Friday 12 December 2014


Ahead of the launch of the Scottish Evening news in  Spring 2015, the people behind the project have released some examples of what the news might look like. Their next broadcast will go behind the scenes and show how they put news together.

For more information on the show, and how you can help make it happen, visit
And....Bad news for Labour from the Yougov Poll for the Sun today.


For more information on the results of the poll... James has a piece over at his place


  1. I spotted this article and thought you'd like to check it out Tris: 'Labour Scottish nightmare'....yougov has done comprehensive polling to prove SLAB are fu#ked in GE2015

    1. I believe that Slab are "fu#ked" as you say but, did you notice, the not too subtle, if Scots don't vote Labour you'll get the Tories message? Not that there is any difference, between them.


    2. Thanks Dean.

      I too noticed the vote SNP get Tory message.

      Of course, these figures depend upon the percentages in the poll being attributed to all constituencies, which is fairy tale land. There are areas where this just won't happen. I foresee a far more modest, but still substantial, boost to the SNP numbers in Westminster.

      Feet will, I think, he held to the fire (an unfortunate phrase given the recent revelations about torture), but, at the same time it is likely that England will demand more autonomy. EVEL is here to stay.

      I've not been paying much attention to the news in Northern Ireland, but it does look to me like there is an impasse between Cameron and both First Minister and Depute First Minister there.

      Certainly Mr McGuinness didn't have a good word to say about the British position, and, more significantly, neither did Robinson the staunch red white and blue man.

      I imagine that the people of NI must feel even less represented in Westminster than we do.

      Politics is changing in these islands. Hopefully for ever.

  2. Energy crisis! What energy crisis? Oh aye, the one where our imperial masters have a vested interest in fracking. The rUK maybe short of energy but, Scotland certainly is not. Energy prices in the States, for consumers did not go down, companies made vast amounts, government subsidies mostly. It has been described as a "ponzi scheme", and the lords, ministers and MPs in favour of fracking know this.


    1. Having failed to invest in electricity production; having sold off the companies to France, Germany, China and the USA, and having scrapped "all this green crap" as Mr Cameron allegedly called it (after saying that they would be the greenest government ever" ...cabbage looking anyone?), Westminster is desperate for power... the other sort this time.

      Of course, given that their best mates are up to their ears in this get rich quick scheme, they are happy to hand out licences. It's only peasants' homes they are drilling under... and if they get sick from the effects of the toxic chemicals, they probably all have shares in the medical companies that own the English NHS.

      I don't know whether it's dangerous or not. A bit like global warming... I'm not a scientist. I just don't know who is telling the truth. No one I suspect!

      What I do know is that countries like Germany have admitted that THEY don't know either, and are hanging fire until they DO know. Given that Scotland is more than self sufficient, I suggest we follow their lead.

      Here's what I suggest. Let's do some experiments.

      Drill under Windsor Castle, the House of Lords, Dave Cameron's homes, the homes of the great and the good...

      And if, in 20 years nothing has happened to them, then maybe we could assume that it's safe to let ordinary people, who will make nothing out of it, have their homes undermined.

      If, on the other hand, Windsor and Chequers have disappeared and the royals and Cameron have turned green and burst out in boils, then we'll know that it's best not to bother.

      Scotland doesn't need this stuff. Not now, possibly not ever. Let's not risk our people's lives.

      What does Jim Murphy say... ?

      Oh yeah... Labour doesn't say anything. Not wishing to upset the rich, it won't vote against and not wishing to upset the poor people (at least till Murphy is crowned), it sits on the fence.

      Bravo. What leadership.

    2. Sorry Tris but the Chimp got it, with mini chimp dugdale as depute. So no surprise there. Tend to think that the Big Chimp feels he has secured his position in the end because he knows that the game is a bogey in England and he has outflanked all the other MP's because he will have the senior job in Scotland, mind he has got to get elected to one of other of those places and that certainly presently looks shaky. Tend to agree with you with regard to both fracking and to the number of MP's the SNP get, we have been here before, the only big difference, look at the membership. People are angry and if JM thinks a few platitudes will quieten and bring ex members back to the fold he certainly is clueless.

    3. Yes... I saw the result.

      I think they've made a mistake, but I guess it's good for the SNP, an absentee supervisor, so far right he made Mandelson look socialist....

      A agree too that the membership, if it remains active, will be a huge boost... as will Tory Murphy.

    4. I'll do some more responses later tonight guys... I'm not ignoring you.

      I've spent all day getting new internet and phone suppliers set up... and of course, being me, it all went wrong.

      I've done a post on the leadership....disappointed it wan't a left winger... but you get what you get.

      Off out shopping and to my mum's for my dinner!

  3. Dear All

    Apropos - the much heralded death of the Scottish Labour Party
    err ! no it aint gonna happen

    jimmny as for Deano I may be mad tris could be bad.........but Deano is
    evil in intention and deed remember this he actually believes inequality and all that entails is an integral and necessary component of the capitalist system.

    A Scotland run on lines of deanos imaginings would not be one you are any
    right minded person would be happy to live in .


    Best you remember what the Northern Ireland Unionists did with John Major
    they drove a hard bargain and they got it to.
    And lets be honest John Major was twice the prime minister Cameron is
    it chokes me to say.

    1. Being of sound mind, I too would not like to live in Dean's vision of Scotland.


    2. Niko, I am seriously worried, your posts are making less and less sense, are you quite well my love?

    3. To answer your post Niko having got rid of my worries. No the Labour Party (Scottish Branch) will continue, at least until they see their elderly membership go and the only ones they have are ex Uni types wanting to do a Jim.
      So would you recommend the bomb as a negotiating too, Niko? As for John Major and whether he was a better stronger PM than the present incumbent. Well you forget what is taught on the playing fields of Eton and how the ex School boy Cameron has managed to neutralise two of his opponent parties. I will leave you to ponder this, I would have a nice rest it is a rotten day and enjoy the weekend.

    4. negotiating tool Niko. had a wee problem with the comma.

    5. Tris

      Calm down dear about fracking.

      In the UK drilling will be done to depths well below the water table. The geology of the drilling areas is such that beneath the water table is impermeable rock. The fracking liquids cannot reach the water table.The process where there is risk is the drill hole. But this is encased in layers of concrete and steel. The pressure of the hydrocarbons in the well drives a percentage of the frack liquids up the borehole where they are recovered. In the USA the waste can be recycled, stored or injected underground sealed in impermeable levels.The fracking fluid is mostly water and sand.Of the chemicals many are harmless products in everyday use.

      There has been a study in the UK of the likelihood of earthquakes due to fracking.It concluded that it would be "extremely rare" for a seismic event due to fracking to exceed 3 on the Richter scale. What does that mean? It means it is a tremor causing vibrations similar to the passing of a truck. Generally, the seismic events are micro. at minus 2 or minus 3.

      Fracking is not new. It has been done for 60 years. You would expect more clarity about the dangers if they are significant given the period involved and the number of fracks - over 1 million. I have no doubt that some companies will have cut corners and will have caused harm. That does not mean that the industry is inherently harmful and should be opposed.

      The industry is not a Ponzi scheme. The trade is still being learned. Right now a successful well will have a flow rate that will decline sharply to a constant level quite quickly. Drilling is expensive. Many companies are in debt. To pay the interest they need to keep drilling successfully or they go bust. Lower oil prices will not help. But knowing more about the local geology and fracking techniques means that some companies will stay ahead of the curve.

      Cheap energy -CHEAP energy is important to any country. That is why China burns coal and will continue to burn coal. Wave energy is absurdly expensive and an independent Scotland could not afford it. Offshore wind is also expensive and will not stand on its own feet. Onshore wind is more expensive than any fossil fuel energy and it is debatable if it will ever stand on its own feet - i.e. without subsidy.

      Our energy bills are higher now in part because we are subsidising renewables. It is not only renewables that we are subsidising. Because renewables require energy backup constantly "spinning" subsidies also have to be paid to these companies.

      Fracking is considerably less dangerous than claimed by Green activists. Why would that be?


    6. helena

      you really do not know your history do you ??

      Err! no you dont but then your just a wimmin best you stay in the kitchen
      otherwise you will hurt your heid with all this man politics.

    7. Wow... what a lot of stuff...

      Major...Cameron. Difficult to compare. Two very different types. Don;t know enough about major to comment to be honest. He gets a certain amount of admiration for talking to Northern Ireland (as, to be fair, did Blair).

      But it is true that Cameron has, either by sneaky stealth or pure good luck, managed to eviscerate the Liberals. They'll be lucky if they go only back to pre SDP-Liberals level at the next election. I'm thinking Joe Grimmond's 6!

      He also seems to have stuffed Labour with his EVEL... as opposed to his Evil, with which he stuffed the rest of us, particularly in England where he can ruin so much more of their lives.

      Sam: I hear your arguments. However, i do not believe anything this government says. I can';t argue with you, because I know nothing about it. But my instinct tells me that if the English Tories are voting for it, it is a bad thing. This is backed by the fact that the far more sensible German government is saying no...

      I come down on neither side. I say unless we can be sure, we do what the Germans do...and WAIT.

      Scotland can produce far more energy than it needs. We do not need to take the risk. Let's not. Osborne's father in law is at the bottom of this. He's an untrustworthy little basket.

  4. I would dearly like to ask Murphy, the new manager of the pick-and-mix counter of SLab's branch office, what responsibility he holds in the Blair government complicity in the CIA torture programme?
    He was a member of the Westminster cabinet at the time M16 was receiving intelligence, retrieved by torture, from the CIA. He was a member of that same Labour government who sacked Craig Murray, for disclosing this information.
    The MSM are currently blanking Craig Murray (including the National) as they have been since he first made his concerns known to Jack Straw in 2003.
    So, I don't guess anybody in the Scottish media will be asking Jim Murphy for a quick run-down on his involvement, then.

    1. This is going to be fascinating.

      Of course the MSM won't ask him that, but we have to make an issue of it on line

      Great interview with Craig and Derek Bateman...

      I admire Craig immensely.

  5. Watched the news yesterday Tris.

    Hope everything works out fine for the team as they where a breath of fresh air during the ref, bringing many a smile to faces . Good luck to them.

    Thanks for the link Dean. Yougov saying anything positive is rare but i really enjoyed the read and it's pretty much up to date too. Murphy has been used as the SLAB leader for weeks now and the polls still see Labour in trouble. his appointment will be a gift to the SNP. His own party have little faith in him and he has blood on his hands . And he's under investigation for expenses again.

    The union is a busted flush. Irish and Welsh are voicing their opinions loud and clear. It seems only a matter of time.

    I live in what was once a labour stronghold. Mining village and surrounding area . SNP dominate here now . Supporters and members galore. This is happening all over Scotland. And Murphy and Dugdale as branch one and two has given YESSERS everywhere and early Xmas.

    Seems its going to be a cold winter for most but i bet ya labour in Scotland are sweating. :)

    1. The only people who seem to be joining Labour theses days are the defectors from the Tory Party who know that wee Ruth will never be FM, so they will hope Murphy (probably to the right of wee Ruth) will be FM instead, and get rid of all these silly socialist ideas of looking after the poor and wasting money on teh old and the sick. Bomb Iraq again and blow Palestine to bits...

      There you go. Hopefully the decent Labour members will join the SSP or the SNP or the Greens.

  6. tris

    Ave Murphy morituri te salutant

    That'll be a bit above most of the others you will have to explain
    to them .

    1. What makes you think I understand Latin...

      I think I'd translate " Ave" in this case, as 'farewell', as opposed to 'fare (you) well'.

      One salutes you in your dying... (or in death!)

      Not sure it's Murphy ...more the Labour party... that has signed its own death warrant.

      Who'll resign now. I know a few Tories have already joined.