is two Archer class 'harbour and estuarine' patrol boats, armed with three 7.62 mm machine guns. They are based at Faslane to protect 'high value shipping' in the Firth of Clyde. A platoon of soldiers on a couple of big motorboats would probably have as much firepower.

      For the North Sea, there is nothing. There is another Archer class boat on the east coast, but it is an unarmed training vessel.


    3. Interesting that at one point, acknowledging, I assume, that Scotland as a non world power, would not require anything like the military muscle of Great UKOK, they pointed out that we would have to protect our oil rigs against all manner of foe.

      I se they are busily protecting the nuclear subs that give them the right to the Security Council, but haven't done anything themselves about oil rigs.

      You would think that they would think before they let their collective bellies rumble...

      Of course, if they think that defence is spelled defense, it shows who is doing their thinking for them...

  10. Unless we know which particular ship it is that is "claimed" to be shadowing the Russian fleet we can not be certain, even then it might be difficult. However, working on the known speed of Royal Navy Type 23 Frigates, 28 knots, and type 42 Destroyers, 30 knots, I'd say 30 knots (approximately 35 m.p.h.)would be about right.

    In December 2011 I believe H.M.S. York, the then de-commissioned type 42 Destroyer was re-commissioned in Plymouth. I think that we could be looking at a similar scenario occurring today. After all all we have is the "claim" that the Russian fleet is being shadowed. Personally I find this a hard pill to swallow. Westminster talk more shite than is produced by a cow in a year so any "claim" made by them or one of their departments is taken with an enormous tanker load of salt!

    1. Ahhhh, I see. It could be that they are just pointing out to us that Russia is a big threat but fortunately we have the English navy to protect us?