Monday 2 December 2013


If you need a demonstration of how completely unattached from the reality of Scottish life the South of England (and the government which is domiciled there) is, then this is surely it.

He says that they need to build houses for people in their first jobs, just a basic job, earning £50,000-£80,000.

He might well be from another planet. In fact he's the deputy leader of Westminster Council, which might as well be another planet... unless Mr Osborne is going to introduce new minimum wage legislation?


  1. tris

    Imagine expecting someone to exist on only £50,000 to £80,000 a year
    not a month a whole year with 52 weeks in........and not even a MPs expense account to fiddle disgusting !!!!

    1. Just be grateful we don't have to manage on that eh Niko...:)

  2. £50,00 to £80,000 drinking vouchers? Mrs N and I splash out as much on a night at the Bullington Bingo before moving on to a Labour Club - , with enough left over for a doggy bag for T**.

    NB: Names have been changed to protect the innocent!

    1. That's expensive Bingo. I imagine they call the numbers in Latin ?

  3. Replies
    1. By company that isn't even a member of the BPC please keep up as you are embarrassing your good self try this one on Money Saving Expert.

    2. Oh NO Niko. Disaster. I think we'll just have to give up...

      Oh no, wait, someone else has done a poll that shows 60% of Scots will vote yes.

      Well, I never!

      So it seems the campaign is going off alright...

      Thanks for asking matey!¬


  4. War on Democracy: Spain and Japan Move to Criminalize Protests

    This law is a perfect example of the increasing neo-feudalism being implemented across the globe by a corrupt, decadent and depraved status quo. Such laws must be immediately resisted or they will only get worse, much worse. It is quite obvious what the power structure in Spain in trying to do. It is putting into place an egregious punishment framework that could bankrupt a person by merely protesting. Such a threat is intended to make people not even consider their rights as human beings to express grievances to a crony government.

    1. There have been moves in Westminster (which I imagine only covers English law) to reduce the amount of liberty people have to protest. Already you are not allowed to protest near parliament. Only a few weeks ago someone protesting at the end of the Downing Street gated community was threatened with arrest. He watd to ask the prime minister why his son who has a mental age of 5, is paralysed down one side and suffers from epilepsy wasn't allowed to have incapacity benefits... and if Mr Cameron would like to offer him a job.

      Without any disrespect to the lad, I'd have thought he'd have probably done a better job that most of the Cabinet, Certainly the Work and Pensions Cretin at least!

  5. Lets all face facts:

    1. Devo Max is permanently off the devolution table inside the UK (after all, all unionist leaders have ruled out separating fiscal and monetary policy as 'unworkable'... thus...)

    2. Boris Johnson 'greed is good' Gordo Geko moment, coupled with Labour UKs total SILENCE on the subject shows Clinton/Blair style triangulation (and to fu@k with the poor, the weak, the vulnerable) will continue ad nauseum...

    3. UK governments will continue to pursue anti-social security policies... even London Labour...

    4. If we want to change any of this, or even reclaim our labour movement up here in Scotland we must... vote YES.

    It doesn't even matter if you are anti-nationalist, anti-SNP or pro-Independence... or simply a home rule believing socialist (like one Keir Hardie), this is our last realistic chance to cause the constitutional and political revolution we spent 1945, 1962 and 1997 voting (mistakenly) in the hope of getting.

  6. Did you lot see this outrageous filth! Tory minister Andrew Lansley claiming thousands of taxpayers pounds... despite only living a mile away from parliament!

    Is this the 'greed is good' BoJo was on about?

    1. He's an arrogant pratt.

      I remember seeing his snarling look when he was on Question Time and a nurse in the health service of England for which he was currently the secretary of state dared to criticise his policies.

      I thought at that moment what a disgusting hman he must be.

      Still, imagine the humiliation of being replaced by Jeremy Hunt...

      I mean how bad would you have to be for someone to think that Hunt would be an improvement?

      Yes. It is the greed Johnson was in favour of.

      People of his "set" can steal with impunity and get richer and richer, while the servant class are paid a wage that you couldn't live on unless you did some begging on the street on the side.

      Lansley is just a thief. And if that's defamation of character, so be it.