Thursday 31 January 2013



  1. Must admit does show what a leading
    Question it was he hadn't even asked
    For anything yet the assumption was
    He would agree to choose.

    Thank the lord we have decent
    People protecting us from
    Nationalist abuse

  2. It would be an extremely foolish and easily influenced person who would agree to that if they did not like it, eh Niko?

  3. The man o' independent mind, he looks an' laughs at a' that

  4. Brownlie

    The evil machinations of the snp
    Are beyond compare. Why they even
    Claim the divine right to rule
    And all with 25% of the electoral vote.

  5. Niko, old chum, have you seen the latest poll? check it out on the STV page! Incidentally, you rather unkindly suggested on here in an earlier comment that I had a "Jimmy Savile" time with someone from Labour. I'm not sure what you mean by that but I can tell you that I had a few "Russell Brand moments" with two of your present Labour politicians.

    I cannot stand the present Labour party because the "comrades" I used to go and have a drink with have, with very few exceptions, sold their principles when Blair came on the scene. I could tell you stories about your politicians that would make your hair curl - if you had any!

  6. According to dear Niko, SNP politicians sneak around in dark cloaks catching children, perhaps some one should offer it as an official policy for the Better Together Crowd, it sounds right up their street.

    My local coop used to have a staff member on the tills who when enquiring if a customer wanted bag would say: Do you wish a bag?

    I think our political masters have missed a trick here...

  7. I love the sound of Nats clutching at straws
    In the morning or any time.

    Do you agree the snp
    Have lost the
    Referendum .

    Yes or even more yes

  8. Niko can't be serious? Surely he's typing this pish for comic effect?

    His own Labour (Smash the poor Suck up to the Rich) party used that same form of words in three Referendum questions and, like most political parties, won an election on a minority vote.

    If Niko actually believes the tripe he types then he needs looking after

  9. John and tris look after him and they don't have to change his nappy as he types it instead.

  10. Do you think that Niko is daft? Yes or No

    Is Niko daft? Yes or No

    Nah, I've tried it out on a group of people. The answer is always the same.

  11. I'm trying to imagine, John, the person who would look at the question:

    Do you agree that Scotland should be independent... and answer: Oh yes...

    And then look at the question:

    Should Scotland be independent... and answer

    No, Absolutely not.

    But there, what do I know?

  12. Ha ha, Boorach...

  13. Niko: Have you worked out the equivalent figure for Blair's government... you know the one where he had a majority of over 100 on 35% of the votes cast, with over 30% not voting?

    Just wondering.

  14. Love that Pa. Maybe (s)he was told to say that instead of "Do you agree that you wish a bag?" on the basis that everyone would have taken a bag...what d'ya think?

    Do give them ideas though. They'll invent stories about the Child Catcher of old Edinburgh Town. Some ugly old crone with a hooked nose after McHansel and McGretel.

  15. Any Labour politician who supported the ATOS programme is not really a Labour politician... in my humble opinion.

    Any Labour politician who supported doubling the rate of income tax on the very poorest, while leaving the top rate untouched, can't possibly be a Labour politician.

    I so wish we had some decent ones back.

  16. That's a leading question Niko...

  17. No anon, it's ok.

    If we forget to give him his meds he gets like this.

    I think it was Taz's turn today.

  18. I had the impression that in the past quite a few Labour MPs were for independence because they saw that they would never get anything done as long as there were so many English Tories to overturn any kind of progress they made, CH.

    Or is that just my imagination?


    Do you agree that it is just my imagination...?


  19. I see that a Remploy employee in Glasgow has been found dead on the day his factory closed...

  20. Anon

    I am looking for carer
    Pays not much but
    You get to take
    Taz out for a walk

    And my pish
    Isn't yer ordinary
    Run of the mill

    It's pure unadulterated
    Unionist pish the
    Unions finest.

    Er you wanna
    Bottle only cost
    10 bawbees

  21. I get the feeling, Tris, that Nico is not daft but merely brain-washed like a lot of Scots of a certain age who still believe that Labour is still old labour with the voters' interests at heart. Either that or he's taking the piss!!

  22. Of course he is not daft. He's taking the mick.

  23. Serious question. How can any 'socialist' vote Labour?

  24. You'd have to assume popular socialism is dead, the SSP is it.

    Labour in Scotland are basically relying on voters who do so without thinking, I reckon the only reason their vote hasn't collapsed entirely is because of a mixture of tradition, apathy and a blind optimism (that they'll change back.)

    I think down south socialism is even more dead, labour down south are basically tory-lite and that's what many want, a diet version of the tories.

    Never believed in socialism myself but it acted as a counter weight to the wilder imaginings of the tory right, its gone now though hence the bother we're all in.

    Is what I think... innit.

  25. I want malt vinegar on mine! Why wasn't that being offered?

  26. I don't know what socialists vote. If they vote Labour they certainly aren't socialists. How many socialists would vote for charges for medications; OAPs paying bus fares out of the smallest pension in Europe; fees for education? None.

    Not sure that they would vote for the 4th largest army in the world, but then a supposedly socialist state has the largest army in the world, so I may be wrong there.

    I mean what the hell are we doing with the 4th largest military on the planet? Uh? What's that for? To protect a little island of the coast of Europe?

  27. I suppose old fashioned flat cap socialism of the 50s and 60s is dead Pa, but surely although there aren't all the mines and mills and foundries and factories and shipyards that there were then, there are still vast numbers of people doing the modern inequivalent of these jobs, in call centres, old people's homes, supermarkets, warehouses...

    I wonder if, when the unions lost their powers to make any differences, people stopped believing that things could get better, and accepted a dismal life (some with loads of booze and drugs to take the nasty edge of it).

    I remember from reading the Dark Lord's biography. He clearly said that he and Blair decided that they would have to attract the more affluent middle class home owning voter, and to do that they had to drop all the things that scared these people away.

    Id have though that in the ridding themselves of the vicar, they might have decided to readopt some of the socialist policies that Mandelson and Blair ditched, but it seem that Red Ed isn't actually Red at all.

  28. That would involve an entirely separate question and the middle road, CH.

    Do you agree that that would not be a sensible thing to do?

  29. That's a very difficult question and will have to contemplate that. Can I come back before I put my x in a box as I am not sure if I agree?

  30. My comment was aimed at your friends such as Niko. Maybe i'm wrong, but he seems to be a Labour voter?

  31. Come on!

    'Do you agree' is inviting a positive response. Thus it is partial, and leading. FACT.

    Even the SNP have welcomed the more impartial wording as proposed instead.

    Only the cybernats it seems are geared up for this 'crusade' against fair question wordings.

  32. Dean. We are having a laugh about it. Nothing more.

    Incidentally was that not the wording used by Labour in the 1998 referendum?

    I saw that someone today said that the NEW wording made them more likely to vote yes.

  33. Do you mean, do I agree you can come back CH... Yes....

  34. I'm not sure even Niko knows, Juteman...

    He has his doubts about them for sure.

  35. What have I got to agree on now as I wonder if I should?

  36. Should I respond to Dean? I agree I should respond to Dean. Wakey wakey.

  37. Do I agree that you should respond to dean.... YES

  38. I think he nedds to go back to Uni and get educated properly.

  39. Awwww... I enjoyed that...