Saturday 14 December 2013


A Québécois mate of mine sent me this piece today. I thought you might like to share it.  (I've put it in in its original French first, because i know Jim likes translate for himself!)
Un professeur tend un billet de $20 et demande à ses élèves :«Qui aimerait avoir ce billet ?» Les mains se lèvent. 

Il chiffonne ce billet et demande: « Vous le voulez toujours ?» Les mains se lèvent encore.

Il jette le billet froissé par terre, saute dessus à pieds joints et dit : «Vous le voulez toujours ?» Et encore, les étudiants lèvent leurs mains.

Il leur dit alors : «Mes amis, vous venez d'apprendre une leçon! Peu importe ce que je fais avec ce billet, vous le voulez toujours, car sa valeur n'a pas changé. Il vaut toujours $20.

«Plusieurs fois dans votre vie, vous serez froissés, rejetés par les gens et les événements. Vous aurez l'impression que vous ne valez plus rien, mais votre valeur n'aura pas changé aux yeux des personnes qui vous aiment vraiment.

"Même les jours où nous sommes moins à notre meilleur, notre valeur reste la même.»
A teacher holds up a $20 bill and asked his students: "Who would like to have this note?" Hands up.

He crumples the note and asks: "You still want it?" The hands go up again.

He throws the crumpled note on the floor, jumps on with both feet and says, "You still want it?" And yet again the students raise their hands.

He tells them: "My friends, you have learned a lesson. Whatever I do with this money, you always want, because its value has not changed It is still $20!

"Many times in your life, you will be bruised, rejected by people and events. You will feel that you are no longer worth anything, but your value will not be changed in the eyes of people who really love you.

"Even on days when we are less than our best, our value remains the



  1. Nice. :-)

    I dare that teacher to do that in some other countries though!

    1. If he did it here the'd be trampled underfoot...

      Dont want to learn no lessons. That will buy two baggies!!

  2. Love versus trust!

    How a fiat currency works

    A fiat currency is a monetary system where the medium of exchange has no intrinsic value. Fiat money is backed solely by the authority of a governing body and the trust of the public. Since it is not backed by something with intrinsic value like gold or silver, it is instead representing existing and new value created in the economy. A fiat currency is much more elastic than a gold or silver backed monetary system because all it takes to satisfy an economy with unlimited demand is to create new issues of currency. However, as soon as money is created, it is accompanied by inflation because it dilutes the value of existing currency in circulation. This goes the same for the destruction of money as this adds more value to the surviving currency in circulation. For a fiat currency to work, it needs the trust of everybody using it. It is done by various regulations that governments can enforce in order to regain value or build trust to its currency.

    1. Now... what currency does that remind you of. Worth nothing except the expectation of riches to come from under the sea?