Friday 20 December 2013


If, like me, you have always seriously doubted the outcome of the Camp Zeist trial, and were suspicious that justice had been interfered with by the British state, even though the trial took place under Scots law, on territory temporarily designated as Scottish soil by the Dutch government, you may be interested in a new book which proves conclusively that whoever blew up the Maid of the Seas, it was not Abdelbaset al-Megrahi. 

The author of Adequately Explained by Stupidity is Morag Kerr.

I have yet to read it but I'm impressed by the review of people who have.

Robert Black, QC. writes: I have had the privilege of reading the typescript of this book. The evidence painstakingly uncovered and meticulously analysed by Dr Kerr leaves absolutely no room for doubt that the bomb suitcase was already on the Pan Am luggage container AVE 4041 before the feeder flight from Frankfurt arrived at Heathrow. The prosecution scenario (surprisingly swallowed by the trial court) of the bomb being in an unaccompanied bag sent from Malta via Frankfurt to Heathrow is utterly destroyed. Whoever was responsible for the bombing of Pan Am 103, Morag Kerr has conclusively demonstrated that it was not Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.

Robert Forrester says: I have had the immense privilege of proofing aspects of this book. It is, without question, nothing less than a work of genius. Amongst many other features studied, it conclusively demonstrates, via a highly detailed and scholarly analysis of the evidence relating to the luggage carried in the hold of Pan Am 103, how horrifically bungled the Lockerbie investigation was. Its implications are truly shocking. It is high time that executive powers in Scotland were brought to bear on the Police, Crown Office and forensic officials responsible for this outrageous scandal.

It is available, both in physical form and as a download and further information can be read on this Wings over Scotland article.


  1. Already downloaded a copy.

    Something tells me the contents will be somewhat more weighty than those of my own eBooks.


    I look forward to reading it.

    1. I hope it is as well written Paul, although obviously it won't be the same lighthearted style.

  2. *Waves!* Thanks for the plug, Tris. I think it kills the conviction stone dead, but I have to persuade others. I hope I've managed to do it right.

    There's a preview of the first 40 pages accessible through the publisher's web site.

    1. *waves back*

      You're welcome. It got a sale!!

      I hope we end up pardoning the man and apologising to his family and I hope we find the people responsible and punish them...

      Thanks for the preview link too...

    2. To see the preview, go to the link Rolfe provided, and then click on Google Preview, on the left hand side.

    3. Not a pardon. That implies guilt. I hope they quash the conviction. (Though Robert Black says a pardon is the way to go if an independent inquiry - rather than an appeal - found that the case was fatally flawed.)

    4. Yes sorry. Misuse of terms there, The conviction should be quashed and then an investigation should be put in place to find out how so much was missed; on whose orders?

      Not that I would expect that to find out the truth.

      We are still waiting for justice at Hillsborough. The lies started with Mrs Thatcher, yet the people she defamed just paid £10 million to have her cremated with style...

  3. I'm looking forward to acquiring a copy.

    From my own cynical position I've always felt that it was highly unlikely that the bomb followed the route that the Camp Zeist prosecution suggested, Malta to Frankfurt to London to Lockerbie.

    I've already put out my thoughts on this over on wings but to save you searching for my muttering Tris I'll try and give you the gist here.

    First in order for the "bomb" to be put on the Air Malta flight to Frankfurt means that the bomber was relying on everything in the chain of events running to clockwork. As everyone knows flights can be, and are regularly, delayed.

    Secondly, again as everyone knows baggage can, and regularly does, go missing.

    I have never bought into the prosecution's case that the "bomb" was put onto the Air Malta flight to Frankfurt, then transferred to the Pan Am feeder flight from Frankfurt to London before taking off for New York.

    This leaves a great deal to chance.
    How could the bomber guarantee that the Air Malta was not delayed by delayed passenger boarding, air traffic or a technical fault........they couldn't.

    How could the bomber guarantee that the case containing the bomb would make it onto the Pan Am f;light from Frankfurt, they couldn't. I know Morag has mentioned that there was a four hour difference between the Air Malta flight arriving in Frankfurt and the Pan Am flight taking off for London but as always cases do go missing no matter how much time there is between flights. Surely no bomber worth their weight would put their whole raison d'etre down to chance. No in my view they want certainty.

    So far we have the uncertainty of flight departure and arrival being on time as well as the uncertainty of baggage transfer taking place as required.

    Now we move to London.
    Again we are relying on the Pan Am flight leaving Frankfurt on time, landing in London on time and finally departing London on time. This brings me back to my original points about the Air Malta flight.

    How could the bomber confirm that the Pan Am flight would leave Frankfurt on time, he/she couldn't. At Frankfurt like Malta there are the constant fears of delayed passenger boarding, Air Traffic delays and aircraft technical delays plus one additional possibility.........the dreaded weather. Remember this happened in December ideal time for fog, snow storms you name it.

    Now assuming that we have managed to circumvent all these possible delays and other problems we now arrive at London and what do you know we are now facing exactly the same possible delays etc that we faced in Frankfurt, delayed passenger disembarkation, embarkation, Air Traffic delays, aircraft technical problems and weather.

    How on earth did the prosecution get away with the concept that in December a bomb was put onto one aircraft, transferred at a second airport to a second aircraft that then landed at a third airport before taking off for New York.

    What was the defence thinking allowing such a series of accusations to take place?

    In my humble opinion even a deaf dumb and blind man can see through this "claim". This whole "story" leaves so much to chance. Every one knows one thing about bombers, they want certainty.

    There is only one way to ensure that the bomb found its way onto Pan Am 103 that fateful night and blew up. They had to ensure it was loaded onto the aircraft at London. Everything else in the prosecutions case leaves too much to chance, the Air Malta flight blow up, the bomb might go off at Frankfurt or London due to a technical fault with the bomb's timer for example.

    1. I cant believe I wrote a great long answer to you and it has disappeared into the ether.

      Suffice to say that it was incredibly rude about mr Blair's relationship with the truth and that it pretty much accused him of being nobbled by the America (Bush the stupider) to nobble the Scottish legal system.

      Nothing else can explain why it was so badly handled.

      I agree with everything you wrote and I'd add to that that a bomb being transferred 3 time (once through one of the most efficient countries in the world ...Germany... is highly unlikely.

      If we are assuming that this was a well sourced terrorist organisations, they surely could have afforded to blow up an airliner coming from bolivia to the USA. Much more likely to come off.

    2. Aye you're right there with your assertion about Blair the Liar being knobbled by Bush the Brainless. I think the more people look into this atrocity the more they will see the knobbling of the Scottish judiciary via Westminster.

      I don't think anyone can watch the al-Jazeera programmes on Pan Am 103 without coming to the conclusion that a great injustice has been done.

      I've just watched the item on Channel four news tonight about Lockerbie and was amazed that their evidence is actually evidence that was presented to the original defence team but was done so too late and could not therefore be entered into trial evidence.

      Being the cynic that I am I am wondering if the evidence was released too late from USA so as to ensure it could not be used in Camp Zeist thereby ensuring they (USA) got their man, Libya!

  4. This

    I don't think we will ever get the truth because Americaand Britainare hiding something.


    1. Of course Bruce. They will try to hide everything.

      I wonder, though, if Mr Snowden knows anything...

    2. I wish him a happy christmas too..and a prosperous and healthy new year.

      So he should stay away from dangerous murderers.

  5. I think you only have to look back a couple of years at the accusations that were flying about Broon the Loon and co. camping in the desert with Gaddafi and promising him the earth concerning Abdul Basset al Megrahi ,despite the fact that they (Westminster) had absolutely NO control over Scottish Justice system, just so long as B.P. got their hands on Libyan oil!

    The back flips being carried out by Broon, Bliar, and the rest of that useless cabal were nothing short of amazing!

    1. These lying bastards will say anything.

      Blair was out there kissing him, and then when they were told to bomb him and let the mob kill him they did it.

      Shame the idiot Straw and his merry band of witless muppets sent emails confirming some of their dirty doings, and that once the place was bombed they were found by jounos.

      Really, I'm pretty sure we haven't had a prime minister this last 50 years who wasn't a psychopath.

    2. Well psychopath or brain dead! LOL

    3. Well I didn't want to mention that one Tris, it seemed a wee bit too obvious. LOL