Monday 30 December 2013

MUNGUIN'S NEW YEAR PORRIDGE HONOURS LISTS (Order of Munguin, First and Second Class)

Soooo… The Herald has had it politician of the year (and debater of the year) and the Times has had its Briton of the Year, and Munguin’s said to me that he didn't want to be left out.

So, on his instructions I am asking you guys for your nominations for the following categories in which Munguin has decided to award prizes.

Please vote for your preferred recipients and feel free to add your comments about why you have chosen them.


1] Most impressive politician of the year at Holyrood

2] Debater of the Year (on either side of the independence debate, not necessarily a politician)

3] Most impressive Westminster politician from any party in either house

4] Least impressive politician in Holyrood

5] Least impressive debater (on either side of the debate, not necessarily a politician)

6] Least impressive politician in Westminster

7] Scot of the year (not necessarily a politician)

8] Rat of the year (not necessarily a politician)

Munguin will be awarding points according to your votes, and we all know what points mean, don't we? Points mean Porridge!


  1. 1) Mr. Salmond
    2) Ms. Sturgeon (The Hammer of the ProudScots!)
    3)Angus Robertson
    4)Anas Sarwar
    5)JohAnn Lamont-Graham
    6)Ian "ChairChoob" (Thanks, BBC Scotlandshire!) Davidson
    7)Mr. Salmond
    8)Ed Milliband


  2. I've got to admit Tris there are some very hard choices to be made in some of these categories but I'll give it a go. LOL

    1) Alex Salmond
    2) Nicola Sturgeon
    3) Stewart Hosie

    Damn this is hard, I thought Stewart edged it over Angus Robertson as a result of his having to deal with his heart scare AND Westminster bullshite!

    4) Johann Lamont
    5) Alistair "cry baby" Carmichael

    I so much wanted to put Sarwar in for this one but on balance I think Carmichael's bleatings to the "host" of the debate he endured with Nicola Sturgeon edged it for him!

    6) The Labour Party in Westminster

    Sorry Tris I just could not single one earsehole out of all the earseholes that currently fill the Labour benches in Westminster I hope you are open to making this award a group award! LOL

    7) Rev Stu Campbell

    I didn't think you'd allow yourself being nominated for any of your own awards Tris. LOL

    8) Anas Sarwar

    I think this makes up for him missing out on the Least impressive debater category! LOL

    I may return later with alternatives if I can think of any! LOL

  3. okay

    1, Nicola Sturgeon
    2. Nicola Sturgeon
    3. Angus Robertson
    4. Jackie Baillie
    5. Alastair "the bruiser" Carmichael
    6. David Cameron
    7. Andy Murray (I'm a tennis fan!)
    8. Ian Duncan Smith

  4. 1. Definitely wee Nicola for devouring Moore, Carmichael and Sarwar, and still she had room to crunch Lamont at Holyrood.
    2. Stewart Hosie for his humungus and epic effort against Lord Robertson, in a one on one debate, at a University when the polls put him as an underdog and he skooshed it.
    3. Big Angus Robertson ma hero go on Angus.
    4. Johan Lamont soooo predictable its become boring.
    5. Ian Gray for his comment "Where's the money coming from for an oil fund" what a plonker. Stick to sandwich shops Ian theres a good boy.
    6.Margaret Curran, who's never heard of Denis Healy, aye right ! Magrit.
    7. Robin MacAlpine excellent speaker with a down to earth tone, he'd make a great FM of a future Scotland.
    8. Its a close one between IDS and Gideon Osborne, both utter evil B*stards.

  5. 1 Alex Salmond

    2 Nicola Sturgeon

    3 Angus Robertson

    4 Johann Lamont (for her performances at FMQs.)

    5 Anas Sarwar (for mumbling incoherence.)

    6 Nick Clegg (for potentially holding the balance of power at Westminster, and failing to do anything useful with it.)

    7 Alex Salmond (probably also Scot of the century!)

    8 IDS (for being not just evil, but downright hypocritical with it.)


  6. 1 - Nicola Sturgeon

    2- same

    3- Stewart Hosie

    4- All Labour MSP's - JL & James Kelly tied

    5 - Anas Sarwar / Alastair Carmichael - another tie

    6- Ian Duncan Smith/Ian Davidson/David Cameron tie

    7 - Rev Stu Campbell for his Wings over Scotland blog that has helped to pool a lot of Yes campaigners together and has become a torn in the flesh of the Media Establishment. (plus a mention for James Kelly and his Scot Goes Pop site too)

    8 - Roland rat

  7. Number 8 - A special prize to Mungiun's Republic for a well written blog that is a joy to read all year round.

    Happy New Year to you all.

  8. oh dear _ meant to put the special prize at No 9. Now off to Specsavers!! It the age dearies.

    1. Munguin is chuffed to bits...

      Thanks Marcia. :)

  9. Alex Salmond (How any man can suffer the abuse aimed at him and not retaliate raises him to a different level)

    Nicola Sturgeon (Scything all before her like a modern Boadicea)

    Pete Wishart (For his speech against the UK immigration bill)

    J Lamont (What can you say that wouldn't take all night)

    Jim Wallace ( One of the proud Scots)

    Danny Alexander ( A full blooded nonentity whose own father cannot even agree with his policies Says it all

    Andy Murray (Who has proved them all wrong)

    I.D.Smith(For the misery he has visited on the least able within our communities)

  10. Choices choices spoilt for choices.

    1/ Alex Salmond

    2/ Nicola Sturgeon

    3/ Stewart Hosie

    4/ ????

    5/ Johann as she can't debate.

    6/ ????

    7/Saffron Dickson.

    8/ Gordon Brown for being the biggest despicable hypocrite on the planet.

  11. These are really interesting. I'm enjoying reading them and I'll collate the results and present them in a post.

    If I'm not making my usual comment on everything, it's not that I'm not reading and enjoying your contributions... just that I will put in my own choice, and I've no business commenting on anyone else's...


  12. 1) Alex Salmond: Quite simply I'm glad he's on our side.
    2) Nicola Sturgeon; Her sharp legal mind scythes its way through the opposition. Magnificent performer in the chamber and on the tv.
    3) Stewart Hosie: Impressive performer in the house and in debate with supposed big hitters. Stewart knows his brief.
    4) Iain Gray: You'd have thought that over time his performances would have improved and you'd have been wrong!
    5) Alistair Carmichael: He's been a joke. The big hitter who is out for a duck.
    6) Gordon Brown...although he's hardly been there. He wasn't that good when he was there, but to take the money and not turn up is diabolical.
    7) I'm seriously impressed with so many people. Bloggers like Stewart Campbell, Derek Bateman, James Kelly, Paul Brown and more are doing such a good job, I feel it should be one of them... I just don't know which, so they are all getting my vote (Munguin said I can vote for 4 people).
    8) It's Iain Duncan Smith like you hadn't guessed. The man is a liar and a cheat, and a heartless bastard to boot. Calling him a rat is a terrible terrible insult to rats in every sewer in the world, and I apologise profusely to them.

  13. so all the extremist nats vote for pro separation people
    and against any and all unity of the uk people.
    Just exposes the nasty xenophobia which permeates
    the nat/snp mind.

    there rule is pro independence good pro union bad.
    nasty lot !!!!!

    Each man must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, which course is patriotic and which isn't. You cannot shirk this and be a man. To decide against your conviction is to be an unqualified and excusable traitor, both to yourself and to your country, let men label you as they may. ~Mark Twain

    1. Apply your Mark Twain quotation to yourself, Niko, and see how well it fits.


    2. So... was there anything stopping you voting say for Johann, or Anas, or Alistair as excellent and saying that the worst performances came from Humza, or Alex or Shona?


      Could you not bring yourself to vote for any of your A team?

      It's not about patriotism anyway. It's about what is best for your society. That's not the same. Patriotism is, as Johnson said, the last vestige of the scoundrel.

      So let's have your votes... you're entitled to vote for Gordon as most impressive politician of the year, or Alex as rat of the year... but I'd love to hear your justifications.


    3. Instead of doing your usual gripe gripe gripe Niko why don't you do the normal and sensible thing and put up your own list of eight recipients?

      We all know how well versed you are in bemoaning everyone's views about Cameron,Milliband and the other one so come on now don't be shy, it is New Year after all put up your list!
      You know you want to.
      You know we want you to.
      You know that we know that you know that you want to.
      So come on now Niko do the decent thing and put up a list!

  14. A Happy New Year to every one, even Niko, and especially Caz

    I wish to announce on this forum that I, again, rejected the offer of a Knighthood for Libbit.

    I will demur until Niko gets his so, it looks like I am on to PLUMS!

  15. Replies
    1. Thanks Snotty...

      I wouldn't worry about the honour.

      I understand that there were knighthoods for ...

      the man who delivered the prince George. A perfectly safe delivery from a fit young woman, who was well nourished and looked after throughout her pregnancy. Bravo to him, must have been a really hard job that delivery and well worth a K


      The ex-deputy governor of the Bank of England. A man with special responsibility for probity. So he was obviously top rate at his job, considering that London is now one of the most corrupt places on earth. Again, obviously worth a K.

      And what on earth is the British Empire Medal that someone got? Where is the British Empire?

  16. 1. Nicola Sturgeon
    2.Nicola Sturgeon
    3. Stewart Hosie
    4.Johann Lamont
    5. Alistair Carmichael
    6. Ian Davidson
    7. Stuart Campbell
    8. IDS

  17. 1] Johann Lamont

    2] Ruth Davidson

    3] IDS

    4] Alex Salmond

    5] Alex Salmond

    6] So much choice...

    7] Iain Gray

    8] Nelson Mandela

    Sorry, that was the alternate universe entry.

    1. I thought you'd been on the mulled wine... or that Niko had got to you.

  18. Sorry Tris, this has nothing to do with the list but thought folks might find it interesting, pay attention to page 9, where they discuss what they will do depending upon September's result.

    1. The choices in the no votes (narrow or decisive) are clear.

      Although these are only opinions, it would be a disaster to vote heavily NO, if an incoming British government actually used these recommendations.

      But the British government lies as a matter of course. They might be a hell of a lot worse.

    2. I think if you look at the "options" Tris then they are the BEST of what we can expect, in reality I believe we will be on the receiving end of worse, much much worse. The options layed out in the paper are, in my view, just a starting point for Westminster to use when they try and play hard ball with Alex Salmond!

  19. Who said Cameron was NOT being jingoistic about the START of World War I next year?
    Certainly wasn't me.
    Check out the Royal Mint's latest offering in this "celebration" year Tris.

    1. I can see it being a disaster Arbroath. He's determined to have UK flags all over Glasgow, because he knows the commonwealth games will demand individual nations' flags, and that cannot be.

      I'm still at a loss to understand why he insists on it being done in Glasgow rather than the Uk capital, if it is not connected with the referendum.

      I know that the Queen will be in Scotland and presumably have to go to Glasgow for the games, but although she is old, travel to London is not a big deal for her, done, as it is in incredible comfort with no hanging around for an hour or two at airports.

      So why Glasgow mr Camerfoon.

    2. I know she will be in Glasgow for the START of the Commonwealth Games but she is coming back up after they finish to "celebrate" the start of WWI with Cameron in Glasgow. We all know HE is mad and totally insane but I'm beginning to think that she is showing a wee bit of the same symptoms agreeing to this unnecessary "celebration!"

      With regards to Cameron and his insistence that the "celebration" takes place in Glasgow I think it might be two fold.

      1) this is his futile attempt to usurp the referendum debate by introducing jolly old union rag waving immediately prior to the referendum. He is reaching the stage now where he can see that his beloved union is no more and has reached the point now where he will do anything to save something that can no longer be saved! This despite his constant "reminder" to anyone who will listen that he has no intention of intervening in the referendum!

      2) In a pathetic last resort of last resort he is hoping that if all else fails the "celebration" will cause such a furore amongst the peoples of Britain and the "empire" that he can turn around and saw it wasn't me it was those upity Scots. They demanded to have this awful "celebration", they wanted to hold it in Scotland. They wanted to show the world that they can hold celebrations and were so desperate to hold a celebration that we, Westminster, agreed to facilitate them with their little "celebration."

    3. Well, I wouldn't put any of it past him.

      I really just meant that over that period HM is at Balmoral, so it's not so far to travel as it is to London. Take less of her holiday up.

  20. I, as I think many Scots do, think the celebration of the START of world war one is simply disgusting. The END, yes, but not the start that is a pure flag waving event to make us feel more british.
    Does he not know that proportionally more Scots died than in any other home nation. Where is the compassion? where is the respect for the bereaved? NONE, just a manipulation which will get ALL the media coverage, but is not welcome in Scotland.