Monday 9 December 2013


Poor Princess Michael of Kent!

According to her, in an interview she gave to the Times, austerity has hit the “royal couple” who are no long able to afford to dine out unless visiting friends.

The poor woman is apparently obliged to cook for herself and for her husband in their grace and favour home at Kensington Palace, and gets help in only when they are entertaining. 

No ladies in waiting, parlour maids or gentlemen of the night soil for this impoverished royal highness.

Did you ever hear the likes?
How fortunate she is that we pay for her accommodation in the palace, because the unfortunate goes on to say that she is obliged to use Easy Jet when flying to Biarritz. 

The Horror! 

One meets such a dubious class of SPIV on these flights.
Indeed when travelling in Europe the poor wretch has to fly economy class, and only upgrades to Club Class when visiting farther afield.
But she hasn’t, for all this austerity, lost her sense of humour. Bless her.

She confides that she approves of Mr Michael Gove and goes on to describe him as "a wonderful man", and adds that she loves him.

Says all you need to know about Govey...and her royal highness! 
Alert, therefore, to the MP for Kensington, SIR Malcolm Rifkind. Perhaps ere long he will be posing for photographers as he opens a food bank in the extensive gardens of Kensington Palace. 

With Harrods only just up the road, there should be some decent own brand stuff for the disinherited of that borough. So be of cheer your royal poorness.


  1. moaning nat minnies do something positive vote ' NO ' to ATOS
    and I dont want to here the Labour party started it
    even though its true.

    We call for a Cumulative Impact Assessment of Welfare Reform, and a New Deal for sick & disabled people based on their needs, abilities and ambitions

    Responsible department: Department for Work and Pensions

    We call for:

    A Cumulative Impact Assessment of all cuts and changes affecting sick & disabled people, their families and carers, and a free vote on repeal of the Welfare Reform Act.

    An immediate end to the Work Capability Assessment, as voted for by the British Medical Association.

    Consultation between the Depts of Health & Education to improve support into work for sick & disabled people, and an end to forced work under threat of sanctions for people on disability benefits.

    At last, a report that skewers Iain Duncan Smith's welfare policies
    We Are Spartacus releases its 'almanac of condemnation', a devastating critique of welfare reforms backed with case studies

  2. Signed Niko.

    Alex'#s blog is on the bloglist. He doesn't write a lot, but what he writes is really good.

    I'll go and read his piece.

    Signed a moaning nat minnie!

    (Did anyone ever tell you it's nice to be nice?)

  3. tris

    that is me being nice anyway treat a cypernat or nat with kindness
    and they turn round and bite yer leg off.

  4. still !! see food will be luxury in a Independent Scotland

    vote ' YES ' and have an empty belly for xmas
    and every day of the year;
    nobody can do scare storys like us unionists.

    1. Yes Niko. I promise I won't bite your leg and I promise that food prices won't go up any more in Scotland than they will in the UK.

    2. They said if costs of doing business goes up in Scotland then the price of food will go up.

      However, as the costs of doing business will probably go down, then I suspect that the cost of food may well follow, as competition really does drive the food market...witness how all the supermarkets are warring on who can fill a basket cheapest.

      Bringing down business costs is a reasonable idea. One followed by Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, David Cameron and Alex Salmond.

      We may not like business but we need them to create jobs. Therefore we try to make it as easy as possible for them to invest in the country.

  5. pss!! vote no and we will you give a fine big potato
    tax free

    1. Riddled with Phytophora no doubt.

    2. Boy, you know how to sell dependence.

    By Amelia Blanford Edwards

    Give me three grains of corn, Mother,
    Only three grains of corn;
    It will keep the little life I have
    Till the coming of the morn

    I am dying of hunger and cold, Mother,
    Dying of hunger and cold;
    And half the agony of such a death
    My lips have never told

    It has gnawed like a wolf at my heart, Mother,
    A wolf that is fierce for blood;
    All the livelong day, and the night beside,
    Gnawing for lack of food

    I dreamed of bread in my sleep, Mother,
    And the sight was heaven to see;
    I awoke with an eager, famishing lip,
    But you had no bread for me

    How could I look to you, Mother,
    How could I look to you
    For bread to give to your starving boy,
    When you were starving too?

    For I read the famine in your cheek,
    And in your eyes so wild,
    And I felt it in your bony hand,
    As you laid it on your child

    The Queen has lands and gold, Mother,
    The Queen has lands and gold,
    While you are forced to your empty breast
    A skeleton babe to hold

    A babe that is dying of want, Mother,
    As I am dying now,
    With a ghastly look in its sunken eye,
    And famine upon its brow

    There is many a brave heart here, Mother,
    Dying of want and cold,
    While only across the Channel, Mother,
    Are many that roll in gold;

    There are rich and proud men there, Mother,
    With wondrous wealth to view,
    And the bread they fling to their dogs tonight
    Would give life to me and you.

    What has poor Ireland done, Mother,
    What has poor Ireland done,
    That the world looks on, and sees us starve,
    Perishing one by one?

    Do the men of England care not, Mother,
    The great men and the high,
    For the suffering sons of Erin's Isle,
    Whether they live or die?

    Come nearer to my side, Mother,
    Come nearer to my side,
    And hold me fondly, as you held
    My father when he died;

    Quick, for I cannot see you, Mother,
    My breath is almost gone;
    Mother! Dear Mother! Ere I die,
    Give me three grains of corn.

    1. That was so bloody sad... and true. They starved them to death.

    2. Amazing CH, how these witless muppets go along a smile for the camera... and are proud that in what they reckon is a first world nation, the poor are at the soup kitchens again, just like in Victoria's day.... beats me.

      Still, I suppose its the big society at work.

      Well done Cameron. If we wouldn't take to his Big Society voluntarily, they would shame us into it as we watched children raking in rubbish bins for food.

      It would take a hard heart to refuse to get involved then

      And think. They were able to give the rich a tax break with the money they could have been feeding the poor with.


  7. Speaking about the poor hard put aristocracy in this country, I'll tell you what? Why don't we give them a wee hand? Once indy arrives, why don't we volunteer to introduce a land redistribution law... save them having to pay to maintain all that private land?

    Restore it to public ownership and I bet that'd help the likes of these wee aristos and royals out a heck of a lot!

  8. I imagine if the Princess is short of a cash, she could put an advert up on Gumtree. She could take in a couple of lodgers.

    As her landlord though, we'd need to decide if we'd allow her to sublet, I for one don't want any old riffraff lowering the tone of the property I own.


    1. Who'd want her for a landlady. though? She's a ghastly graping old bat and her old man is hen pecked.

      Still it would be handy to have a place to stay on the rare occasions one goes to London.