Sunday 1 December 2013


Johann Lamont has taken part in a debate at a school in her constituency which resulted in a win for Yes.

Ms Lamont was up against Glasgow MSP and External Affairs and International Development Minister (and close associate of Munguin)  Humza Yousaf, at the seventh annual St Andrew’s Day political debate hosted by St Paul’s School in Pollok on Glasgow’s southside.

About 200 senior pupils took part in the debate chaired by Dave Moxham, STUC Deputy General Secretary.

Questions from the floor ranged from currency and defence to what independence offers young people in the future.

The vote at the end of the debate resulted as follows:

 Yes 104 votes, No 81 (56% v 44%).

Humza Yousaf said: "The Yes campaign is characterised by its hope, aspiration and optimism. The change for young people in determining their future clearly inspired the pupils at St Paul's High School, in Johann Lamont's own constituency.”


  1. Maybe I'm being glass half empty here but that's an awful lot of Nos given Johann Lamont was presenting the case. Did they take a pre-debate poll to compare with?

    1. I've not heard tell of it if they did PP...

      And thanks for the heads up (with a bit of luck the eagle eyes one won't have noticed, otherwise I'm for the high jump).

  2. First defence from debater of the year (no honest) is a defeat on home ground call Paul Sinclair so he can inform Pacific Quay.

    1. Hmmm. I think that was someone having a laugh.

      I wonder if she read every word and sometimes read the same line twice...

  3. And Tris I think you'll find your owner is called Munguin not Mungiun...

  4. I wonder if she demanded copies of all of Humza's questions before the debate so her boss Ed Milliband could write down her replies.

    I am surprised to see that Lamont actually turned up for this debate, mind you though once she found out she would not be debating against Nicola "the destroyer" Sturgeon I reckon she thought she'd win easily enough.

    1. She was in a school friendly environment for an ex teacher and she only forgot that she couldn't send them to detention for any wrong answers.

    2. She would have been reading her speech. Humza on the other hand is a great guy, funny and entertaining... who probably had a few notes and nothing more.

      Doesn't do to underestimate people though Humza is FM material in 10 years or so.

      She's not in a century.

    3. I think a great deal comes down to the ability of the speaker/debater to be able to think on their feet. Humza and the rest of the Scottish Government CAN think on their feet Lamont and her entourage are incapable of doing so.

    4. Yes, and of course they believe what they are selling, and have something more than the Empire and Austerity and Clout to sell.

      It helps I suppose to be personable and amusing in your delivery, instead of cold and wooden.

    5. Wow!
      Cold and wooden, I never realised Lamont was THAT good!

    6. LOL...she was having a good day...

    7. Well that explains everything beautifully then doesn't it? LOL

    8. I'm sorry, Arbroath, I know my answers are pretty pathetic, but I have been reading the collected speeches of Alistair Carmichael and some of it must have rubbed off on me.


  5. Tris

    I think these debates can be useful to a degree in that they can convince small numbers to people over to the yes campaign. However, the continued lack of coverage from the MSM is a huge problem. If this had been Salmond losing a debate in his own constituency then it would have been all over the news, the ebc etc. The dishonesty of the establishment msm is the biggest problem now. I bought a Sunday Post yesterday and it was just full of the same old rubbish, the so called political editor could not be more unionist if he tried and even skellped Carmichael got a colum to say that the yes campaign just don't answer the questions while there was nothing to counter his claims. The argument has been won, there is no doubt about that but the battle with the msm, the establishment and the brainwashed (don't cares) is still on. Still I look forward to the new year and the continued shrinking in the polls and the possibility that England might just give half their vote in the Euros to Ukip. Derek Bateman is saying that as the polls shrink then Cameron will be beating down Salmonds door for a debate, I hope that is true as Salmond would kick teflon Daves arse big time as he is so sure of himself. Bring it on. Please don't show a photo of Lamont in even a remotely flattering light, she is a nasty horrible person in her politics so an y photos should reflect her politics. I suspect she is not so nice in person, and I hate when she calls herself a teacher, can you imaging walking into your breakfast club at school because your parents have no food and walking into that, if that didn't put you off your store brand cornflakes and foodbank bread nothing would.


    1. I know it is frustrating, Bruce.

      There isn't a single argument for the Uk except "clout" that hasn't been well and truly destroyed by logic and/or by fact.

      If the EU was likely to say no, then Cameron would have consulted them for a reply immediately, as Cameron, and no one else, can.

      If the BofE (which really is the BofB) really would not share the currency then Cameron or Osborne would have made a definitive statement to that effect.

      If Dr Who could not be seen on Scottish TV screens, the BBC would have told us so.

      Likewise Nato would have said, we warn you in advance, you will not be allowed to join if you insist on WMDs being removed from your waters.

      After all, that is the way we deal with countries like Iran, which are making waves.

      But they have nothing.

      True, America probably wants the Uk to stay together. It needs a firm ally that will agree with it where and when required, and it needs them on the security council. But it can't actually do anything about it, and it will probably ensure that England, Wales and Ireland remain where they are, albeit with depleted financial and weaponry resources.

      Most, if not all that they say, is a lie. And, as you say, the papers allow these lies.

      I've stopped buying anything now, except the Sunday Herald.

      The rest is lies. I almost never watch the BBC news on tv (with obvious exceptions over this terrible weekend. Even the BBC wouldn't sink so low to make unionist capital out of this, would they? And yet, as I think about it, had we been obliged to ask for extra medical assistance from England, I'm sure that someone at the BBC would have managed to make something out of it).

      As it is I see Euan McColm managed to make some sort of a joke about people being pulled out of the rubble and being asked if they were unionist or nationalist.

      I think he must be seriously sick.

      Mr Lamont... Yes, I'm sorry if I put you off your breakfast.

      Unfortunately, she's such a pivotal figure in the debate, like it or not, that we have to cover her sometimes, but I'll try to keep her to a minimum.

      Mind you I don't think it's a flattering picture of her turning up to business meetings dressed for a afternoon's cleaning, with her granny's wrap around on.

      As for Alistair Carmichael, he's built in her image really, isn't he.

      After failing to answer any of the questions put to him (as I note all the unionists fail to do), he still says, with a completely straight face, that the Yes side have no answers.

      Oh the irony. If only he were bright enough to see it.