Thursday 19 December 2013


As Keith Olbermann would say: The Worst Person in the World

Watch out McVey, you never know when a tube train will derail,
and that looks like a tunnel to me
It’s difficult to find a way of describing how repulsed I am by Iain Duncan Smith, as regular readers may have noticed.

Maybe I’ve mentioned it a few times.

But even for Duncan Smith, in yesterday’s debate on food banks, a new low was reached.

He attended the debate for a short while, smirking and smiling as MPs told stories of misery, poverty and deprivation in their constituencies. He didn’t speak or answer any questions, leaving that to his almost equally repulsive assistant Esther McVey.

McVey reckoned that it was a good thing that people were using food banks: all pulling together to feed the poor. I wonder how we could make things even better in her world… Halve the minimum wage and watch more people have to beg for food or starve? Cut the retirement pension by 25% and watch even more old people freeze to death?

The Mirror reckons that they both wrote their political obituaries yesterday, but frankly I doubt it.
Not enough room in one article to list his lies

This stuff is popular. The Tory back benches lapped it up, laughing and cheering at the stories of misery, although there were a couple of exceptions.  
Iain Duncan Smith is a failure and a liar. He has failed at everything he has done. He has lied about his qualification and training; lied about his expenses; lied about his wife working for him at our expense; lied about coercion used to get his admin assistant to testify for him. 

I can't begin to remember the number of things he has lied about. He seems to be almost compulsive in his lying. He opens his mouth and another lie comes out.

He failed dismally as Tory party leader, being replaced even before he managed to lose an election, and being replaced by a man who even his own side thought had “something of the night about him”, and who also lost an election. That is failure with a capital F.

His stewardship of the DWP has been marked by a series of catastrophic decisions. Whilst undoubtedly his own party don’t give a damn about  poor people going hungry and cold, or being told they are fit for work while they are in comas, surely they will be bothered by the disastrous way he has wasted money on his Universal Credit scheme… millions being thrown away on computer systems that are not fit for purpose. 
He saved enough killing off the poor to
pay for the tax cut to the richest
Cameron wanted to move him at the last but one reshuffle, but he refused to go, suggesting that either he has a big following in the party, or that he knows something about Cameron that Cameron desperately wants to keep quiet.

If that is the case then I imagine we will find out in the end, because IDS is hardly what anyone would call a man of honour. Actually I’d hardly call him a man.

To add insult to injury his department has refused the offer on money from the EU for food aid for the starving:

Earlier this week UK officials declined an offer from Brussels for a donation from the European Union’s billion-dollar aid fund. The money would have been channelled into financing food banks.

“Measures of this type are better and more efficiently delivered by individual member states through their own social programs, and their regional and local authorities, who are best placed to identify and meet the needs of deprived people in their countries and communities,” the Department of Work and Pensions said in a statement leaked to The Guardian.
Watch you don't cut yourself Grim... Or...
The UK government maintained that such aid would be better administered by Britain itself. Which would be fine, except the government isn’t administering them. It’s us, members of the public, shops, stores, banks, offices… Everywhere you go there are collections of food for the starving and toys for kids who will get nothing for Christmas.

The overarching sadness of this misery caused by Iain Duncan Smith is wearing people down.

And then because they want to maintain the image of a G8 nation, they refuse £22 million of aid and steal food from starving kids’ mouths.

It truly is impossible to find the right word to describe what I feel about this Smith character and his odious department. But in a government of revolting people, he stands out, head and shoulders above the rest.

I just hope one day he gets what’s coming to him.


  1. Vote Yes next year as those who vote No are obviously closet Tory's, selfish or both the knuts.

    1. It's a Tory organisation for sure CH.

      And we will be living in a Tory world if we vote no.

      How people can't see that beats me, even if they hate ever hair on the head of Alex Salmond, who will almost certainly retire in the next few years...

      The alternative is Cameron, who will be thrown out, Boris the Haystack adn underpants perv, or Milliband who even his own party think he's no chance of being PM.

      I heard this morning that Ed Ball's job is on a shoogly peg.

      Anyone know more, and how it would affect the other shadow cabinet members... most particularly Evette... if he got the bullet?

  2. Tris

    As I have said before they are doing the things that Thatcher would never have dared do but probably wanted to do all along, they get away with it because they understood that to get away with it they first had to turn the poor against the poorest and man did they pull it off.

    IDS and this Government are a disgrace and I just can't understand how people continue to put up with it and the No Campaign stay ahead in the polls. If only there were ways to get the truth in the national media, then we might see genuine anger from the majority of people, but the media are equally to blame. Scotland Tonight went with a whole programme on The Rangers and not foodbanks, what a disgrace of a programme and one I will never watch again. The BBC did everything they could to not cover the debate but I expected nothing less from the propoganda and spying arm of the establishment.

    I watched some of the debate and to be honest was pretty much disgusted by both sides. Labour as a party don't give a crap they just want people to think they do. No doubt there are some on the Labour benches that do and maybe one or two on the Conservatives who do but in the main they are cowards for not speaking out and standing up when it is needed the most. The first Labour MP who condemns their party for their policies would be the one that party members would maybe rally around for change but none of them have the balls.

    I am ashamed to be seen as a citizen of this country, and if people can't see that a yes vote is our only hope then we are all lost and the IDS/Camerons of the world will crack on with big smiles and we will all be hungry and ill. I was chatting to a no voter yesterday and trying to explain to him that within a month of removing green energy powers from the Scottish Government in the dead of night in the House of Death Osbourne approves fracking in Fife that can't be stopped by the Scottish Government and saying to the guy that he needed to wake up and take an interest and find out what is really going on in this country. The whole conversation just made me sad as I basically pleaded with this guy to open his eyes before it's too late. I hope my passion at least gets him to look for the truth.

    Things are going to get worse, a lot worse and people need to wake up quickly before every gain over the last 200 years for ordinary and poor people is swept away by these pricks in the dead of night. No Scotland, No Europe, No Social Security Health or Education. Poor Houses in every town, they have started an ideological war against the weakest and we better start fighting back soon before it's too late, sounds extreme but I believe it.

    Grumpy Scottish Man


    1. Cameron has just said to the FM that he "has no plans" to alter the Barnett Formula, but then he did say that he "had no plans to put up VAT", but did so almost immediately he got in... or half got in.

      Labour has already said that they want to alter Barnett. So if they get in it will happen and if the Tories get in, then we may as well take suicide pills if we didn't go to Etonbridge or are stockbrokers or members of the royal family.

      They very cleverly demonised the unemployed, sick poor, old and dying, before they started to persecute them.

      That way they have the bulk of the population on their side. People ton't think "unemployed" = some poor devil who has been working for 10 years and suddenly was paid off; they think methadone addict swaying outside the chemist.

      People don;t think MS sufferer when they think disabled; they think someone who has conned the doctor into signing them off.

      So they don't feel bad when misery befalls them at IDS's hands.

      The trouble is that one day they may be paid off, or fall victim to some disease.

      The Nazis used the same technique, and IDS even said that works makes you free, which was the sign that hung outside the murder camps.

      I know it is not considered right to compare politicians to Nazis, but for heaven's sake when they actually quote Nazi slogans at you, it's bloody hard not to draw the conclusion that they share the same philosophy.

      Yes, the green energy thing that Foulkes said we had made up... It was about getting our shale oil as well as our North Sea oil.

      After all, no problem if it poisons a whole pile of Scots, or northerners.

      They are doing it in the south too. So when the rich and famous that live there get injunctions to stop them, I suspect that the companies will turn their attention to places that don't matter, like Scotland.

      We need to find a way to stop them.

      Still, with a bit of luck they will cause an earthquake in Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament and the whole lot will disappear into the Thames.

    2. CH, it is amazing that the BBC could still consider themselves to be a broadcaster of any merit when they were hauled over the coals by the foreign minister of Eire for 100% misrepresenting her.

      This really is disgusting.

      Can we have some other things looked into...

    3. "The Committee agreed that there was some new information in Ms Creighton’s statement about what Ms Creighton understood in relation to the Scottish Government’s intended timetable for negotiations. It noted that BBC Scotland’s judgement had been that this clarified little and did not constitute a further news story in its own right."

      Right. The minister said: You lied when you said that I had indicated that Scotland would have to negotiate entry from outside and you lied when you said that I agreed with Michael Moore and not Nicola Sturgeon... or words to that effect.

      And that didn't constitute a story?

      Not even a small correction?

      Dear minister,

      Think yourself lucky that the biased liars got your name and country right. It's a wonder they didn't have you down as Lucretia Crookshank from Luxembourg.


  3. unfortunately he only took over from where new labour started
    and just took it a bit further.

    1. Yes, that's true. They have made it worse though.

      Although now Labour is saying that they will be even harder of benefits than the Tories.

      Talk about a race to the bottom.

  4. oh and you forgot about the milllion pound plus his family claimed in benefits from the eu

    1. I didn't know about that Niko. What was that about?

      I must try to put a complete profile of the spawny little worm one day, when I have time to do the research.

      I know I left court the fact he took nearly a year off work on full pay as an MP when his wife had cancer. Now he docks people's benefit when they are too ill to turn up for slave labour, perhaps because they are in hospital.

    2. your wish is our command

    3. Thanks PP...

      I copy it here for those who don't like clicking links...

      A time for tough love, and no one has been better placed to dish it out than the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith. On Monday the Telegraph claimed that, as his contribution to the latest round of spending reductions, he was prepared to cut harder and deeper on the welfare bill. But one might have thought he'd have a better grasp of the need people will sometimes have for public assistance. And if in doubt, he can always ask the relatives. For over the years, the farm business operating off the country estate part-owned by Duncan Smith's son – with the minister's wife as a trustee – has received well over a million pounds in taxpayer subsidies. Swanbourne Home Farms, run in partnership between the minister's in-laws, Baron and Baroness Cottesloe, brother-in-law Thomas, and cousin Richard Brooks, has been given €1,517,535 over a 10-year period in funding from the EU. It has also been the recipient of grants understood to be worth tens of thousands of pounds from Natural England. Described by the EU as "income support" for farmers, these common agricultural policy payments were established by the 1957 treaty of Rome to ensure "fair standard of living for the agricultural community". None of it goes to the Duncan Smiths. "Neither Iain Duncan Smith or his wife receive any income whatsoever from the Swanbourne Estate," his spokesman says. And few would quibble with the payments themselves. Still, it shows that the best of us need a hand from time to time.

  5. Let this creatures actions be not forgotten

    1. Not as long as I have breath!