Thursday 10 January 2013


Oh dear, poor old Cameron. As if he hasn't got enough problems on Europe with his right wingers, and funny old Nigel, now the United States of America, in Cameron's own words, our 'senior partner' has indicated that it wants Britain or at least England (as that's that's bit of Britain that does what it is told) to stay in Europe. 

In what is quite a blatant piece of amusing interfering, Philip Gordon, an American diplomat involved with the EU and its members, has said (somewhat in a somewhat syrupy fashion that while it is for the British Government and the British people (sic) to decide their future regrading Europe, Britain has been such a special partner to the US, with its shared values (money and power) and shared interests (power and money) that its (Britain's) voice at the European table has often been of great use to America.

I suspect that that could be read as: Look, we obviously can't be at the table in the EU; we aren't European,  but our little poodle with the green teeth is and therefore can. Now, we let him have a ride in Air Force One, and let him sleep in President Obama's bed (albeit that President Obama wasn't using it at the time), so we expect payback. So sort out the whiny Europhobes, or next time you're here you'll be treated like Brown was. Get it?

If I had just a little fellow feeling for him, I'd sympathise, but he and I aren't even of the same species, so I don't. 

Life's a bitch Cameron... then you die. Get used to it.
I was interested to read in a recent edition of Private Eye, that JP Morgan, the bank, is negotiating the repayment of £500 million in back taxes, apparently after a scheme to pay its executives via jersey was (inexplicably) found to be unacceptable tax avoidance. This comes on top of a £450,000 fine for Ian Hannam, its senior London executive for market abuse. Meanwhile in the USA the bank  was fined $295,000 for a mortgage scam, and was suspended from energy trading because it lied to an inquiry investigating Californian energy prices.  I was then puzzled to read that the English Universities minister,  David Willets, has been accepting paid commissions from them. Indeed he and his wife have repeatedly been guests of JP Morgan in Scotland where most recently he spoke about pensions (although why anyone would want advice about pensions from a British minister is beyond me, unless of course it was ministerial pensions he was talking about.) As the Eye suggests, with Willets famously having two brains, it might not be too much to expect him to make use of just one of them next time a dicey company offers to give him money for his services and say No. 

Nah, right, silly me.


  1. tris

    Herald headline

    Salmond cleared of breaching ministerial code in EU advice row

    Hmm thats not a very good one

    Guardian Headline

    Alex Salmond gave incomplete answers on EU legal advice, inquiry finds

    Hmm thats much better shame the Herald fumbled that one

  2. I dunno Niko. You train them to be good unionist journos and lie through their teeth, and how do they repay you?

    Sack em mate... that's what I'd do.

    if they can't stand the heat, their better out of the ...erm, whatsit.

    Welcoming the outcome of Sir David Bell KCB’s inquiry into the First Minister’s conduct over the issue of legal advice surrounding an independent Scotland’s continued EU membership – in which the First Minister was again found to have acted entirely in accordance with the Ministerial Code – SNP MSP Aileen McLeod called on opposition politicians to accept the outcome end their run of baseless accusations and smears.

    Commenting, Ms McLeod said:

    “Sir David has investigated this matter thoroughly and concluded that the First Minister acted in accordance with the Ministerial Code. As he points out, the conclusion of the Edinburgh Agreement provided the right context to obtain advice from law officers – which is exactly what the Scottish Government has done.

    “Time and time again, opposition politicians – unable to do their own job properly – have resorted to baseless accusations and personal insults, rather than debate the substantive issues themselves.

    “We have now had six referrals under the ministerial code – and in all six cases, the independent verdict has been that the First Minister and his Ministers acted in accordance with the code.

    “There are so many pressing issues facing this country, and at the start of the New Year our opposition politicians should be resolving to offer a more positive and grown-up debate that the people of Scotland deserve.”

  3. The report, which has been published today, says:

    “I have not found you, or the Scottish Government, to have breached the Ministerial Code in respect of any complaints made by Ms Stihler. I have though recommended that the Scottish Government considers revising those parts of the code relating to legal advice.”

    Sir David examined five separate grounds of complaint from Ms Stihler – and in each case he found that the First Minister and the Scottish Government had acted fully in accordance with the Ministerial Code.

    The report also concludes that “the Edinburgh Agreement was the appropriate moment to seek specific legal advice from the Law Officers … it was only when the details of the referendum process became clear that you were in a position to seek such advice.”

    Sir David also recommends that the Scottish Government considers whether the part of the Ministerial Code relating to legal advice could be redrafted in a clearer and more accessible form – a recommendation which the Government accepts.

  4. First Minister Alex Salmond said:

    “I would like to thank Sir David for his very thorough and detailed report, the findings of which clearly demonstrate that there was no breach of the Ministerial Code on this matter.

    “I welcome the report which demonstrates that I and the rest of the Scottish Government acted entirely in accordance with the Scottish Ministerial Code. I also welcome his conclusion that the signing of the Edinburgh Agreement was the appropriate moment at which to seek specific legal advice on an independent Scotland’s continued membership of the European Union.

    “Sir David also recommends that the Scottish Government considers whether the section of its Ministerial Code relating to legal advice provided to Ministers should be redrafted to make it clearer. That is a recommendation I am happy to accept, and work will now be taken forward by Government officials with that aim in mind.

    “This has been the sixth complaint to be referred to the independent panel of advisers I introduced in 2008 to rule on these matters. I am delighted that each complaint has been dismissed and the advisers concluded my ministers and I have acted entirely properly at all times.”

  5. tris

    was walking along and saw this guy
    coming the other way.........kinda looked like a unemployed skiver(it was late in the afternoon so he was outa bed)

    I goes up to him and says 'you on benefits mate'
    I could tell by his white sweaty pallor he was a welfare dependent addict.

    he say so wot mate

    I smashes him in the face and kick the shite outta him old bill turns up
    stops me. but when i explained what the guy was they said sorry sir carry on .And then gave the skiver a swift kick in the guts before leaving the scene.

    a joke???????????

  6. LOL Yes... A joke. It's OK. I won't tell Mr Brownlie you did it.

    I suspect mr Osborne will be proud of you... :)

    Maybe get an MBE!!!

  7. tris

    you know what its like many
    a crim gets pulled in time and again
    until they gets caught red handed.

    Give Alex a bit more time and he will
    do for himself all crims get a bit to cocky.

    He aint no exception

  8. Majority of Members of Parliament believe they are underpaid

    Members of Parliament believe they deserve a pay hike of one-third – with nearly 70 per cent believing that they are underpaid for the job they do.

    Hypocrites at least 70% of them and 100% of staunch british natinalists.

  9. So 70% of MPs reckon they should be getting a rise of one-third do they?

    Name these parasitical carpetbaggers and bloody well dock them two-thirds for being spineless animal-farm troughers.

    As for the HoL - make them pay a membership to join that facile club of morons and then pay a day rate for being there.

    Let's see just how public spirited these characters actually are!

  10. But he's not a crim Niko. He's been tried 7 times and it seems to me that they have all been unionists except George, and he has always been found innocent.

    Good try though ... :)

  11. I couldn't believe it when i saw it. They have spent their time slashing other people's incomes and they want a bloody pay rise.

    They are asking for ropes and lampposts, all of them.

    And I'll be happy to oblige them.

  12. barontorc.

    Sounds reasonable to me. I would like to know who thinks I'm not paying them enough, because I think I am, and if they don't like it they can see if they can get a job in another parliament that will pay them more.

    I mean it's not like any of them was any bloody good anyway.

    I have been waiting for them to say that in the light of the cuts being made everywhere else they will take a 10% reduction in pay. Fat home huh, from a bunch of self serving troughers.

    As for the lords they should put a match to it with them all inside.

    But if they must keep it and if all the talk of reform was another load of hot air from a government of pee and wind... then I wholeheartedly approve of your suggestion.

    Furthermore it should be open to anyone who wants to join... They could do it as part of the Big Society crap of Camergoon's infertile imagination.

  13. Tris

    I think we will be waiting a long time for the apology from labour, they don't do sorry or standing up for the poor. Never did.

    I don't get the Europe thing at all, personally I think we should stay in it and try to change it from within. Not that I trust them any more than Westminster but being in is probably better than being out. Either way happy to have a referendum and let the people decide. I think Scots would vote to join.

    America does not do anything that is not in Americas interests, lets be clear on that. I have seen first hand how their politics work, other than the hold that Israel appears to have over the USA I don't think they really give a crap if it does not serve their interests. Saying that Cameron is going to offer a referendum if he wins another term, which he might if audiences on Question Time in England are to go by. England will vote to leave the EU so all the posturing in Holyrood will be made out to be the farce that it is.

    As far as the gravy train is concerned they are all it in the three tory parties. No doubt some in the SNP might be at it as well. Sadly public service for most MPs and MSPs is a dirty word, this is about what they can get out of it. Slightly off point last night on QT fat Prescott noted that he had only been a politician for 40 years and never had another job, says it all about Labour and how far it's fallen really.

    I suppose I could go on but I might just depress the both of us and January is a crappy month as it is, especially with the snow on the way. Good article though so thanks for more enlightenment.


  14. Bruce

    The unenlightened John
    Actually worked for a
    Number of years As
    A waiter at sea.
    A fact which many
    Torys and snp mps
    Used to take the piss
    Him having been a
    Lowly waiter.

  15. I would say, if labour etc and the press pursued what passes for the 'Opposition' in the Scottish parliament, and if said opposition & press where as energetic in putting the interests of Scotland first then said opposition would be fucked six ways from Sunday and Scotland would already be significantly better off if not already independent.

    I also watched Prescott on QT last night, I spent most of the broadcast trying to decide who deserved the majority of my ire, him or that throbber Dories.

    They should put that guy from The Big Issue in charge, the rest were a bunch of wet rags.

    On MP's pay, they should be subject to the same working conditions as any other civil servant.

  16. Ha ha Bruce...Thanks for the compliment.

    In fairness to America, I suppose that most countries do (and should) consider their own interests first.

    I'm not sure about being in the EU. There is a huge amount that I don't like about it, but I understand that Norway has to stick by all the rules, and pay money to the EU to enjoy its isolated status.

    This is approximately the same situation that Scotland finds itself in. The UK government represents the UK (and America) at the table, but in matters like the fisheries and agricultural policies where we have our own ministers, it is the English minister who attends meetings, and the English civil servants who do the proper work. In short Scotland's interests and needs are not taken into consideration. It certainly worries me that being on the outside of the EU wouldn't be a good place to be.

    I totally agree that middle England would vote to come out and middle Scotland, if there is such a thing, being a little less prejudiced and a little more cerebral, would probably vote to stay in.

    It will be interesting to see what WILL happen. Although hopefully we will be a separate country by then and won't be dragged somewhere we don't want to go by a mob of right wing muppets in the Home Counties.

  17. Niko: You are right there old son. He was a waiter, or steward or something like that.

    I remember a few Tories having a pop at him about that.

    I don't remember any SNP, most of whom didn't have anything much 'higher' in THEIR cv's.

    I'd be interested to know which SNP [people mocked Prescott for that.

    He used to be a good bloke too, and I respected him, but Blair ruined him, like he ruined so much else.

    I didn't mind that his sentences were so mangled you couldn't understand a word he was saying. But his downfall for me was accepting that idiotic title. What a prat. Lord Prescott! Ugh!

  18. Pa:

    I didn't see the programme as I was entertaining !!!! (Yes, I do have friends... well.OK, A friend then.)

    Anyway, in my book, without having seen it, Dorries would win hands down for being a complete bamstick. The woman is straight out of a loony bin.

    But since his elevation to the aristocracy Presser has lost any respect I once had for him.

    If only we had a press that didn't lie through its teeth at every opportunity to put down a government which is making a real difference to people's lives and if only we had some opposition, instead of the braying sheep on the Labour benches and David Cameron in a skirt on the Tory benches, we would be better off.

    There are some others I know. A weird little sub sect of the Tory party, I seem to recall... what are they called again Lie Berals?

    They are far too busy trying to score points off the government to bother their lazy backsides on anything else.

    Mind you, from what I can see, they are running their campaigns into the ground with their negativity and hatred.

    Sorry about above posts. I didn't have time to read them back and check spelling and stuff. Almighty hurry and LATE LATE LATE...


  19. Tris

    Prescott is just another "whats in it for me" Labour man.

    Remember it was Prescott who described members of the House of Lords as "vermin in ermine" where is he now I wonder?

    I wonder if he thinks members of the house of lards are still vermin in ermine?

  20. Lordy, that was unfortunate Dubs...

    I seem to remember there was some pathetic excuse about accepting it for Pauline.

    Yeah right.

  21. I just noticed that at the bottom of the post, there is one"disagree"...

    Disagree about Cameron in a mess and Willets the tow brained nut job sucking up every bit of extra cash he can lay his greedy hands on....?

    Doesn't sound like a MR reader...

  22. I wonder if Niko got back safely after his demo today.

  23. ch

    and what would you do if the Nationalist flag was unable to fly.
    mind your a coward so not a lot

    patriots all

  24. He is a poor patriot whose patriotism does not enable him to understand how all men everywhere feel about their altars and their hearthstones, their flag and their fatherland.

  25. Yes, that was funny. The put posters over an empty shop and there were seven of them.

    Rule Britannia.

    I'm proud to be English Mr Darling!


  26. LOL Niko. Was that guy singing in an America accent?

    That really is unfair though Northern Ireland is part of Ireland, the clue being in the word IRELAND.

    I see there was someone who was protesting that Ulster must STAY part of Great Britain... which is amusing because it isn't and never has been a part of Great britain.

    Again the clue being in the name The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland.

    Jeremy Hardy pointed out that if you are going to be a patriot, you should probably get to know the name of your country.

  27. Ah Niko. Quoting American pastors now. The same Americans that sent the Brits homeward to think again.

  28. But I'll match you that quote from another American ...."Where liberty is, there is my country." Franklin (I think).

    Not much liberty under the Tories so it can't be the UK..

  29. Only a few left Niko keep you cosy in dependency land.

  30. Imagine going to sleep at night and the last thing you see it that... Ye Gads...

  31. Interesting article CH... I didn't realise that 35% of British adults still sleep with a teddy bear.

    Little Munguin was obviously very interested in this fact!