Thursday 19 December 2013


The judge led inquiry into U cock's involvement in torture reports the following:
Dave working out how to do "clout"
British officers were under no obligation to report breaches of the Geneva Conventions and turned a "blind eye" to the torture of detainees in foreign jails. You have to wonder why a first world country and signatory to the Geneva Conventions, particularly one so judgemental of other countries' failings, would have felt that it wasn't obliged to report torture, waterboarding, sleep deprivation and humiliation of prisoners.
He really was the best they had... Yes, it is that sad.
Even when individual officers expressed concerns about the abuse of detainees they did not pass on their thoughts for fear of offending the US, Britain's closest intelligence partner. Ah, it begins to become clear.

British officials were reluctant to question sleep deprivation, hooding, and water boarding for "fear of damaging liaison relationships" – an unmistakable reference to the America. You can bet that orders came from the very top that no way, no how were they ever to question anything that America was doing for fear of Blair/Brown/Cameron never being allowed anywhere near the White House again.
I think they call him bastard in England Wales and Cornwall too
Just as well the map wasn't big enough to show China and the US!!
The Gibson inquiry was set up by the coalition government in 2010 following increasing evidence of British complicity in CIA-led operations involving UK citizens and residents who ended up incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay, but was cut short in January last year amid dramatic, first-hand evidence of MI6 involvement in another rendition, that of two prominent Libyan dissidents. Lesson to learn: Don't put things in writing unless you can be sure that you're not going to be told to change sides and bomb the hell out of the people you have been co-operating with so that they have to flee in a rush and leave all their embarrassing paperwork lying about for the press to find...
Well, when it comes to being out of touch,
Dave's your world expert.
The Libyan operation is the subject of a police investigation proceeding now, and since the same intelligence agencies and some of the same individuals – notably Jack Straw, the former foreign secretary – were potential witnesses, the Gibson inquiry was abandoned. Handy that, given what it has so far found out by a man dedicated to justice as opposed to saving his ass.
I remember him saying that and thinking it was probably me who misunderstood.
But nope... it was him, right enough. Is he very stupid or very untruthful, or both?
Despite promises (pardon me while I lol) by Cameron that investigations would be continued by an independent, judge-led inquiry, the government has now said that the task will be carried out by the intelligence and security committee of selected MPs and peers, which will doubtless deliver the result that Cameron wants with no more embarrassing crap about them being feirt of the USA.
Eton Boris showing Eton Dave a bit of U Cock clout.
I never cease to be impressed with the clout that Britain has in world affairs, (as long, of course, as it doesn’t even hint at offending America in any way shape or form. What was it Eton boy said? Our enemies fear us … and our friends admire us… Ha ha ha ha ha ha…what does that make America then, posh boy?

No wonder the Chinese government took pleasure in having their state newspaper print insults to the trumped up little arse while he was in their country: surely a horribly  embarrassing situation to befall Cameron.


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    1. Have to disagree with that Barney.

      Cloutie dumplings are tasty and agreeable. I would be delighted to have one on a regular basis.

      Cameron on the other hand, I would be delighted never to see or hear of again in my life.