Sunday 27 January 2013


You bet he was radical
The No Campaign criticised the Yes Campaign's tartan for its colour. grey they said was the colour of the future of an independent Scotland. How sad to have so little faith in your own people.
Or you could always believe what Ruth Davidson says; that is not what she used to say, but what she is saying now
A dismal group...who's the big tall one at the end (or is he standing on a box)? The only other alternative is that he is so full of hot air that he's floating away
Didn't Sarwar say that there weren't any Labour members in Labour Voters for independence. What about this fellow then?
Exactly. We'll be able to feed the kids that go to bed with empty stomachs and help old folk keep the fire on in the winter.
As usual, guess who gets the bum deal?
Et puis, pour les francophones:
Palais de Elysée is where the French President lives: Théâtre de Guignol is a clown theatre. So they  either have pretty thick town planning staff in Paris, or ones with a cheeky sense of humour.  This sign was put up when the odious Sarkozy was president!



  1. Interesting Army poster that I had not seen before. Quite hard hitting.

  2. The SNP position is deeply inconsistent. They believe (rightly) that we must be in the EU as we share common interests, values and economically in trade negotiations etc we're stronger when together and working in concert.
    Tell me how any of that does not apply to the UK as well?

  3. All of it Cynical? Or one specific pic?

  4. Yes Marcia.

    it would be interesting to see how much of a spend the taxpayers of Denmark, Finland and Norway hae to make for these level of troops.

    I suspect they pay less and get more of what is useful.

    We on the other hand, because if the burning ambition of the London ministers to play like they are important world leaders, end up paying for a weapons system that even members of the military don't want and won't be able to use.

    Worse still it isn't even our or in our hands. We just have to pay for it. The American President holds the codes.

    Independent nuclear deterrent? Well, not really. Not at all!

  5. No, Dean. That is not inconsistency.

    The EU doesn't tell us we have to take food away from the poor so that we can have nuclear weapons.

    The EU doesn't tell us we must go to war wherever there are Muslims and oil together.

    The EU doesn't make us trade arms with odious dictatorships, and invite them to sup at Windsor Castle, because there's money to be made in selling them guns and tanks with which to hold down their own people.

    The EU doesn't make us put up retirement age.

    The EU doesn't tell us we must a voting system that results in majority governments elected by 35% of those who voted.

    The EU doesn't tell us we must privatise electricity and gas, or water so that people can make profit out of vitals.

    The EU doesn't tell us that we must tax the rich less.

    The EU doesn't make us sell off bits of our health service or our schools.

    There is much that is wrong with the EU... (Monty will be happy to hear me say). There are far too many, far too highly paid people; it is beyond belief that to keep the French happy we have the massive expense of moving parliament and all its bits and pieces between Strasbourg and Bruxelles. If the parliament doesn't actually have any powers we should get rid of it and save the money. There are many otehr things wrong with it, but compared with teh way that Westminster interferes with our lives, it is nothing.

    If we were an independent country we could decide out taxes, welfare, policies for children, old, pensions, social security, war, warfare...

    And the EU would not poke its nose in.

    It is a very different kettle of fish.

  6. The vid I linked to and this pic.

    Is that the commonwealth mascot?

  7. Ahhh sorry CH. These links come up as ordinary type here, so I didn't realise there was one.

    That should certainly be sent to the lot of them.

    The country is back on its feet. Of course one of the reasons for that was that they actually WERE all in it together. Everyone suffered, but because in Iceland everyone really feels a part of the country, they pulled together and they made it work.

    Now there is little unemployment and growth is good.

    Whereas here, despite the figures there is mass unemployment/underemployment, growth is negative and we dip into recession for the third time and it's getting worse by the day...

    What a mess.

    I've stuck in the video of President Grimsson at the top of the post.

    I dunno who the little kilty fellow is. I don't think he's the Games logo though. They wouldn't be able to use him for political ads if he were.

    If he is, then cute though he may be, he will have to come down. I can't be associated with anything that is associated with Atos.

  8. The trouble we have in the UK is that Westminster has to protect the City of London at all costs otherwise they are irrelevant in the wider world and that is far more important than fairness for the rest of us.

    Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

  9. The trouble is that the UK IS the city of London. You are right, though, being important drives everything. Whether it is a relatively small, broke country owning WMDs, or the paralyzing fear of losing the banks to New York or Mumbai, Dubai or Honk Kong, all that matters to these people is playing the bigger game.

    They don't give a stuff about your leaking roof or blocked drains; the fact that your local school is falling down or your old people are being left to die in their own faeces in understaffed hospitals. As long as they are sitting at a top table somewhere drinking the best wine and eating the best food, with people like the President of the USA or China, or the King of Saudi Arabia or Bahrain, they don't give a sh** what happens to the rest of us.

    That's why I hate the UK, and have for as long as I can remember. it's not the kind of place you can feel you belong...unless you're a banker or a prince, of course.

    In a small country that cared about the state of tits roads, the pension and the hospital, I could feel as if I belonged.

    I'm sad to see the wee Thistle fellow is the Games symbol. I was SOOO behind these Games until I found out that they were being part financed by murderers.

    At that point I lost any interest.

    Talking of Games, I see there is grave doubts about the legacy of the Olympics. I wonder if Mr Coe will ask if he can no longer be a Companion of Honour.

  10. Dean and Niko support this guy! weird.

    The games are political vanity projects all over the world and sadly sports people buy into this farce because they have no choice to participate as sport is their life and good luck to them.

  11. Access is being denied CH...

    I just found three of your comments in the spam bin.

    I'll try to keep a look out for them over the next few dtys... but let me know if you post anything that doesn't go up on the blog

  12. Blogger is playing silly games games tris.


    Sorry to fill up up your spam bin tris not deliberate, it must be those damn windmills!

  13. Probably is CH... Monty will have them down any time now. :)

  14. Testing testing...1`23 Ha ha ha

  15. Works ok from here CH

  16. Deano 1
    Nats. 0

    Every argument for staying in the eu
    Is the same for staying witin the UK

    And as for tris saying
    The eu do not require
    Members states to adhere
    To eu law above their national law

    As for tris comment on Scotland being able to disregard eu law Mendacious Beyond belief

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  18. Did someone mention windmills :(
    Was having a nice day as well.

    As regards the EU. I've asked several people now and am still waiting for an answer to this question...

    What law or legislation in the UK is not subservient to EU /ECHR Law ?

  19. Monty

    Easy least the law which says the snp should
    Speak the truth at least some of the time

    The snp quite happy to change an English
    Overlord for an eu one and claim they are consistent
    Me I wuv the eu but I am not claiming
    An independent Scotland can be truly free as the lying snp keep saying

    Snp c

  20. Snp

    Def-lie,lying,distortion,obfuscate ,
    Duplicity ,trickster,untruthful

  21. If Mr Obama tells Cameron to go to war, the EU has no say... there, that's one, Monty.

    Indeed if he tells Cameron that he must maintain teh nuclear arsenal, the EU can do nothing.

    Of course the Scottish government can do nothing either.

    But the English/UK government can. It could say, NO. We have starving people who must come before bombs.

    The won't of course. Fundamentally because starving people are all, without any doubt, starving because they are lazy shiftless scrounging lower classes., and in the Tories' view, are a sub-species.

  22. No one, Niko, is entirely free. We have all manner of international bodies telling us what to do, from the UN, Nato, WHO, WTO...CoE and on and on.

  23. I'm not sure what you are saying there Anon. Perhaps you'd like to elaborate a little, instead of choosing at random some insulting words...

    Like, The SNP obfuscates in the following way(s) and follow it with some examples

    Otherwise your whole post is a tad on the pointless side... :)

  24. niko...what's this law that says politicians should speak the truth ? I've not seen any evidence of such a law ;)

    tris..the US speaks to the EU Foreign rep ( Baroness Ashton) to find out who is up for a bit of bombing. Once the bombing stops the EU opens a mission in the 'liberated' country.
    It's the turn of France to do some 'liberating' with them before they get fed up and leave the country in ruins.

  25. tris

    Me I am a Unionist and we luv to be told what to do
    especially if it is said in a look down at you condescending
    tone of voice.
    we lap it up all that bowing and scraping yes sir no sir
    three bag full sir.

    what go and get me heid blown of sir why thankee sir
    much appreciated sir oops just had both me legs blown off.
    Now I will just go off and rot in some godforsaken hovel
    wid a pic of the queen and me Union Flag and me slavering luv for
    our blessed Union.

    God bless you sir.

  26. It's ok Niko we will still tell you what to do if that is what you want not that I believe in slavery I never look a gift horse/ass in the mouth when are you coming to polish my shoes?

  27. Scottish pound sounds interesting... Listen again, I think.

  28. What the hell was that?

    Are they saying that Scotland won't be allowed to have chips?

    Or that we won't be able to grow potatoes?

    Have they heard of Care in the Community?

  29. Och Niko... John Brownlie will make sure that you are kept busy following orders... Have no fear. In an independent Scotland you'be well looked after... :)