Tuesday 2 December 2014


Let's get rid of them. They are indistinguishable.
And they're rotten to the core.
And to complete the marriage
Scottish Labour is about to appoint a Tory to its leadership!
What's the difference...apart from the one on the bottom looks
like he's been sniffing talcum powder since he woke up...?
I'm paying attention, and I'm incandescent
Dish Face suits a topper, doesn't he?
I wonder who lives here...
and how much that sporting estate is going to cost them.
Well, there are some who may be in the "outlying regions"
at least part of the time (see above) who wouldn't get out of bed
for £150,000 a day, Mark. And they'd think you were
a nasty common little spiv. That's something they
and I have in common.
Look at that face. Not even a mother could love it.
And I'd never tire of kicking it.
Add him to Brown, Blair, Thatcher and you have the people who
have made this country into the vile stinking cesspit
 of greed and corruption that it is today.
And, I thought this was hilarious...


  1. Quite like history so we watched the programme on the Secrets of the Castle last night, okay it was recorded on Sunday. We were just saying that thanks to those wonderful people who are not yet angry and who never pay attention until you remove money from THEIR bankbooks, that shortly like Downton Abbey this could become a training manual for us serfs.
    I expect that there could very well be a Labour/Tory coalition in Westminster they have so much in common. I have to say that Labour have some of the stupidest Politicians, to be conned by the Tories, what does it say about them. They called the Tories the Stupid Party for years. Having had the Lib Dems as an example to fall into the trap, ah well.
    I believe someone said recently "Cheated, not Defeated, great slogan. Most of us feel that way.

    1. It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that the Tories and Labour could get together to avoid Ukip and the SNP having any say at all in the running of the country.

      They have a great deal in common and the only thing that really makes any difference between them is their determination to have power... not to do much with it, but to have it.

  2. "The Conservative and Labour Party", could be real possibility that. If the SNP, do send down a large contingent, to that there London. They would form a coalition to prevent any demands for, real, powers being devolved. They may in fact try to dissolve Holyrood, power devolved is power retained and all that. It would however kill Labour, stone dead, in Scotland.

    1. Ahhh... but the Tories should be frightened of Labour's death in Scotland. The alternative is a left of centre party... argh!