Sunday 29 December 2013

FIRST MINISTER'S NEW YEAR MESSAGE (for 2013...Thanks to Marcia for pointing it out)


  1. As always he cuts through all the bull and gets his point across, not just about everyone having a good new year but also what 18th September vote really means.

    How can anyone consider Scotland being an Independent country and voting YES to joining the rest of the UK. Let's face it anyone voting YES to that scenario really needs their head looked at, much the same as anyone seriously thinking about voting NO in reality next September.

    1. Agreed. My first thought was that it was a bit too political... then I thought, nope. It has to be this ywear. This is the year we go forward, or go backwards and tell David Cameron he has won, and that we actually like war, and nuclear weapons and starving kids and suicides of the poor.

      If we do like that then it's not really the place I thought it was and we are not the people I thought we might be..

  2. yep ! we know what voting ' YES ' means it is a vote for unending
    snp dictatorship under Alex Salmonds (the snps dear leader and eternal leader for life ) tyrannical rule.

    If you are decent hard working striver who wants the best
    for your nation and your familys future, Then you have no
    option than voting yes to the union and no to Alex Salmond.

    This is not a referendum on Independence it is a vote for
    or against one megalomaniac person who wants to rule a
    presently free nation under one snp party.

    The people of Scotland know this to be true and is
    the reason the snp have failed to browbeat the supporters
    from the democratic political parties within Scotland.
    who have consistently chose freely to support both
    the union and parties who uphold the glorious union.

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." ( Edmund Burke)

    Do not do sit by and do nothing loyal Scots remain steadfast
    in your support for the union and once the day break rises
    on September 19th 2014 the dark night of the snp will
    come to an end forever.

    1. LOL Niko... you're funny!

      Strivers not skivers...

    2. Gawn yersel Niko.

      1) Fight for the continuing of the unforgivable!

      2) Fight for the right of Westminster to spy on the individuals of our country!

      3) Fight for the right of Westminster to privatise THEIR N.H.S.

      4) Fight for the right of Westminster to privatise THEIR education system

      5) Fight for the right for Westminster to store Europe's largest store of W.M.D.'s within 40 miles of Scotland's largest city

      6) Fight for the right for Westminster to take our armed forces into ILLEGAL wars

      7) Fight for the right for Westminster to FAIL to protect Scotland's shores from foreign navies.

      8) Fight for the right for Westminster to impose the bedroom tax

      9) Fight for the right for Westminster to impose Workfare

      10) Fight for the right for Westminster to PROTECT the rich and (in)famous tax dodgers.

      11) Fight for the right for Westminster to CUT the amount of block grant grudgingly handed over to Scottish Government

      12) Fight for the right for Westminster to REMOVE powers from Holyrood

      13) Fight for the right for Westminster to CUT the amount of farming rebate Scottish farmers receive from Brussels to "redistribute" to their own kind.

      14) Fight for the right for Westminster NOT to do anything concerning the outrageous and thieving bankers

      15) Fight for the right for Westminster to impose ever INCREASING prescription charges

      16) Fight for the right for Westminster to REMOVE free bus passes from the elderly

      17) Fight for the right for Westminster to CHARGE for home care for the elderly

      18) Fight for the right for Westminster to do whatever it can to "protect" London and the South East of England

      19) Fight for the right for David Cameron to continue playing the part of Obama's poodle

      20) Fight for the right for Westminster to take OUR oil revenues and squander them needlessly

      21) fight for the right for Westminster to continue KILLING the poor, the ill, the infirm, the destitute, the low paid, the unemployed

      22) Fight to CUT police officer numbers

      23) Fight FOR an 11% pay rise for M.P.'s

      24) Fight FOR a never ending INCREASE to the number's in the Lord's

      25)Fight to protect the rights of M.P.'s and Lord's to continue to sup at the trough of plenty no matter what the state of the nation is in

      26) Fight to protect the PRIVATISATION the Royal Mail, against the wishes of the country

      27) Fight to protect Cameron's plans to attack Syria, by-passing the "top table" he is so fond of pushing down our throats

      Ach I'm getting bored now.

      Any way you carry on Niko, I'm sure your Knighthood is in the post!

    3. They don't knight eunuchs, oink oink.

    4. There is always a first time for everything C.H.! lol

    5. Arbroath is bang on.

      Britain can't afford a welfare state.

      And a welfare state is not just dole money and sickness benefits.

      It's free education; it's free health care; it's pensions.

      And George Osborne said we can't afford it.

      And the Labour goodwife in charge of these matters said Labour would be tougher.

      (Bevin must be burling)

    6. Phew ! Arbroath im faie puffed out wid all that fighting

    7. LOL... you will be unless you vote YES next year.

    8. Stop fighting the inevitable Niko, do what your heart AND head are telling you to do........throw your lot in with Labour for Independence, you know you want to, we know you want to and most important of all you know that we know that you want to!

      If you really want to stand with a party of traditional Labour values then you can only stand with ONE party......Labour for Independence! The current crop of alleged Labour politicians,m MP's and MSP's, are just Tories in drag. We all know this to be the case, even I suspect you know it as well Niko.

    9. Gawd you're an idiot at best, engerlishman?..or a slave to the Engelish ?(they don't deserve proper spelling). I hope you're an idiot ,'cause the alternative is your an ill-informed, evil slave with no sense of self or hope for our country.

    10. Niko's a joker. He's voting YES, Taz told me.

  3. You do realise I trust that Project Fear supporters are nothing more than expendable cannon fodder for the spivs and speculators and aristocratic layabouts who really own and run Britain and for whom nothing will ever change if Scotland votes NO.

    1. You're bang on there.

      They are being used to keep Cameron and his ilk in power. They are terrified that if they lose Scotland some of their precious clout will disappear.

      They shuldn't worry.

      It won't.

      They're far too useful to the USA to be allowed to disappear because of 5 million Scots not doing what they're being told to do.

  4. You are confusing me - I think this video is the one for 2013 and not 2014 as I am sure he is a bit thinner these days. :)

    1. I think you're right Marcia.

      I posted a link to the video over on Wings and was quietly reminded that it was his New Year message FOR 2013! Silly me didn't check properly first........DOH! LOL

    2. Oops nor me.... how embarrassing!

      Still it was a good message, and just as relevant today as last year...

      So, I'll leave it up.

      And try to remember that 2014 is the year that's about to start.

      Senile or what?!!!

    3. WHAT?????

      Speak up I can't hear you!
      Did you say denial?

      Damn I hate getting old, or is it cold can't remember. lol

    4. NO de Nile is in de attention....

    5. Who on earth is this guy Att Ention? lol

      More importantly how much am I supposed to pay him? lol

    6. Me and a couple of thousand will do nicely...

  5. Could anyone contemplate a better statesman Alex?

    1. Well there is certainly NO better politician or other wannabe statesman in any of the big three parties who is even qualified enough to lick the soles of Alex Salmond's shoes!

    2. He's pretty much the ultimate in statesman, like him or not. Murdoch was probably right when he said that he was the most completent politician in the UK today...

      Again, like him or not, he's the best thing that has happened to scotland for decades, because he REALLY cares about Scotland first and last and in between.

      Cameron is so completely inept next to him.

      I've seen him work with people in a crowd, sometimes people who are not supporters. He's fantastic. He has them onside in no time. And Mrs Salmond is even better...if that's possible. She is completely charming.

      I watched Cameron the other day, trying to listen to people who didn't have electricity and whose houses were flooded. All the time you could sense that he was lost. He'd rather be anywhere but dealing with that. Royal Ascot with the Queen; Anywhere with Obama, or Merkel, or Abdullah...just not with a woman who was complaining about not having any electricity for a week, from a company that has just put up its charges., when there was, in any case, sod all he could do about it.

      The trouble was he had no idea how to empathise. His state owned mansion was not without fuel and if it had been he would have moved into the Ritz or the Dorchester. She had to make do with the church hall and he had no idea... we must learn lessons was the best he could say. Idiot. If he'd said that to me I'd have smacked his mouth.

      I'd have loved to let David see how Alex would have dealt with that situation.

    3. A: Yes, I think that's pretty much how it is.

      I think Nicola Sturgeon is pretty much brilliant. Sharp as a tack nothing gets past her. John is a genius when it comes to making money go further.

      And there are a few other real talents... I've watched Shona develop into a really caring stateswoman and her husband, Stewart, has a first class grasp on his belief of finance and presents a brilliant argument. Humza is a star too. He’s going places and he NEVER stops…

      I'm sure there are good people in Labour and probably the Tories too, I just don't know them, and they surely aren't any of the ones who have power. Not one of them is impressive.

      Malcolm Chisholm is impressive though. And I think that Mr Ferguson who used to be the PO is superb. Clever, measured and decent. I've always liked Ms Goldie, even though most of her party’s policies are abhorrent. At least I believed her to be a decent leader with what SHE thought was best for Scotland at the centre of her thoughts.

      Patrick Harvie seems a decent bloke and Margo is a star (mostly)

      There must be others who are good… but Alex is better than any of them. He’s a master of his craft, no doubt about that.

    4. Just so as you know Tris, a was actually me, I screwed up the posting of my name thingy! .........DOH! LOL

    5. What was that I said about senile?


    6. sorry can't remember, who is this guy senile again? lol

  6. Arbroath,

    Excellent reply to Niko's nonsense which saved you all from one of my rants. It seems that our Niko is resigned to the fact that, in the event of a Yes vote, with "Scottish" Labour being so incompetent and their leadership so insignificant that the SNP will rule forever and a day. I suspect though, that in the lead-up to the referendum some Labour MSP/MPs will see the light and come out of the unionist closet.

    Incidentally, hope you all had a great Christmas and, in case I don't see you before then, can I wish you all a very Happy New Year and thank you all for keeping me entertained over this present year..

    1. Oh... I kinda like your rants, but never mind.

      I reckon that Niko, bless him, is a fervent yes voter, rumour has it, closely related to Mr Salmond himself.

      We missed you over Christmas. I worried for a while that the winds had blown you off your wee island and into the sea on one of your walks home from the pub.

      Glad to see that I was wrong to worry.

      Takes a lot more than a wee bit breeze to knock you lads off your feet.

      High time you were blogging again!

    2. Sorry I stopped you from going off on one John.
      I think dear old Niko's problem is he hasn't quite got to grips with the fact yet that Labour, Old Labour, New Labour, whatever Labour are a busted flush and he can't quite bring himself to look around and see that there is a new kid on the block which will take it's place. No Niko this new kid is NOT the SNP it is Labour for Independence!!!!

      Yo Niko, do everyone a favour and check out Labour for Independence. This group appears to be wanting to return Labour back to its original core values and steer themselves and their vision of what the Labour party stands for away from the far right vision and desires of Ed whatisname and yon other Labour "leader" Mrs neverin!

      I hope you get well rested over the festive season John, I have a feeling you are going to need all the rest you can get for the battles ahead. Never mind you'll have most of us right by your side as we all battle through to the final victory on 19th September!

      Saor Alba!!!

  7. Eck obviously didn't want to haul his ample rump too far from home!

    1. Or it was an interesting place to go; or he was very busy doing other stuff, perhaps too busy to fly to Stornoway, or Lerwick to do the broadcast.

      Fortunately all unionist politicians are slim and fit...

      Why look at Alistair Carmichael, Johann Lamont, Gideon Osborne...

      All sylph like ...

      Got a name Anon?