Tuesday 31 December 2013


So, now I got the right year...

The results of the poll are as follows.
1) Most impressive politician at Holyrood : Alex Salmond. Runner up: Nicola Sturgeon.
2) Debater of the year: Nicola Sturgeon. Runner-up: Stewart Hosie.
3) Most impressive Westminster politician: Stewart Hosie. Runner-up: Angus Robertson 
4) Least impressive politician in Holyrood: Johann Lamont. Runners-up (equal) Anas Sarwar, Jackie Bailey, James Kelly, Iain Gray.
5) Least impressive debater: Alistair Carmichael. Runner-up Anas Sarwar.
6) Least impressive politician in Westminster: Ian Davidson. Runners-up (equal)David Cameron, Iain Duncan Smith, Gordon Brown, Margaret Curren, Jim Wallace, Nick Clegg.
7) Scot of the Year: Rev Stuart Campbell. Runners-up (equal): Alex Salmond, Andy Murray.
8) Rat of the Year: Iain Duncan Smith. Runners-up (equal) Ed Miliband, Anas Sarwar, Gordon Brown and George Osborne (with apologies to rats everywhere).

Congratulations (or indeed commiserations) to the winners, depending on the category.
Finally, Munguin and Tris would like to thank everyone who reads and contributes to this blog. It really wouldn't be the same without you and we greatly appreciate your input.

We want to wish each one of you a fantastic, rewarding 2014 filled with happiness, health, humour, prosperity and ... Independence!

See you all next year for the most important year in our lives.


  1. So the snps malcontents organise a poll
    and guess wot !!!!! ????

    The snp win.........Go figure

    Thank god they aint got control of
    the independence referendum.

  2. Anyone could have voted, Niko.

    If you'd rounded up a few of your Rule Britanats, you could have all voted for Alistair Carbuncle as the Scot of they year... Nothing to stop you.

    Or you could organise a poll on your blog...?

  3. a better new year message


    Scotland will reject independence by a double-digit margin

    The No campaign retained a comfortable lead throughout this year and that won't change in 2014. On 18 September, Scotland will reject independence by a margin no smaller than 10 points and conceivably as large as 25. The pessimists in the Unionist camp and the optimists on the nationalist side point to three factors that could work in the SNP's favour: the large number of undecided voters, Alex Salmond's strength as a campaigner and the unpredictability of referendums. But none of these suggests a yes vote is likely.

    There is no reason to believe that the quarter of Scots yet to decide how they will vote will break for the nationalists in the number required for victory. Indeed, according to the most recent YouGov poll, which put the No side ahead by 52-33, even winning over 100 per cent would still leave the Yes camp four points behind.

    The SNP might have overturned a double-digit Labour lead to triumph in the 2011 Scottish parliamentary elections, but there was at least something close to a precedent for this in the form of the party's 2007 victory. By contrast, there has never been anything close to a majority for independence and the uncertainty created by the financial crisis and its aftermath has made voters even more reluctant to take that leap into the dark

    There have been polls showing that Scots would vote for independence if they believed it would make them better off, but the problem for Salmond is that they don't. Asked earlier this month by YouGov, "Do you think Scotland would be economically better or worse off if it became an independent country, or would it make no difference?" (the defining issue of the campaign), just 26% said "better off" and 48% said "worse off". If Salmond couldn't persuade voters that Scotland would be better off alone when the UK was in an austerity-induced double-dip recession, he's not going to be able to persuade them now.

    Referendums are uncertain beasts, but the clear tendency is for support for the status quo to increase as voting day approaches (as in the case of the 1975 EU referendum, the 2011 AV referendum and the 1980 Quebec referendum). Faced with the real possibility of secession, I expect a significant minority of Yes supporters to reverse their stance

    1. I guess that unless Cameron runs some sort of fiddle with the figures, it will be what the people of Scotladn want it to be Niko.

      As Alex said, we must fight our corner with all teh passion we can, and respect other people's opinion.

      I certainly respect people's entitlement to be as red white and blue as can be. If people owe their allegiance to London then that is how it is...

      But I'll work on to get a yes vote because I can't imagine what life will be like once they think they have put independence back in a box.

      Cameron, without even the right wing weak kneed Clegg to hold him back will make sure of that.

    2. By contrast, there has never been anything close to a majority for independence ....

      There's your problem right there. There is a natural majority for independence which has been evident in opinion polls on numerous occasions. Right now we're seeing the effects of Project Fear on people who are not yet paying attention. This will change.

      Better start paying attention to prophets who have been paying better attention than these guys.

    3. By contrast, there has never been anything close to a majority for independence THAT HAS BEEN REPORTED....

      One of the reasons of course that the Quebec referendum was lost by a narrow majority was, as I recall, that the Canadian government gave people free holidays in Quebec from other parts of Canada so that they could vote there.

      Urchin was living there..he knows the score better than I do.

      The Canadians clearly had no scruples about getting what they wanted.

      If they could do that, what on earth do you think a spiv like Cameron is capable of.

    4. In fact they didn't and couldn't vote but became part of a love bomb from all over Canada to plead with Quebec not to vote f or "separation"

      Every billboard in Quebec was booked and displayed pro canada messages and the day of. The big rally when all the aero planes arrived my employer shut the plant down, never been done before, Ben atu X mas, so all ethe workers could be bused, at his expense, to the rally.

      The actual cost of the billboards and the Itakeover of Air Canada (then a nationalised airline) was won ever disclosed and broke ethe expense limits set for the two sides ( sounds familiar).

      As I said the margin of he No vote was about

    5. 40,000 votes which is about the attendance at the Canadiens Hockey games at the Forum in Mtl.

      There were accusations of false and phantom voting but it all disappeared quietly. As I remember the Press and CBC were universally pro NO.

    6. Thanks Urchin...

  4. You've had the decorators in!

    Watch the Burj Khalifa fireworks in Dubai live online from every angle

    Anyone having trouble in what their New Year wish is going to be then I can offer a suggestion.

    1. Yeah...I didn't like the result so I changed back.

      Dubai... yes, they can afford to do it properly. Nice little oil rich country!!! But I hope Edinburgh puts on its usual good show.

  5. Wishing all citizens of Munguin's Republic the happiest and most peaceful of New Years, and looking forward to a bigger celebration in September!


  6. Blydhen Nowydh Da dhiworth Kernow dhiso jy ha dhe'th redyoryon oll. Menten an ober da! Govenek a'gan beus y fydh sywyans an raglev mis Gwynngala 'Ya' ow tasseni.
    A Happy New Year to you and to all your readers. Keep up the good work! We hope the result of September's vote will be a resounding 'Yes'.


    1. Tasgwynn:

      Diolch i chi am eich dymuniadau da.

      Blwyddyn Newydd Dda


    2. Bah foreigners!

      A good New Year to one and all and vote Yes as it makes sense honestly,

    3. God you sound like Maggie Curren!


  7. Wishing one and all, yes even the deluded Niko, a happy, safe and good New Year and look forward to everyone returning refreshed and invigorated for the fight that is yet to come which will undoubtedly deliver a YES victory in 2014!

    Oh yes it WILL be a YES victory Niko, folks are continuing to leave NO in their droves. Never forget most of the pollsters are driven by London weighting so they can never get their figures right. In fact the last item I saw on pollsters, lost the link at the moment Tris, showed they were owned/controlled by Tories and they were apparently "tinkering" with the data!

    1. Thank you Arbroath... and the same to you...

      Fancy the Tories fiddling...who would have thunk it?

  8. Replies
    1. Aye, CH. Powerful message from another great Scot.

  9. Sorry, cannot wait any longer, initially free drinks and a lock-in in my local Can I wish you all, dear friends and gentle people, a very happy New Year! XXX Saor Alba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I remember those days when we all became guests of the host and the bobbies would come in front and exit out of the kitchen back door. THOSE WERE THE DAYS

    2. Hope you're feeling...erm...well anything at all this morning, John.

      Happy New Year. Thanks for your support... Saor Alba,

  10. A happy blub, new sob year waaa
    I think there's something in my eye

    1. My dad's version of "Cheers" when taking a drink was "Mud in Your Eye" (strange man). Maybe that's what you got...

      Happy New Year :)

  11. Lamont is my favourite politician of the year, she changes colour at FMQ when the FM winds her up and she is so bad she is hilarious. I hope they keep her.


    1. Yes, she's an asset to the YES campaign Bruce, because she makes Alex look so good, as is Ruth.

      The trouble is that people say... but in an independent Scotland is that the best that Labour and the Tories can come up with?

      It's not, of course. Once being a pretendy big shot is out of the question, Labour will re-emerge, with its best people NOT rushing off to London to play with the big boys.

      Also, of course, as we have all agreed before, no longer having a massive constituency in the SE of England to satisfy, they will be able to return to their roots and stop pretending to be Tories.

      And, freed of their horrible Spiv Tory roots in London, the Scottish right of centre might re emerge with something to say, and people might actually start to listen, once they are no long associated with Thatcher.