Thursday 3 January 2013



You couldn't really make it up, could you?

Now try this...

Last autumn, the the Revenue said that more than 1.1 million people who will lose the right to claim child benefit from Monday January 7, would receive letters warning them that they must either opt out or start repaying the benefit in the form of higher tax. HMRC has now admitted that only 784,000 people have been written to and therefore more than 300,000 claimants may be unaware of the requirement. 

Way to run a country, Dave. First prize for amateurism.


  1. They must get through a lot of pies at Wastemonster...

    " The net cost of the House of Commons Catering and Retail Service met from public funds was £5.7m in 2009/10. "

  2. Yes indeed what a Pickle! But you see it's only the benefit fatties they are after. No sanctions against the overweight in work.By some miracle of Tory dogma they don't cost the NHS anything to treat.

  3. Aye, you'd get a lot of school dinners for that Monty!

  4. The sad thing is this government is so bad that Labour might not have to do much to win the next election. That I fear will not be good for a YES vote as the idiots on the west coast will give Labour chance number 600 .

  5. Ha ha ha ha CH!!!!

  6. Most of that is probably subsidy for the alcohol we pay for them to have, Monty.

  7. Strange that, Bruce.

    But having managed to persuade the public to hate people who are on any kind of benefit, it is very easy to concentrate that hatred to, for example, "fat" people. They will have their benefit stopped and no one will kick off.

    Next it will be "bald" people, or "short people, and then most importantly "old" people...

    I heard some London minister or other the other day saying that old people should be looked after by their families, at home. He was clearly oblivious to the fact that UK homes are the smallest in Europe and the most expensive, so that most people only buy exactly what they NEED, size wise, not what they WANT.

    This, in contrast to the landed gentry of the Tory party who live in houses with 43 bedrooms, a drawing room, 3 parlours, a morning room, and 3 dining rooms.

    But already these people are starting to lay the foundations for policies based on the notion that old people cost the state too much.

    Money spenmt on keeping old people in sheltered accommodation could, in some people's views be better spent buying more nukes to ensure BRITAIN place at the top table for the foreseeable future, along with a place in history for its noble leadership.

  8. Most school dinners, Boorach, do not consist of large single malts!

  9. You make a good point there. With a Tory government in 2016 we are home and dry for independence.

    For some strange reason people seem to think that having a Labour government will make life in Scotland, ruled from London, a more tolerable thing.

    What a joke.

  10. Agreed. Wouldn't it be nice if the Nats could give up their foolish obsession with "independence", and the sensible among them could join with us in opposing the real enemy, i.e. the Tories?

  11. Braveheart

    Which Tories the Cameroons or the Millibandits?

    The red pill or the blue pill?

    They are both useless placebos

  12. That'll be Niko you're looking for brave heart..... he's the resident sensible labourite!

  13. I'll probably regret this, but it would be interesting to know, Braveheart, why the Tories are such dreadful enemies, yet they endorse Lamont's policies, saying that at long last Labour is adopting the policies of the Conservatives.

    Meanwhile the SNP is building council houses, trying to protect the poorest from the Tory cuts that Balls says they won't reverse, and ensuring the continuation of free buses and winter fuel payments, free education and free prescriptions...all of which seem to have figured in Labour policy at some where in the recent past... and have disappeared into the right wing party that we now call New One Nation Labour.

    Can't imagine why it's so wrong to want independence for your own country.

    After all, if we were independent we would live like Norway, Denmark, Sweden... instead of the horror of life under England's right wing rule.

    I'll never understand the subservience of Scots, doing what their betters tell them, when in actual fact we are bright, educated, innovative and rich in resources and don't need them.

    Except, I suppose, to have nuclear weapons and to be continually involved in wars somewhere in the world, wrecking other people's countries, murdering their children and making a mess of things, then withdrawing when America tells us to... leaving behind chaos.

    Doesn't make any kind of sense to me. Of course the politicians at the top do do rather well out of it... Look at that murdering bastard Blair and his friends the neo-cons.

    They'll never have to rely on bus passes. So spilling blood does pay. After all they are only foreigners.

    Sickening country. I want no part in it.

  14. Well said IBSU (and welcome to the Blog).

    There's not a lot to pick and chose beteen them. I see they are going to vote against the Tories benefit cuts, but just in case anyone in teh SE of England thinks they are going easy on scroungers they are going to use money they have already spent to provide jobs for 330,000 LTUs.

    Where, we might ask?

    I've been involved in schemes like this. They are disastrous for the companies that employ them, disastrous for the DWP who end up with all manner of problems to sort out, and no good for the people who get the jobs. 25 hours a week at minimum wage is not enough to live on.

    Idiots. The trouble is they are all so far removed from reality with their Oxford/Harvard/ educations. They don't have a notion when it is to be poor, and have skills that no one can use any more.

  15. Well Boorach... he's the resident Labour supporter. Not sure about sensible though...

    At least he's likeable and funny, unlike most of these humourless unionists.

  16. tris

    Why ? have put a pic of Alex Salmond on your blog and then go on about Eric pickles.

    Keighley-born Cabinet minister Eric Pickles has been barred from one of the town’s pubs.

    The Tory political heavyweight is not welcome in the Great Northern, says landlord Mickey Thompson.

    And a photo of the former Bradford Council leader has been posted on the dartboard. He said: “What I said was ‘Essex is my home and I ain't going back to Yorkshire’ -

    Just like Alex aint it

    Here I see all the snps msps are being hit with the child benefit changes

    I mean even the lowliest snp msp is troughing in much much more than the £50,000 limit.

  17. tris

    Just love this headline in the mail

    'We don't want to end up like Norway,

    Nah course not i mean whats Norway got wot we aint

    you just gotta laugh who would like to mb a euromillons winner not
    me i'm a unionist

  18. Well CH. You'll forgive me if I didn't quite manage to read all this crap that that bloke was writing, but I was starting to feel nausea when we were berated for not "supporting" "our!!!!" national broadcaster. Like it was some sort of patriotic duty to allow these idiots to distort everything while paying themselves 4 times a prime ministerial salary for being in charge of erm... nothing very much, except turning a blind eye to perversion!

    I did read the last paragraph and wondered if a) this bloke had ever thought about the Labour Party at all... you know, the 'rich people' from overseas.... uhh, Tony Blair, or (b)if he had ever been to Scotland and seen what crap we put up with by comparison to what they get in the south, or (c) if he had ever heard of the democratic process and wondered why it was that these few rich people from overseas managed to elect a majority SNP government...

    Just wondering, as it were...

  19. Ah yes, Niko. It is hard to tell them apart. I'll give you a hint though. Alex Salmond is the one that looks like a big fat cuddly Teddy Bear. Eric Pickles is the one who looks like a big fat greedy smelly pig that hates poor people.

    He wouldn't be welcome in my pub either, I have to say. I mean, unless it was a very large pub there wouldn't be enough room for any other people. In any case, he's a Tory politician. He wouldn't expect to have to pay for anything.

    I don't think Eck ever said that Essex was his home though, or indeed that he would never go back to Yorkshire. But, given what Humpty Pickled Egg Dumpty did to Bradford, I doubt very much that the Yorkshiremen would want him back.

    I've got a mate from Withensea in Yorkshire. He's a strong Labour man (but he hopes Scotland gets independence). The only way he wants Pickles back is in a box...a bloody big one too.

    Ah Norway. Nope, it would certainly be terrible to be like Norway with their nice clean cities and long smooth roads, trains that run on time, brilliant education system...etc, etc... not to mention that €30 billion or so they have in the bank...

    Unthinkable for the Daily Mail anyway. They like being miserable.

    Incidentally Niko. If you win the €millions, and you don't want it, I don't mind helping an old mate out.

    :) :)

  20. I meant to direct that link to the hypocritical bravefart whose party would be zilch without the support of the BBC in Scotland.

    An interesting vid There's No Tomorrow

  21. Ha ha, yeah, CH. That's true. It's the Labour Party press office down at Pacific Quay.

    BTW... did I not recently hear Johann Lamont or one of her little mates telling us that the Bank of England had NOT agreed that Sterling could be used in Scotland after independence? And did Labour not call John Swinney a liar for saying that it had been discussed and agreed?

    It's just that in a appearance before the House of Lords Finance Committee the governor of the Bank of England said that we could use sterling.

    Just thought I'd point that small lie, I'm sorry, I mean error, out.

    When will they start to tell the truth.

  22. I wonder how much of the tax-payer's money and time Councillor Braveheart puts into trawling through the internet fot blogs to put his nonsense onto.

  23. It is not his own as Labour love to spend other peoples money as their own is ring fenced off balance.

    Brown's bottom.

    Party of the people who run the financial industry not the voter.

    Cheers hich!

  24. Tris, ’ve had a busy few days, so apologies for the delay in responding to your heartfelt comment of Jan 4, 4.40pm.

    You say: “why the Tories are such dreadful enemies, yet they endorse Lamont's policies,”....

    I’m sure you know why the Tories are the enemy, the post is about that very subject.

    As for “...endorse Lamont's policies”, do they?

    And is it a crime if they do?

    After all the SNP’s most popular policy, the CT Freeze, is a Tory policy, stolen from the Tories when the Nats own LIT turned out to be a turkey

    The LIT itself was originally a LibDem policy. And lowering business taxes is a Tory policy. And not building schools is a v strong Tory characteristic, and now SNP characteristic....

    .... and NATO membership is the policy of all three UK parties....

    In other words the SNP, being a single-issue campaign, has no settled political philosophy of its own, and therefore steals from anywhere and everywhere to cobble its policies together.

    So accusing others of doing so is just trying to fool yourself and everybody else that the Nats are somehow exceptional.....

    ...and if it is a crime (and I think Lamont is doing something different than you imply) then the SNP is more culpable than any other party.

    Which leads to the question: why would an intelligent person like yourself be blind to these obvious weaknesses in your position?

    Everyone knows the facts I have printed above. Why are you (and so many Nationalists) in denial about them?

    And: even if you are right, how does that make any positive case for breaking up the UK?

    Help! I've only addressed one mistaken clause in your whole comment and it's taken so many words.... will return to your other points when I get the time...

  25. "Meanwhile the SNP is .... ensuring the continuation of free buses and winter fuel payments,"

    Just came across this...

    Exactly as Johann Lamont said...

  26. Ummm...

    This argument is self-defeating surely? So the SNP 'stole' a policy set out by the tories and this is bad. Does that mean all policies have to be original in order for them to be acceptable?

    Labour havine also pinched policies (as described) from the tories, although, its actually the other way round since it was labour that kicked off a great many of the current policies doing the rounds just now.

    I think the crucial difference is, the SNP have been given a mandate and have used it. The Tories will never have a mandate in Scotland and Labour and the libdems seem to be doing their best to burn their bridges with the Scottish electorate.

    Even when they did have a mandate they did nothing and arguably, since they (labour) do have mandates in certain councils and still argue against the council tax freeze, I'm not sure that what you're saying holds any water or even has a point.

    I wouldn't go out of my way to defend the SNP but if the best you've got is to accuse them of not being original, or doing things the other parties said they would but didn't or of not adhering to the Bain Principle (disagreeing with a policy because they never thought if it and their arch-enemy did) then your points are a poor extension of the negativity being deployed by the no crowd and should be ignored accordingly.

  27. pa, you aid "Ummm...

    This argument is self-defeating surely? So the SNP 'stole' a policy set out by the tories and this is bad. Does that mean all policies have to be original in order for them to be acceptable?

    Ummmm... if you read the correspondence you'll find that's exactly the point I was making to Tris. Who hasn't responded.

  28. I did read it, and it still makes no sense.

    And your damn tootin' it makes a difference in terms of independence, the difference in policies between unionist and independence parties is a gulf, you can split as many hairs as you like but that is undeniable.

    As to the travel service story you link to, bus service operators are telling us they don't have enough money and Johann Lamont was right?

    What is more correct?

    Bus companies don't enough money because old people, the infirm and other special cases aren't paying their way.


    The UK Government when deciding how to disperse money to the devolved parliaments do so in an unwise & unfair fashion.

    Ummm... Let me think... I mean, what is more probable, what is more provable?

    I'm sure Johann Lamont isn't a moron, but her policy choices are moronic.

  29. Tris, BH, has also had a very busy day.

    I have been in Edinburgh and am not long back. Apologies.

    It's no bad thing if the opposition agrees with your policies. It's just that, to have espoused the opposite a few months before and then to have the Tories praise you for agreeing with them is surely something that Labour would find embarrassing. Especially as you called them "the real enemy".

    As for the buses, well, if it weren't for all the "free" bus journeys, there would be very few buses outside of rush hours. It simply wouldn't be economic to run nearly empty buses with no income, unless of course the government gave them grants to do it.

    It would also necessitate far more car parks, and there would be far greater congestion on the roads, and of course the roads would be in an even worse state of repair with the additional transport.

    Sorry, as I said, I've had the day from hell and I'm trying to do three things at once, so I hope you'll excuse the short answer...


  30. I don't think Lamont is a moron either Pa, but I don't think she is leadership material either.

    And I think that her policies are dictated by Miliband rather than Labour's Scottish constituency.

  31. @pa "I did read it, and it still makes no sense."

    It's not easy to say this without giving offence pa, but the fact that it "makes no sense" to YOU, doesn't mean that it makes no sense.

    I see Tris still hasn't responded to my destruction of her popsition on the SNP stealing policies from all quarters.

  32. I did respond yto you BH.

    Plus Tris is short for Tristan.