Tuesday 23 December 2014


He reminds me of one of the characters in Harry Potter.
Of course Jaykey will know him. 

That's probably where the inspiration came from.
To the Courier:

Dear Sir

I am pleased to see your paper highlighting the absence of local MP Jim McGovern from a crucial vote to end the bedroom tax. Fury at Dundee MP for missing crucial ‘bedroom tax’ vote.

Based on Mr McGovern’s track record, this should come as no surprise. Having abstained from the original bedroom tax vote and voted in support of the welfare sanctions it is clear that he does not represent the people of Dundee West who elected him.

As a former Labour member it was behaviour like this which made up my mind to leave the Labour Party and join the Scottish Socialist Party, who truly represent the needs and aspirations of the working class people of Dundee West that Labour was once created to represent.

What has been clear in his actions is that Mr McGovern is in politics not to help but rather to take, claiming over £200,000 in expenses this year alone.

Surely the question now must be asked. What does Jim McGovern do for his constituents?

Allan Grogan
Scottish Socialist Party

Jeremy, oh, what's his name again...?
Spot on.
Shut your stupid mouth, you spoilt brat.
You'd think given how much money they make, they might have spared some hot water
It's not that the homeless would be likely to be buying their overpriced  dishwater
Probably should be other priorities, right enough, Nicola...
Wouldn't you agree, Jim?
Ah, no, you wouldn't. But then you enjoy wars, don't you? You certainly always vote for them. So, given that, I'm surprised you left the country you grew up in  rather than serve in their military... You'd have thought you'd be raring to get at the enemy...
Does that not make you cry?
That's why we're not doing Christmas this year.
I hear the Westminster parliament is sinking into the Thames.
How awful...if they didn't all get out in time.
Ah yes, Mrs Thatcher's favourite paper...
And what, you might wonder, is wrong with that?
Fairer than fair; the good old Labour Party
Well, indeed, so lie like crazy to get your bonus eh, Cochers?
You third rate scribbler.
Tories to the right, Tories to the left, Tories in the middle...


  1. Alan Grogan joined the wrong party, he should have joined the SNP. He would have won McGoverns seat easily standing as a SNP candidate.

    1. hi Dubs... Long time no see. Hope you're well.

      Absolutely agree. He is popular here in Dundee. I've seen him speak here a few times and he got a rapturous welcome. Dundee West was made for him.

    2. Allan wanted a Yes Alliance which was never going to happen as the media would of sidelined it and going under an SNP banner was always a no go for him due to his long association/tribalism with the Labour movement. So in many ways he maintains his integrity in what he truly believes in which is to his credit.

    3. He made it clear that there was some stuff that the SNP stood for that he didn't agree with, so it would have been hard for him to swallow that, and he's probably too true to his feelings to do that.

      Maybe of course he does;t want to go to parliament. But if he did in Dundee West, I think his only possibility would have been with the SNP.

    4. Hi Tris

      I am very well, but I said in the run up to the referendum that no matter the result I would no longer do any physical work for the SNP (advancing years) or any blogging. Well I lasted three months!

      Saw Alan Grogan speaking twice in the run up to Sept and thought that he was very good and a true asset to Yes and Scotland.

      In reply to cynical, while what you say about the mans integrity is undoubtably true he could do much more good as a MP supporting independence than he ever ewill outside looking in. Any differences in policy are for a later date, get independence and we have a fighting chance of changing things for the better, without independenc there is in truth very little we can change.

      I have been an SNP member for many years, and yes there are things I do not agree with, but the one thing I want is an independent Scotland, thats the first piority, we can sort the details later.

    5. I'm inclined to agree Dubs, that the most important thing is independence and sorting out party differences can wait till that is achieved... but I'm not sure that I could be a politician and cope with that.

      It's ok as an occasional blogger, or leaflet distributor. Not so much if you have to take the party whip.

      I don't need to take orders from party HQ, even though I joined following the referendum as a matter of solidarity with the only people who can really bring independence. I guess if he stood as an MP, Allan would have to.

      In going to the SSP, he's just staying with what he always believed. Labour left him, rather than him leaving Labour.

      But I believe he would have walked Dundee West. From what I hear the incumbent is as useless as they come.

  2. Murphy epitomises the problem with politics throughout the UK, rotten.

    I didn't put this in your last thread but an interesting eye witness report on the events in Glasgow. https://archive.today/6krNa

  3. tris

    Perhaps we should all discuss the price of oil ????? or perhaps not
    wouldn't want to expose the snp as a bunch of liars .

    Ill ask but dont expect a sensible answer . do you actually know
    anything of lean manufacturing Kaizen etc and why Japanese
    ideas do not always guarantee success.

    Alan Grogan join the snp how strange alan is not know nor has ever been
    a conservative

  4. We can discuss the price of oil if you want, Niko. You only have to ask.

    Maybe you should do a post on it on your blog and then we can all offer our points of view. I believe that Stuart Campbell did a very good piece on it not long ago.

    I know next to nothing about Kaizen, although it's something to do with monasteries in Japan or China. I have no doubt at all that all Japanese ideas do not guarantee success. They aren't perfect, just clever.

  5. tris

    The price of oil or the price of snp lies ?
    snp scoundrels ! scoundrels ! scoundrels !
    you told us the streets would be paved with Gold
    if yes had won now we find out we would of been bankrupt.

    Ooops forgot now Oil isnt so important the snp lie

    SCOTLAND’S North Sea revenues would have slumped to one fifth of the SNP’s predictions in the first year ­following a Yes vote, a watchdog’s report has suggested.

    Opposition parties have accused the Scottish Government of the “worst kind of deceit” after the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) claimed oil revenues would be about £1.25 billion, instead of £6.9 ­billion heralded by the SNP, in 2016-17.


    1. Nico, if we voted for independence, the price of oil now would mean naught. We would still be in the negotiations stage, with independence a little over a year away, what would the price of oil be then? The oil price is being kept artificially low, to punish Putin by the Americans and OPEC members.
      The Scottish government never said it was going to be easy, or that over night we would all be millionaires. They just said we could govern ourselves, like every other nation.

    2. And because we were't paying for continual wars, we would have all that money to spend; we'd have our share of the non-nuclear bonus, we'd not be keeping lords a leaping on vintage champagne that THEY WILL NOT GIVE UP, at cany cost. We wouldn't be paying for Crossrail, HS2, the London sewers and the multi billion pound cost of the renovation of the Westminster building, or the Windsors and all their many and various sisters and cousins and aunts!

      And as you say, we would be able to make out own priorities. You know, should we take money away from a sick, diabetic ex-soldier and leave him to die because he hasn't got the money to run a fridge and keep his insulin cold... that kind of decision that we don't get to make, at least not without begging permission from some belted earl!.

    3. What do you not understand about the statement that Alex Salmond made that oil is merely a bonus. We are none of us as stupid as the people who voted NO, we all realise that you cannot manage an economy on oil alone and Scotland does not need to.
      We, you know those you describe as the losers are intelligent enough to have worked out that. Pity those who were so frightened by everything that they voted NO. They are the ones who seem to be on the losing side. Lloyds Bank paying off staff and they were moving out if we voted YES. Oil will go up there are two scenario's in place now. Opec want to cripple Fracking in the US and no doubt here. the US want to cripple Russia. The UK will do as they are told even though it is cutting their throat. In case you do not realise, we, yes us Scots, well we simply pass this through out country we get damn little. Scotland's curse, one of the few countries in the world to discover they are sitting on a lot of oil and get Poorer.
      Oh and Alan Grogan has joined the SSP not the SNP. Yer hatred is showing, Niko.

    4. That pretty well sums it up Helena.

  6. "Opposition parties have accused the Scottish Government of the “worst kind of deceit”

    The clue is in the first two words, Niko, you right wing buffoon..

    1. Once again Niko, we have to repeat what was said over and over again.

      Oil was the icing on the cake. Oil would have made many things possible... Norwegian style possible. Without it we would have had approximately the same style of life as we have at present (expect we wouldn't be constantly at war and having to pay for that.

      Of course we all know (because they told us) that oil is volatile. The present situation is largely caused becasue Saudi Arabia wants to ruin the Russian economy, presumably because of what Putin is doing in the Middle East.

      And Saudi Arabia now no longer needs the oil income. The income from the oil fund is far bigger, so it can afford to keep the price low, as once it could not.

      I'm surprised, incidentally, given the dramatic drop in oil price, that there has only been a small reduction in the price of petrol, and no reduction in any other associated products. Still, that's the British way. Profits first.

      The price reduction has been a blow to Britain (as it would have been to an independent Scotland), because, unlike almost all other oil producers, Britain spent its oil wealth on wars and weapons, and not on setting up an oil fund for the future.

      Scotland would have suffered had this situation gone on until 2016, it is true. At the moment it is the problem for that financial colossus that is Osborne.

      As for deceit... well, the Scotsman would say that. This is a wonderful opportunity to hit the SNP and take the heat off the warmongering, Palestinian hating, expenses scoffing Murphy and his right of centre party.

      But who knew this was going to happen? Did Murphy or Brown and Osborne warn us that the oil price was about to go down, because of a whim of the Saudi King? Nope. They just said oil was volatile, which we all know anyway,...at least those of us who have lived for more than 10 years.

      It's interesting to see Labour rejoicing over this when it may be that oil jobs will go, at least in the short term.

      In the meantime, lord knows what this is doing to the UK debt, because whether or not we had won freedom in 2014, this is, and would still have been London's problem.

      Maybe with the reduction in income they will decide that nuclear weapons will have to go... but i suspect that it will be a reduction in benefits that will have to make up the shortfall.

      Just like it was when the Uk government allowed the banks to go into meltdown.

  7. Niko mince is best eaten and not spoken and have you read New Labour turns to dross

    Another bright, but little known, New Labour innovation 15 years ago was the limited liability partnership (LLP). It has subsequently become the corruption vehicle of choice for organised crime. It allows partners in accountancy firms to limit their liabilities for dodgy audits while keeping the tax advantages of being a partnership. It allowed international criminal gangs to have anonymous offshore shell companies as the only ‘members’ of the ‘partnership’, with no real people as directors for law enforcers to chase.

    1. Tony Blair helping out criminals..who would have thought it...

  8. Dear snp/nats dissemblers

    Oh I see silly me when you went on an on and on about having
    the most natural resources with the largest Oil fields in the EU .
    Oil Blah ! Oil Blah ! Oil Blah ! Oil Blah ! snp snp Oil Blah ! Oil Blah !
    1.5 trillion ££££ snp Oil Blah ! Oil Blah !

    the snp Glee club led by tris Oil Blah ! Oil Blah ! 4th 5th or even 6th
    largest economy in the whole universe Oil Blah ! Oil Blah !

    Oil price collapse splat !!!!

    Snp/glee club minions

    Oil oh you mean Oil Nah ! we dont need Oil never did
    just a bit of bonus really but dont need at all not really.
    Oil dont mean nuffin nope !

    Shame you bunch of twisters are on the record for years
    saying the compete opposite..and the normal people know
    that fact as the god honest truth,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    snp poll ratings will now trickle back down alarmingly
    well for the snp and glee club members that is.
    Bloody hypocrites ..the lot of ya

    Sliding oil prices leave socialist Venezuela on brink of financial collapse

    Russia faces oil export catastrophe,
    Russia's crude exports to drop to $95bn over next 12 months

    1. I used to think you were reasonably intelligent, and only trolling for fun, Niko.
      Now I think you are thick as shite, as you actually seem to believe the drivel you post.

    2. Juteman

      Err! um ! Merry Christmas Jute to you and yours

  9. Oil ? waz that dunno wot Niko is on abaht..never heard of oil have u ?

    1. Niko... in a few week or months, when Saudi Arabia has done what it wants to do, or when the USA tells it that it won;t get any more fighter planes, the price will go up.

      Alternatively when there is another all out war in the middle east.

      The oil is still there. It still belongs to us. I suspect that this is a temporary situation.

    2. tris

      Does that mean Our Oil is an important wonderful bonanza
      (whats left from Westminster profligacy )
      or with a shrug of your shoulders...Who Cares.

      Pray do tell

      Oh and merry Christmas to you and your family & friends

    3. It means its a great opportunity...

      It was the icing on the cake. It probably will be again.

      So far it's been wasted on dole payments, fighting miners, closing factories, and killing people that upset the Americans.

      It would be nice to have some to spend on us.

      I think the price will right itself fairly soon.

      Happy Christmas to you Niko. I know it will be a bit hard this year... Chin up. :)

  10. Have a good festive season young Tris. Keep up the good writing next year

    1. Thanks Marcia. You too... I'll keep on writing if you keep reading and commenting :)

  11. Merry Christmas and a happy new year, to Tris,Munguin and all posters, yes even Nico.