Sunday 28 December 2014


I wonder how much that would fetch melted down for scrap?
I'm happy to dob them in
It seems that HRH went off the colours she had chosen...
... and it all had to be done again.
Think, Columbo, it must be because they have a lot to hide
Costly, and neither useful nor ornamental.
In my house, that kind of thing goes to the tip.
It's an easier target for IDS; they don't move as fast as foxes.
Just as well she knows the right people
Just like Jackie Smith, remember her?
We're all Bob Cratchits
Ewwww... hard one.
Which one is it that lies every time he opens his mouth
Of course...
They'll find something... sure won't be their fault.
It's not supposed to work for the plebs.
Probably does pretty well for the nobs though.
Be warned!
No improvement there.
Even if it doesn't work for the bulk of us, the South East will like it.
The only important place.
And we know who they are...
Yes, that's right, the load of greedy, unprincipled, unscrupulous swine.
Oh sod off, your lordship, I mean, Danny. No one gives a stuff.
So useful, ridding the countryside of all these useless flying animals.
What do pest controllers get paid again?
THAT much? And a helicopter too?
Hell's teeth, I'll get me a job doing that!
Your mother would be so ashamed of you. She didn't bring
you up to murder innocent animals for fun.
Finally, there were those among us who were irritated that the Queen made a very ill-advised and badly thought-out reference to reconciliation in and with Scotland in her speech this year, completely neglecting, as she did, to mention the two sides of the argument... including the lies and cheating now being revealed about the campaign, and her own unconstitutional involvement. Not to mention her purring down the phone. It was just wrong and did her a considerable amount of harm.

Additionally, sitting in a palace surrounded by immense treasure and wealth, as one of the richest women in the world in her own right, and with rights for life to what must be trillions of pounds worth of art treasures, she had the bloody nerve to talk about how her Christian faith had always guided her actions.

Now I had an idea that the Church demanded that everyone give 10% of their wealth to help the poor (tithe), and Her Majesty, with practically limitless finances, by coincidence, has around a million of her subjects who don't have enough money to feed themselves, clothe themselves or heat their homes. And that's only in her British nation. She is Queen of 15 other countries and several territories!

And yet for all her strong Christian faith which she claims guides her every action, we see no evidence at all that she does much to help those of her peoples in such dire situations. Here's a wee message for her Grace from an ex President of the USA.

Maybe coming from America she will take some notice.

Perhaps too, the UK prime minister, who also claims to be a Christian and that the UK is a Christian Country, and his Minister for Work and Pensions, who apparently, although unbelievably, has pretensions in that direction too, would like to take that on board.


  1. I'll bet there is more real GOLD on that daft carraige thingy than there is in the UK's GOLD RESERVES!

    1. LOL JG... (welcome to Munguin's Republic btw) I bet that's true.

      They could probably pay off the debt with it, but it's more fun starving the poor.

  2. This weather is not letting down. Flooding and now a THIRD plane down. Unprecedented...sigh not a good year end.

    1. Terrible news this morning, AH, 160+ people disappeared on the flight to Singapore, and another 200+ on the ferry off the coast of Albania.

      Almost unbelievable that a third Malaysian plane would go down. Truly horrifying.

  3. An excellent lot of pictures Tris and Munguin and sums up the state of Medieval Britain, I say this just in case anyone mistakes the Downton Abbey programme for entertainment, it is a training manual for the lower orders. We will not remain long in that period, the elite intends to return us to the position we were in pre Black Death. You see, then we all knew our place and could be called upon at a moments notice to die for those in charge and of course trouble could be dealt with immediately.

  4. Fortunately, Helena, help is at hand in the form of the general election and we shall soon hopefully have some representatives that actually care about Scotland in the London parliament, instead of some that only care about themselves.

    Change is afoot!

  5. Speaking of the "royals" anyone else wondering which politicans will be named in the new years "honours" list? Or will BT's functionarys need to wait till June's list so it's after the GE when the evil SNP will be warded off at the pass?

    Anyway hope everyone at Munguins has a good new year. Meanwhile I'll settle for getting rid of this cold and getting my voice back.

    1. Cameron brought back political honours... giving people knighthoods for special services to politics (presumably keeping your mouth shut about dodgy stuff and voting how you are told to vote by the whips) so I expect a few old codgers who have seen things... and not let on they have seen them, will be rewarded with that sort of thing. (It's all for the wife, don't you know. Always wanted to be "Lady" *&%$!)

      In summer Alistair will go to the Lords, as probably will Gordon. I wonder if they will get knighthoods in the meantime? Maybe Spud will get himself an MBE for being a good Tory...

      I find these honours so insulting now, that I'd be embarrassed to accept one.

      If people like Jimmy Savile can get knighthoods, they are definitely something I'd want to avoid ever getting near!

      Hope your cold gets better soon PP... Cod liver oil and vitamin C! And get drunk on Hogmany. :) (The spell check doesn't approve Hogmany... would you believe?

    2. Don't think Gordon will get his seat until Tony gets his, there is a precedence involved for those who care about all that tosh.

    3. I think that only applies to Garter knighthoods, Helena.

      I think it's ok for seats in the Lords, and probably political ones.

    4. i do hope then he choose his Title carefully, I would like him to have to use the Gaelic name for North Queensferry "Port na Banrighinn" I always like to think he looks at it every time he takes the train and I do not think he does that very often, and remembers the SNP are in Government in Scotland.

    5. Oh they all take their titles very seriously.

      Apparently when you become an aristocrat, God blesses you with powers to rule over people... or that's what they believe in England where the Queen and the aristocrats are there by the grace of God.

      Dunno what God was doing when he handed out wisdom to some of them... He must be getting mean in his old age. hardly gave Charlie Windsor any.

  6. Tris, wandering as I do round your page I came across an interesting article on the situation of falling household income and Government, Corporate and Household debt on Max Keiser's blog. Funnily enough I had just been saying to my Hubby that we had been turned into a nation of debtors, sadly the people most in need of debt were the last ones who should have it.
    I know it sounds crass but we came from a generation who still remembered the 1930's and who were terrified of debt. We always took on one debt at a time and this has often proved to have been very sensible. We had a smallish mortgage but it felt quite large,given we were paying it into our sixties but some today will never see the end of indebtedness. I know looking at the APR charged these days I do not think we would ever had taken on the small amounts we did

  7. That's the problem, Helena.

    Debt has been encouraged as a way of life, to keep the economy going... and no one thought, least of all Brown, that the day would come when it all had to be paid back.

    1. With the side benefit tris that debt slaves are more easily managed - starvation is a wonderful presuader!

    2. True. And when the consequences of all this don't touch the rich/powerful, what more could they ask for?