Thursday 26 December 2013


So is this why we heard that the house of aristocrats and clergy removed the Scottish government's rights in respect of green energy?
Might get in the way of them making money
We are always hearing how many foreigners come here.
There are a lot of Brits who go there.

Still, it is one way of getting rid of the poor.
Only a one-off funeral grant to pay
Like Eton Boy would do it himself...
That's before we start saving on being big nobs in the world
Ah yes, these are all the things they prophesied in 1978
Let's see... No, no, no, no, Ha ha ha,
unfortunately no, we never had one (indeed is there one),
no, no, ooops, she did anyway,no, no.
Nothing out of twelve. Try again.
Oh wait, that's what they are doing! However, in fairness, 

as CH points out below, it's probably a spoof, 
given that the logo of the Lancaster Rose didn't appear till years after 
this poster would have appeared.
And  merry Christmas to you too Dave and Nick, you bastards.
Farce maybe?
What a happy Christmas that will be.
Are you old enough to remember when there was work for
thousands of men in these plants?
But clearly while the UK keeps its WMDs there,
you lot can just starve
Oh to be Icelandic, or at least to have their
autonomy to deal with thieves their way
It was Dave's idea; what did you expect?
Democracy? And how many of the Lords are millionaires?
And how many of the royals?
It's NOT all about the SNP or Alex Salmond
Two particularly repugnant specimens of  Tory
Some people have very strange friends
See, even St Vince says so
What a brilliant idea. We should have more like that.
Respect man. You get on down with the poor people, Dave.
Give him a hug, I dare you!
If you could call any of them "real"
So, when ukok tells you that Scotland, unlike Norway,
couldn't afford to pay the pensions, they are talking garbage.
The British government took the money for our pensions.
Just because they spent it on sucking up to George Bush
 and Ronnie Reagan doesn't make any difference.
They owe it to us.
Labour has said that Barnett  needs replaced with a "needs" formula, based no doubt in the Westminster Government's interpretation of need. So that will be like they didn't think we needed electric trains, or motorways, or television till years after England. Cameron says he has no plans to revise Barnett, but then, he had no plans to put up VAT just days before he put it up by 2.5%, and in any case, is there anything he hasn't lied about so far? As Marcia rightly points out, as  Scotland already pays more than £824 per person more than the rest of the Uk population the total subsidy would be £1,574 if their was a £4bn cut.


  1. The BBC cartoon was amusing.

    The LFI group could easily run with quite a few of the posters.

    The last one should be amended to include the fact that Scotland already pays more than £824 per person. So that would be £1574 if their was a £4bn cut.

    1. Thanks for pointing out that omission, Marcia. Now rectified! :)

  2. I liked the BBC one as well oh and the sixth down Labour poster is a possible spoof tris as that logo didn't appear until c1986.

    1. Aye, fair enough CH. I take your point. The red rose of Lancaster didn't figure in these days adn I'm far too young to remember what the naysayers thought would happen... so it may be a pile of whatsit. But it's a bit of a laugh