Sunday 1 December 2013


Let's sum up then. Alistair...4 questions, 0 answers!
Well done! Next!
I thought those of you who did not have to rise at daft o'clock today might be interested in a radio programme you will have missed at 5.45 am!

"With the SNP announcing its plans for an independent Scotland this week, Lesley Curwen profiles Nicola Sturgeon - a figure who may be key to the party's chances of success.

"She's deputy to Alex Salmond but is central to the party's campaign, and she's playing a major but perhaps under-reported role in negotiating with London too.

"How did she achieve such a rapid rise to political prominence? And why is she so obsessed with the TV drama Borgen?"
The Secretary of State for the Union and someone who 
wanted a selfie with him. It takes all sorts!

And just for a bit of laugh to brighten Sunday morning, I thought you might also want to read Alistair Carmichael's blog ironically entitled "Still No Answers". 

No, honestly, it is! 

If you don't believe me, here's the link.

While we're on the subject of the Secretary of State, I'm wondering how Alistair is squaring with his namesake (and colleague in Better Together), Alistair Darling, the excuse he offered Nicola for the misery his government is inflicting on Scotland's children in poverty. 

Alistair C reminded the DFM that there were having to make some difficult decisions (like it wasn't the Tory programme all along) and that it was all the fault of the previous government (Labour) which had left them (the Tory coalition) with such a financial mess to clear up, leaving them with no other alternative to snatching food from the mouths of the country's poorest kids. 

I was wondering if anyone has made a connection between 'Labour', 'Financial Mess' and the then 'Chancellor of the Exchequer', aka head of Better Together.

Still, at least BT isn't run by Liam inappropriate childish note thick as mince Byrne!


  1. And why is she obsessed by Borgen? The world has a right to know.

    PS. Asked Comical Ali when the UK government is going to produce its NO white paper. I wonder if it will get past moderation.

    1. She's not saying.

      We could write the white paper for him.

      It wouldn't run to 670 pages though.

      EU (Spain)
      Security Council
      Embassies and consulates in every town in the world
      Nuclear weaponry
      Automatic knighthoods for the top 10% earners
      Airport named after the divine Mrs Thatcher
      Respected and Feared in turn
      Boris Johnson
      Did I mention clout?
      If the London system goes tits up again the BofE will bail out the banks
      the most successful political union in the history of the universe
      4th largest military spend in the world
      loved and respected all over the world
      Only the next 50 or 60 years will be *austerity. After that we'll have new austerity.
      Knighthoods and a house of Lords.
      Our own religion, named after the country

      * austerity can go up or down, but only applies to those earning under £50,000 pa.

      A chance every 80 years for Liberals to get into government as the junior party to the junior partner (but may be seen peripherally somewhere near Mr Obama!

  2. One could of listened to it at 9.00pm last night then you could of had a lie in.

    AC is a bundle of negativity from start to finish and his next Scottish questions time could be interesting.

  3. Now he tells me!

    Friendly question from his Rt Hon Friend Michael Moore MP:

    Would my rt honourable friend care to (snigger) give the House an account of how he demolished (snigger) the deputy first minister of Scotland.

    House erupts into laughter...

    Ordure, ordure!

  4. Politics is the fame game for ugly people.

    1. Munguin says that he is NOT ugly, and you're in deep trouble.

  5. so the Nationalist snp malcontents say the Unionist
    secretary of state for Scotland, has no answer towards
    there wicked attempt at sedition.

    Why am i not surprised would they say
    anything else ???? er no course not.
    wilfully blind deaf and dumb.

    but then its not there votes which will count nah itl be
    the "16% of our species have an IQ below 85 which
    will win it for the Union.

    And our london masters will be proud of us and allow a few
    more scraps from there table.......yummy !

    1. Niko,

      Surprisingly good post - apart from the first sentence. SNP malcontents indeed - are you content?

      Hope you are keeping well and not getting too upset and embarrassed every time Darling, Margaret or Johan speak on behalf of your party? I was going to include Gordon in that but he seems to have disappeared perhaps for a Johan make-over.

    2. Niko...

      What John said...

      But... maybe I've missed something... Did you actually hear any answers from the secretary of state for table crumbs?

      I was sure that at the end of the debate he'd answered exactly 0/4 of Nicola's questions, although he did blame Alistair Darling for the mess that he's had to sort out.

      Quite literally Bitter Together!!

  6. ps

    Alistair Carmichael is world class knob the snps secret weapon no less

    1. I have to admit, if Alex had been choosing the SoS, he couldn't have done a better job that Cleggy.

  7. I think the guy in the photo is saying "You should move further to the right, I think 50 yards would do the trick......"

    Interestingly, in his blog, Mr Carmichael claims that BioQuarter is "among the beneficiaries of the union"? I'm not 100% sure but f I'm not mistaken it was initially funded by the SDA/Scottish Enterprise.

    1. Yes, you're right. I couldn't see any UK funding involved. The partners are: NHS Lothian, Edinburgh University, Scottish Enterprise/ SDAI, and a private company, Alexandria Real Estate Incorp.

      He must have got his UK funding info when he looked up Public International Law. That was a pile of crap too.

      He needs some Google skills.

  8. Dean,

    Nicola is not ugly - in fact I think she is cute in more ways than one. Not as cute as Cathy, right enough!

    1. This is a ridiculously sexist sub-thread. However Jenny Marra is quite cute too!

    2. I meant it as a joke, not to be taken seriously... maybe I should've added a smilie?

      Besides, I have a heck of a soft spot for that Mark MacDonald MSP. He is a big lug, but a big cutie ;)

    3. Are you still harping on about Cathie? Never see anything of her these days...

    4. Yes, she is Douglas, but she's not the brightest button in the box!

    5. Och he knew that Dean.

      Mr McD needs a diet!

  9. niko,

    I hope I have misunderstood you.

    If not, Alisdair Carmichael MP, Secretary of State for Scotlandshire - our man in Westminster or their man in Scotland - who knows - is appealing to people of low intelligence?

    This is a pathetic rendition of "why we should not have a universal franchise" and should have tests, such as property ownership, maleness, status in the community and the like to restrict it.

    I trust all people living here to determine, to the best of their abilities, whether they vote 'Yes' or 'No'. If we lose a Yes vote, I sincerely hope we do not analyse our loss on the basis of the IQ of the voters.

    That would be wrong on so many levels........

    1. I think Douglas, that Niko's comment alluded to Mr Johnson's speech about the fact that not everyone is born bright.

      Wrong on so many levels is what Boris does best.

  10. Borgen is brilliant, just saying.

    I don't know how small country of c5 million popn with much larger country to its south manages to run itself though. Maybe because it doesn't have the burden of volatile oil. I do pity them their lack of clout though. Must be terrible.

    1. Oh, the lack of clout is woeful... woeful...

      Borgen... not seen yet.

  11. Borgen is brilliant on so many levels. The episode about rendition flights through Greenland was exactly what we should expect if we become independent. Being ignored by Washington.

    It is important to recognise that being snubbed by the USA is not the same as being at war with the USA.

    Anyway, when Sidse Babett Knudsen smiles, the world smiles with her...

    1. Oh... it sounds exciting.

      I love Nordic Noir.

      I've been reading Icelandic murders recently. Absolutely gripping.

      Sexual allusion again, Douglas?

      This blog is going downhill, I have to say!


  12. Ouch!

    Just watch it. As in switch on your TV, etc.

    Sidse Babett Knudsen is a wonderful actor. I would deny that anyone isn't touched by the warmth of her smile.

    I can understand why Nicola Sturgeon thinks it's great TV. It is great TV, especially if you expect to be a tad small after a Yes vote.

    West Wing it ain't.

    Apparently the themes are based on real life.

    And saying someone has a beautiful smile is not, usually, treated as a sexual allusion.

    This blog is hanging on the slope, neither up nor down, from my point of view!

  13. Yes, yes, I shall.

    But you know...smiles are the thin end of the wedge; who knows where it leads, and we don't want to get Niko wound up.

    Mrs Niko would never forgive us.

  14. OK. I told you I didn't watch telly.

    I thought Borgen was a detective (that's why I was going on about Nordic Noir!). Seems she's a politician. A prime minister even, in a little country in the North.

    What does that sound like?

    So, yeah, I might watch it.

    1. Borgen is the nickname for the Danish parliament. Birgitte (Sidse) Nyborg is a former prime minister who unhappy with the direction of her party and so starts a new one. She's on good terms with ex hubbie but has a new English boyfriend played by Archie from Monarch of the Glen.

      Great stuff.

    2. Thanks for the gen PP...

      I will give it a go. I like political programmes.


  15. As I suspected, my question to Comical Ali (see comment 1) didn't get past the censor, sorry, moderator.

    1. Twasn't me that blocked it Anon.

      I'll go take a look at the spam filter.

      Sometimes comments from anon are blocked by Blogger

    2. Nope Anon... It's not there...

      Repost it if you like, and I'llcheck later to see it has gone up.

      Sorry about the inconvenience...