Friday 27 December 2013


Just like America, huh?

Not one single banker went to jail; they didn't even have the decency this time round to throw themselves off high buildings. 

And when the MPs and the Lords were found to be fiddling their expenses, how many went to jail, how long for, and in what kind of jails? Few, for a short time and in the holiday home kind of jails that people can nip out for a drink, or down to the village, and get home for a birthday party.

And when a Cabinet Minister lied and lied and then lied again about his driving offenses, he spent a few weeks in an easy going regime and came out to a new job... 

What a bloody country. Why don't we have the nerve to be like Iceland?
Oh that will be because we have clout... everywhere. 

Corrupt clout, but clout none the less. 

Oh no, wait, we don't even have clout. Cameron just made that up, along with all his other lies. Because when the Syrians took other nationalities prisoner, their governments got them released.  But when they took a Brit, Wee Willie couldn't even get consular contact. Clout my backside. (And if anyone makes the obvious joke about that, Munguin will be round to see them...with his sharp teeth!)


  1. tris

    Because our leaders ?? snp absolutely included will not bite the hand
    which feeds them now or in the future when their political careers end.
    All this just reveals how the wealthy have placed themselves outside
    any kind of meaningful democratic accountability.

    the UK elite have massive,massive amounts of 'Clout ' unfortunately its
    in service of the global elite and in that you cant fault there diligent and
    effective submission to their wishes.

    and if any one imagines under the snp it would change they
    need a comprehensive reality check .

  2. In terms of world policies; foreign policy, war, etc, even relations with the EU, Scotland has no clout, because Scotland has no say.

    In an independent country it would have some say, but no real clout. But who want clout. As I said, the UK doesn’t actually have any, it just thinks it does. The kind of clout Cameron DOES have is internal. He can starve people to death; freeze them to death… because he is sovereign… and he is doing that.

    On a global level, the UK is done, finished, a little country good to universities for the super rich, and tourism, just as the Chinese said. They could have added, and for creeping to Mr Obama.

    I haven't the foggiest idea what the NP would do about bankers, but in fairness, I have to say that I imagine that you are right. On their own initiative they would not have jailed Goodwin and his likes.

    But remember, probably neither world the Iceland government, had it not been for the people. The marched on parliament, a massive crowd for a small country, and they made it clear that the government would have to resign. Then they voted in people who would put the bankers on trial.

    As the president said, they bailed out the country and jailed the bankers.

    Remembering the crowds on the streets in London protesting about the illegal war in Iraq, I know that trying to tell the UK government anything is like banging your head on a brick wall. When they take to the streets, which is very rare in the UK, the prime minister ordered judges to be as harsh as possible, which is why we saw little lads going to jail for 6 months for stealing water (and Lords going to jail for 9 days for stealing thousands of pounds).

    Of course I couldn’t guarantee that a Scottish government would be any better, whether that was a Labour one or SNP, but we are a bloody sight closer to them than we are to London.

  3. The Vietnamese had the best idea, they executed two of their fraudster bankers

    1. Wouldn't have seen me complain, indeed I would have tied the noose!

    2. We'd have no banksters left.

      Well I see that as a plus.

    3. Double plus good Smiley facey thingy

    4. Tout est bien qui finit bien!

  4. Tris

    Happy Christmas,your blog not great on my new asus tabled but fazzledown works lol. Anyway - I would think that we would have all the clout in the world when we make friends and earn respect for being a friendly, honest, hard working, peaceful nation.


    1. Sorry to hear that Bruce. I can read yours now, but I cannot comment!. Nor can I comment on Wings.

      Yes, when I say we will have no clout, I mean it in the way that the Fat Eton Boy means it. You know, people on their knees while we sit astride Mr Obama's lap

      I think we may well have influence in other, perhaps more important ways, and at least people won't laugh at us like they laugh at fur coat and no knickers Britain.

  5. If we vote for independence, we will get the chance to develop a constitution which makes Scotland a real democracy, where politicians are answerable to the people all the time, not just once every 5 years. Perhaps we could have a mechanism to allow the public to force some important issues to be decided by referendums, and another to allow politicians who do not do their job, or who are jailed, to be sacked.


    1. Anything becomes possible when you throw off the ancient trappings of a state that is all about status and class.

      As someone pointed out the other day, the House of Lords is an utter anachronism, and Labour has wanted to get rid of it for over 100 years.

      it has never happened. It WILL never happen.

      Far too many people that count depend upon it. So it will go on getting bigger and bigger until that part of London falls into teh Thames. Can't come a day too soon for me.

      We can have what we want when we have a new country, albeit an ancient country.

      But we can write our own constitution. It's so bloody exciting.

  6. The UK is at a crossroads.

    Constitutionally it is facing a democratic revolt in the Kingdom of Scotland, and the royal Anglo-Saxon centre in London is faced with a choice of what to do.

    This has all the similar echoes of the Austrian crisis of 1867. Austria chose to accomodate the Kingdom of St Stephen via the 'grand compromise' leading to the Dual Crown... effective home rule/devomax inside the imperial framework.

    But the UK leadership have ruled out making a similiar 'grand compromise' constitutionally to retain Scotland. We now KNOW we would never get home rule/devomax inside the UK Royal framework... thus just like the Hungarians stuck inside the Austrian Empire at 1867... there is a choice for us to make. But unlike the Hungarians, we are faced with only ONE option. Outright independence/separation or nothing. There is no grand compromise being offered to us.

    London has played a very risky game. A game of such high stakes even the Habsburg Dynastical gamblers would've demurred.

    1. That's probably because london is being run by fools who know nothing of Scotland, or indeed of people anywhere,except in the rather effete, privileged air of the Home Counties upper classes.

      Of course it is true that the have promised to look at more powers; devo+. It is also true than on every occasion when they have made that promise, they have broken it.

      I'd have said that of all the pms to trust through the ages, David Cameron is one of the least trustworthy, given that he has lied about almost everything since day 1.