Thursday 17 January 2013


The notion, Mr Davidson, that anyone in Scotland is celebrating the death of Englishmen (or Scots, who were also killed) at any battle, anywhere, is repugnant. I have never, in my whole life, heard anyone, not a single soul, indicate in any way at all that they welcomed the death of Englishmen.

Get it into your thick stupid addled bitter old head, you moron. We don't hate the English. We like them. We want to work with them to make Britain a better place, more responsive to the needs of its peoples.

Try listening to what the First Minister and the Yes Campaign have been saying about co-operation. It's YOU that is full of hatred. Not us.

To do that we need to have a government in Scotland which is elected by Scottish people, to further the aims and aspirations of Scottish people.

You might remember that last week you, and all your friends on the Labour benches (except Alistair darling who couldn't stir his lazy backside to bother attending, as he is paid to do) voted against the government's decision to effectively reduce the amount of money given to the unemployed and other people on benefits, including the chronically ill. You may also remember that the voting in Scotland was 12 for, 47 against. You voted with the SNP against this ill-advised and inhumane treatment of the weakest people in our society. You voted against it presumably because you realise that Scotland doesn't starve or freeze its sick to death to pay for the faults of bankers and incompetences of governments.
Yes Glasgow (left) : Alistair ZZZZZZZ Darling addressing the NO campaign.

In Conservative dominated England, however, the vote was very clearly FOR. And so Scotland was outvoted and will have to accept frozen and hungry sick people. Now I'm not for a second suggesting that the average Englishman does want to freeze or starve the unemployed, but the people they elect clearly do. 

Your party claims that Scottish Secretary Michael Moore has been given a “human shield” of English Tories during Scottish questions to protect him from opposition MPs from north of the Border.

Labour claims whips have asked Tory MPs to submit easy questions to Mr Moore (and Welsh Secretary David Jones) to cut down on the time available for Welsh and Scottish MPs and to disguise the Tories’ lack of political representation beyond England.

How exactly does that improve our democratic representation? 

Is this a union dividend? 

Is this why we are Better Together?  

We are outvoted on essential issues, and now we don't even get a chance to hold the government (that we didn't vote for) to account, because they are paying English Tories with no interest in Scotland (or Wales) to ask friendly questions and help out the hapless secretaries for these countries who would make a mess of being  community councillors never mind ministers.

And you people claim that Edinburgh is a dictatorship and Alex Salmond a dictator?
The trouble with mentalities which are too closed is that they accompanied by mouths that are too open!

If your party wants to argue against Scotland's independence, do it. I welcomed Anas Sarwar's announcement (which you clearly missed) that there was to be a raising of the game. 

Actually, clearly HE missed it too, because he raised nothing but eyebrows with his contributions to the "debate". 

Let's debate, but stop lying and making slurs against your own people. You may be the kind of Scot you portray, but you're very much on your own out there. I know no others, and you make me and many others sick.


  1. Tris

    I actually watched some of this debate but didn't see any of the Lords part. Ian Davidson and Sarwar are not only both disgusting individuals in the main but appear to have little knowledge of history, little knowledge of how the parliament in Scotland is actually elected and have no idea of what Scottish people, in the main, think.

    Ian Davidson appears to me to be trying to insight hatred through ignorance. I could not believe the vile comments that came from the mans mouth. Not only did he insult the whole nation and steriotype us as English haters, which is so further from the truth it's frightning, if I remember correctlty he basically said the SNP were afraid or undemocratic because they do not attend his Committee. We all know why they don't attend the Committee and if we had a proper democracy he would not even be in parliament for his threat to do another MP. I say that publicly and the Police would be at my door and arrest would follow.

    The man is a disgrace. Just for the record noticed that Lament never mentioned benfits today, surprise surprise.

    Great post thanks.

  2. Thanks Bruce. I agree with every word. I didn't see any of the old codgers' debate, but I expect it was exactly the same except as the SNP don't believe in an aristocrats house, (there's democracy for you) there aren't any members in there. I remember the time when Labour didn't believe in a House of Aristos either... (Wasn't it in their manifestos since the beginning that they were going to get rid of the place and set up a 20th century government...) but they seem to have been swayed by the trappings of ermine, and a good cognac, brought to them by suitably cowed and respectful servants of the lower classes.

    So I suppose it was all against, all spiteful and vile and because many of them only know of Scotland as somewhere that they go to shoot stuff, it will have been jam packed full of ignorance too.

    And all for something that has already been decided.

    The PM and the FM have signed the agreement...there's democracy for you...

    So all their hot air was just that.

    This joker Davidson is beneath contempt. As you say, usually men who threaten women with a "good doing" would be carted off to the pokey, by clearly the London police are cowed by parliamentarians, specially big bruisers like that one. That he tried to tell the world (or the few people who would have watched this turgid crap, that we all hate the English is just unbelievable.

    He's a cretin.

  3. Let's face it if we wished to stir up a hatred of the English it's not Bannockbuen that we would use to light the flame.

    Butcher cumberland's actions in the Highlands after Culloden would be a starting point.

    The licensing of ships, deemed unsuitable for the transport of slaves, to transport the dispossessed of the highlands to foreign lands in the clearances.

    Issuing orders for the total anhialation of a whole clan 'Leave not a man alive'.

    I could go on but instead I'll, while not forgiving, live and let live and commerce a battle where a vastly outnumbered raggle taggle

  4. Continued......

    Army fought and won the battle for their country's freedom.

    Commerce above = commemorate

  5. Apart from anything else hundreds of thousands of people were not killed at Bannockburn. On remembrance day is he suggesting that we're remembering the murder of Germans? In war people get killed. It's not nice but no one regards it as murder.

  6. Ian davidson is using typical buuly tactics. He knowingly makes outrageous and false statements in the hope of so infuriating his target audience that they are drawn into intemperate responses. The best tactic with this type of bullying is to deprive it of the oxygen of publicity. Just ignore him and his own blood pressure will do the job for you.
    The other reason he blusters so much is down to an almighty inferiority complex which he seeks to conceal though bluster and aggression. He is well aware of his serious inadequacies aand seel
    ks to hide his emotional immaturity by outshouting anyone who might reveal his lack of reasoning ability. The best response to this is usually tolerant pity. He cant help being a fool

  7. The issue at heart is 'identity politics'.

    Ian is right to argue that the politics of ethnicity and nationality has little to contribute to any progressive, socially democratic and outward looking Scotland I wish to be apart of.

    1. Dean,

      Most references to ethnicity seem to come from the unionist side e.g. their desire to identify who is a Scot for voting purposes rather than accepting residency as the qualifier.

      Also, if you are the same Dean that I recall you used to be a Tory but now are talking about social democracy something evidenced only by the policies of the SNP in Scotland these days.

  8. Yes indeed, Boorach. There are many injustices going back over the years, but neither the Yes campaign nor the SNP has ever sought to use them as a reason to vote YES.

    As I said, it is not any desire to hurt the English that is at the root of our desire for independence; it is just that. A desire for independence; to run our own affairs.

    Is this style of comment box making your life any easier?

  9. Precisely Domhnall:

    According to Wikipedia there were between 2,000 and 3,000 horses and around 16,000 foot soldiers in the English army which invaded Scotland. It is reckoned that 11,000 lost their lives, and others were captured and released on payment of ransom.

    That is indeed not hundreds of thousands, but why would anyone let the truth get in the way of a good old anti-Scottish rant.

  10. Sorry Domhnall. I meant to start that last comment with a welcome to the blog... :)

    Belatedly then, Hello, welcome and thanks for joining in...

  11. Actually Anon. I belatedly think you are probably right and I shuldn't have made so much of it.

    He's an ignorant little bully and the best thing to do with people like him is to ignore them in the desperate hopes that they go away.

    You could be right about his blood pressure. he looks like it could be very high, he's overweight and looks like he probably enjoys a good drink.... he should probably see a doctor.

  12. Dean. Once again you astound me.

    Could you give me any examples of where the yes Campaign has said anything about hating the English, or gloating over their deaths?

    Has not everything we have ever said been about welcoming people into our country if they feel that they have a contribution to make, regardless of ethnicity, or colour, or religion, or anything else...?

    Does the Britain that you apparently wish to be part of not have a bit of an issue with ethnicity.

    Are not many members of the party that until a year ago, and from your earliest days you were a member of, not just downright racists.

    Do we not constantly hear of people moaning about foreigners coming over here taking our jobs?

    Please don't try to support an ignorant old thug like Davidson. Some odious things can be argued by a skilled orator and made to seem reasonable. nothing in my opinion would do that for Davidson.

  13. Boorach... try this new layout.... :) crossed fingers...

  14. The trouble with mentalities which are too closed is that they accompanied by mouths that are too open!

    Very apt comment. I see that Joyce McMillan is having a go at the anti-side today. She won't be the only one thinking that

  15. Hello Tris.....
    Long time no speak to you..............not that I have been avoiding but indeed work etc etc.

    I agree with your post in its sentiment however I dont agree with your post in reality.

    Mrs LotF is English and works for a huge company in Fife. Sadly as the independance debate grew the amount of anti English abuse and vile comments directed at her, more particularly after TV and radio debate/programs have got to a point that she had to make formal representation to the HR department.

    This is not a 1 off Tris sadly its common place.

    Reading certain pro Independance blogs I feel certain persons are using the Anti English retoric as part of the camapign message to bolster support. I regret and choose my words carefully, it is the uneducated that accept this line and fall for it. It seems in certain areas they can not even look further than Westminster and the tenure of Margaret Thatcher.

    I find it very sad indeed.

  16. Hi Marcia. I saw that on a French comedy site I use, and thought that it was most apposite... particularly in view of the nonsense that was being talked in the commons, and presumably the lords over the last few days.

    I saw Stu's take on the piece by Joyce McMillan, although I've not actually read the article itself yet.

    I see CH is saying it's a good read... I'll take my self over there with a coffee now...

  17. Wow TLOTF... Long time indeed. I'm very happy to see you back.

    Not so happy to read of Mrs Lotf's experiences though.

    About 15 years ago, I was in a pub with some Spaniards and a Scotsman. It was an interesting conversation because of the mix of languages that could be spoken. Some of the Spaniards spoke English, and some French (as well as Spanish obviously). I don't speak Spanish and the other Scotsman could only speak English.

    The result was a mixture of French, Spanish and English, as people translated for others...

    A Dundee worthy sitting nearby staggered over started on at me, calling me an English pig (I've not got THAT much of any kind of accent).

    It seemed he wasn't that bothered by the French and Spanish, but the notion that someone was speaking "English English" really upset him, even if I wasn't.

    So I know that that kind of thing happens; indeed has always happened. I also know that all over the UK there are ignorant people who just don't like foreigners because they are foreign. I've got friends from various countries in Eastern Europe, India and China, and some of them have faced discrimination.

    I also know, from work experience that when you ask some of the uneducated why they haven't got a job, the answer is invariably, "becuz o' a' they foreigners takin' wir joabs".

    So, yes, as an island nation we tend to be quite xenophobic.

    Apart from that one case many years ago, I've never come across anti-English sentiment. I know that at one point the Welsh burnt English holiday homes, and we all know about what some of the Northern Irish feel about London rule, and people involved in it... I'm bothered that you say it is on the rise since the campaign got off the ground.

    I can't think of one statement I have ever heard from the YES side, any part of it, that would have engendered this kind of feeling. Certainly the oafish comments from Labour MPs will not have helped.

    Like you I find this sad. It is not what teh campaign is about. Anyone who says it is is lying. No one speaking for independence: not the YES campaign, not the SNP, not the Government, not the Greens, not the Labour for Independence movement, nor,a s far as I can make out the Scottish Socialists or any of the other independence parties has ever, to my knowledge espoused hatred of English people.

    Of course... some people will find race a problem in whatever discussion.

  18. No Tris, I was a member of the Tories until I joined Labour.

    And while I don't wish to defend the Tories, last I checked, the Tories aren't racists. Who is casting the slurs now?

  19. Deano

    The Torys in general are Racist and English Torys
    from the south east of England doubly so.
    I mean you only have to listen to
    there anti EU rhetoric to see this truth.

    And to be honest you only have to have a pint
    with some of them to here their repugnant views come tumbling out

    The conservatives were not elected they cobbled
    together a rag tag of a coalition.

    and do you not (probably not wilfully blind and all that)
    see the contradiction in your support for the snp elected on
    25% of the vote.which you say is legitimate but deny or decry the outcome of the Westminster election although the people of Scotland did take part and are therefore using your notion of democracy bound to the outcome.

  20. Mea Culpa. I was wrong to say that the party is racist, Dean. You make a fair point. I cannot provide examples of evidence of racism in the Tory Party. It's an impression, based on their attitude to Europe and immigrants, that's all. And as such, a very poor argument.

    Would you like to tell me now if you have heard any politician or official from any of the parties that support independence, who has made any kind of anti-English remark?

    Would you not agree that both the YES campaign and particularly Alex Salmond has made it clear over and over again that Englishmen (and others) who wish to make their home in Scotland are welcome...

    Actually it's rather strange that a later anti-SNP, anti-Independence argument was that it was wrong that an English football manager would be able to vote in the referendum...

    I'd welcome your comments.

  21. The SNP was elected on 25% of the vote? In which parallel universe? The one where Scotland is and always has been an independent country?

  22. She was a real topper, Rolfe. I'm not so sure that the universe she was living in is even parallel.

    And the deputy speaker didn't see fit to haul her up on the fact that was was 100% wrong, and surely must have known it.


    One of Stu posts on Wings today has a graphic showing how much MORE democratic the Scottish parliament is than the Westminster one. And how unrepresentative is labour's position in London, on the basis of the number of votes cast.

    It's insulting to us, because they must know these things; their researchers must know them. They seem to think that Joe Public is so bloody thick that he will swallow the garbage they are sprouting.

    The sad thing is that in so many cases they are right.

  23. Rolfe

    yeah whatever


    like these headlines from Guardian

    Gas market whistleblower sacked after accusing firms of price fixing

    ICIS Heren dismisses Seth Freedman, whose concerns over market movements triggered FSA and Ofgem investigations


    'Buddy' scheme to give more multinationals access to ministers

    Controversial scheme which gives corporations privileged government access to be extended to a total of up to 80 firms

    well if your in this farrago of a coalition you
    best make some friends for after the next election
    and your looking for a new job.

  24. "ICIS said it was forced to remove Freedman because he had lost the trust of price reporting agencies (PRAs)"

    For telling the truth?

    And the buddy thing beggars belief. As you say, they will be looking for good jobs with people that they have helped up the greasy pole. Directorships that require them to turn up four times a year for £100,000 and require absolutely no brain power at all.

    So corrupt.

  25. Niko:

    UK Uncut...

    "There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who have marched, written to MPs, gone on strike, protested and occupied over the cuts and privatisation which are devastating our lives," [a spokeswoman for UK Uncut] said.

    "These demands by ordinary people have been ignored by a cabinet of millionaires which is choosing to only take the calls, the meetings and the dinners with big business and the banks to introduce policies which benefit them and the wealthy minority in this country."

  26. We can't fix them up with sinecures when they are booted out of office, can we?

  27. Did he really write that.

    Have they started calling us the ANTI_UK campaign.

    Does that not suggest then that they, by their own words are the ANTI-SCOTLAND campaign.

    What a complete **** that man is.

    I don't know how we will manage to live together after this. That's the thing that worries me so much about this campaign. They are so bitter, so nasty. I just don't see how, no matter the result, we will be able to pull things together.

    If they win as a result of this kind of crap, and the open description of us as a people who after 700 years will celebrate killing "hundreds of (sic) thousands of Englishmen, how can we all be Scots together.

    Sickening filth.

  28. Yes it is on the BT page asking for support and shows how desperate they feel as the media have protected them in the past but the internet will expose them naked and spineless.

    There will be bitterness no matter tris as that is how Scotland has been brainwashed for decades but it will be shortlived by the majority.

    I expect that AS will respond via the referendum committee available for all to see showing what a selfish man Darling and his BT group are.

  29. I'm sure Salmond will do the right thing. He's aware of the fact that every little thing is scrutinised for errors. He can't afford a mistake.