Saturday 7 December 2013


Just keep coming for your holidays
Pool what resources...Oh yeah, ours!
Last week it was China, now some tiresome people want to remind
me of my past. It wasn't my fault. I was frightened of the ogre.
...and get less money to do it with
And IDS took a year off because his wife was sick.
I wonder what the very bottom price for a Lordship is
Lions led by donkeys ... remind you of anything?
But Alistair did manage to do a lot of flipping...
John never managed that!
Nope, no limit
And after a week when top Tories were briefing against him,
apparently they are now complaining
that Yes Scotland is criticising him. Awwww.
I'd rather have the best of one world...
I wonder what she's saying...
Ehhh it's your turn tae waash the stairs this week.
I done it last week.
Trust the Tories? Aye right.
He seems proud of it. They tell me he was once a socialist.
And still James Kelly brought up the government's record in parliament.
You do wonder sometimes if he's quite the full shilling
Oh there's standing room in the bunker, is there?


  1. Since May 2010

    #LongTerm Unemployed ⇧52%
    #Youth Unemployed ⇧8%
    #Temps wanting Perm Job ⇧10%
    #PartTimers seeking F/T work ⇧36%
    #LowPaid ⇧29%

    Vote no? 'uk:ok?'

    It doesn't seem much like it does it?

    1. In a word, no.

      And that is just the unemployment statistics.

      You could look at inflation versus wages; versus pensions; versus benefits.

      You could look at the housing bubble in London and environs, and how Mr Osborne's policy has had to be halted by the Bank of England.

      You could look at how incredibly low interest rates have devastate people who saved from their old age and hoped in part to live off the interest.

      You could go on and on.

      If there is a good luck story in the Uk government's history I'll be damned if I've heard it.

      Oh yeah and who else but a set of people with no grasp on reality would invent themselves a slogan that sounds like "You cock", or one like Blether together.... Jeeez.

  2. Some very sad statistics there. Very sad reading out the dying woman who was classed as 'fit for work'. I feel quite upset at the poor woman. The person who did this should be named and shamed.

    1. There are so many of them, Marcia. There was the lad the other week who was dumb, paralysed down one side, epileptic and had a mental age of 5, who was told he was fit for work. And when his dad to9ok him to London to see if Mr Cameron would like to employ him, he was threatened with arrest.

      There was a similar case in Dundee too. As if the families of people in these conditions didn't have enough worry they have to deal with teh crass incompetence of the likes of Atos and Iain Duncan Smith.

      If this was an emerging nation just starting on a journey to run things, this would be appalling, but this is supposedly one of the top leading countries in the world, one that tells other people how to live.

      The shame.

  3. Deano

    Nothing to do with voting no, all to do with the Tory/;libdem
    self elected cabal carrying out policy's ' YOU ' not long ago

    1. And just suppose Mr Miliband gets on next time round Niko.

      What will he change?

      OK. He was pushed into bedroom tax reform by Anas Sarwar, but it was Labour who came up with the idea in the first place so I'm wondering about the veracity of that pledge.

      They promised to be tougher than the Tories on benefits!

      Will Labour renationalise the Royal Mail?

      Will they scrap this silly train in England?

      Will they get rid of the bombs that they can't use, but bring them status?

      Will they bring in some union friendly legislation?

      And what will stop the Tories getting in in 2020?

      An independent country will.

  4. Malnutrition a public health emergency, experts warn

    They believe the rise in cases of malnutrition, and the increase in the use of food banks, could be linked to welfare reform.

    Could be linked they bleeding well are it doesn't take a university education to evaluate that.

    1. The Tories, judging people by their own standards perhaps, reckon that the increase in the use of food banks is down to the fact that people see free food and jump at the opportunity.

      Being a little more in touch with what's happening on the ground, I take a different view.

      Sometimes in Asda I watch as a tired looking mum with a couple of young kids loads a trolley load of "Smart Price" tins and packets on to the conveyor belt.

      I tried a couple of Asda's Smart Price good and had to throw them out. The custard was a strange shade of green; the pease tasted very dodgy. Someone who tried the shampoo and soap said that they spent the day scratching.

      Heaven knows what a diet of that kind is going to people.

      We read this week that 20% (or was it more) of parents said that they went without food so that their kids weren't hungry, but we know that even at that teachers report chidren raking in bins for food.

      But hey, we punch well above our weight and Willie Hague has a seat on the security council and a veto.

      So who could ask for more?

    2. tris

      the custard creams are luvvly though

    3. That's not what Taz told me!

      He said you were a skinflint and told me to tell you that he prefers Waitrose custard creams for next time you're there.

  5. tris

    I dunno but its what policys are carried out whch will
    determine or not what on your list of whinges are
    carried out.

    The torys can win probably will win in an
    Independent Scotland, many nats are
    rabid conservatives some off them in
    Alexs executive.

    As for the bomb whoo! scary ! Alex has
    given assurances that any NATO member
    who wishes to bring nuclear warheads
    into Scotland. Will be welcome with
    open arms and need not declare what
    weapons they have, and indeed the snp will
    not even ask.

    1. Not really a whinge list niko.

      I mean, apart from teh seriously rich and titled, who wants any of these policies.

      I think it is scary that someone as monumentally stupid as Willie Backwards Baseball Cap Hague has a veto on world affairs. He's a Thatcher Werrity Fox man and a total wally!

      I'd like to see a link to your assertions that Alex would allow anyone to bring WMDs into Scotland. Or allow them to use our airports for their vile renditions, like Jack Straw did.

      And of course some people are Tories in Scotland, but before the SNP had much of a footfall here, I seemto remember in 1997 there was not one single Tory MP, followed by 1,1,1, and 1

      Not much cll for Tories in Scotland, and after this set of jokers is finished I'd be surprised if Muddle gets back.

      As for L:ibs, I'd say we can expect at most 2 to be left after the route.

    2. tris

      in at about 1.45 where Alex confirms dont ask dont tell
      i will accept you apology

    3. Ok. Thanks for that Niko. I'd not seen that interview.

      My instinct is not to be in Nato, but I'm only me. Labour will keep us in Nato; the Tories will keep us in Nato; the Liberals... ha ha ha ah ha... who cares, and now the SNP will keep us in Nato. Not a lot of choice unfortunately.

      I think Alex made the point there that no one ever tells anyone else that they have nuclear weapons on their ships, so like every other country Scotland wouldn't demand to search every ship that arrived from England or Wales or France or Israel to see if they had bombs on them.

      I hadn't ever thought of that, but I guess that it isn't unreasonable that countries don't do that.

      I also imagine that, in honesty, no one is likely to come into your port with a ship full of nuclear weaponry.

      But, I don';t see what else he could do, and that situation wouldn't change whether or not Scotland was in or out of Nato, and in or out of the UK.

      Except I suspect that at least we would be allowed to make our own decisions about who came here, as opposed to now when we are told what to do by Mr Hague or that long thin faced man whose name escapes me (but I do remember he has a lot of money in the BVIs).

  6. Atos, G4S paid no corporation tax last year despite carrying out £2billion of taxpayer-funded work

    It found that the four biggest suppliers - Atos, Capita, G4S and Serco - carried out £6.6billion-worth of work for the public sector and central Government last year.
    Yet two of them – Atos and G4S which carried out £2billion-worth for work for the Government and public sector – paid no corporation tax at all in the UK in 2012. Capita paid between £50million and £56million, while Serco paid £25million in tax.

    All under the noses of those LibDems who were going to sort this out in their pre election spiel bigger hypocrites than Labour.

    Lib Dems - it's you that's doing it

  7. They cheat on their taxes (legally of course); the do a dreadful job and are for ever having to be rescued from their cock ups. They cheat on the contract claiming achievements that they have never achieved.

    And yet they get all the contracts.

    Now why would that be do you think?

    Answers on a past card...

    1. PS Brilliant article by CC. I don't know why he wasn't on the bog roll. He is now.

    2. Because people might think you are biased!

      The £4bn 'cut threat' plays into SNP hands

      But if the SNP is guilty of exaggerating the "threat," it shouldn't be dismissed altogether. It is largely forgotten now but the Labour, Tory and LibDem-backed Calman Commission, which led to greater devolution of tax powers in Scotland, also favoured a needs-based alternative to Barnett, provided nations' needs could be assessed on a UK-wide basis. There is widespread agreement at Westminster, too, that Joel Barnett's temporary fix in the late 1970s is in need of reform.

      So vote No in the referendum if you want to cut Scotland's budget.

    3. They all say it should be based on needs.

      Needs decided by the sovereign parliament at Westminster.

      Needs decided by people who've never been here.

      Needs decided by people who would sell their granny's false teeth for a little profit and send the money to the BVI so that they could avoid tax.

      What is need?

      Well, seemingly its not enough money for food, because as we all can see there are kids and adults starving.

      Not money for fuel for the number of people sitting in the house in scarves and gloves.

      Free education isn't a need; nor is a universal postal system, nor a proper NHS.

      No, everything should make a profit. So it we are too wee and poor and stupid to make a profit out of illheath and crime and education... Tough

      No thanks.

  8. tris

    apology accepted

  9. erm, yeah Niko.

    Is that Taz's teeth marks ?

  10. I don't know why you bother to put up with the Project Fear troll on these pages for he doesn't want to debate or add anything of value to the discussions.

    1. Niko and I go back a long way M.

      He adds levity to the pages and it's good to hear a view from an opponent.

      Most readers here are independentistas...

    2. “I enjoy talking to you. Your mind appeals to me. It resembles my own mind except that you happen to be insane.”
      ― George Orwell, 1984

    3. Niko's just like my Big Brother...


    Common Weal is an emerging movement which is developing a vision for economic and social development in Scotland which is distinct and different from the political orthodoxy that dominates politics and economics in London.

    1. An interesting and exciting movement in which the current government is interested, and so should be the Labour party.

      The Tories will, of course, hate it.

  12. Posting here like a wrung out sweatie sock(no pun intended)

    Some of us on WoS were making plans for a meet up in the Albanach, so I thought I'd better line my stomach. A day past it's expiry date ready meal curry was consumed.
    About half-six the first stomach cramps started preluding a weekend of hell. I feel much better today though I'm as weak as a kitten and standing up I get dizzy.
    On the plus side I've lost about five pounds.

    Back to the point; my office Christmas party take place next Friday, also in Cockburn St, so come hell or high water I'll be there this time.

    Any Munguinians welcome :)

    1. Hello, the newly thin Conan.

      I'd stick to water for a wee while.

      That sounds like a particularly nasty one.

      A curry a day past its expiry date shouldn't do that to you. These things are set with a huge margin for error.

      Thanks for the invitation, which Munguin has regrettably to decline, but... yeah, I think some of the Edinburgh Munguinians should be there to make sure that you get home OK.

      How about Taz?

      Get better quick Conan.