Thursday 24 January 2013


Not a hope in hell...

It is rumoured that Ruth Davidson, the Tory leader in Scotland, will tomorrow make some vague noises  about more powers for Scotland, if a no vote is delivered at the referendum in 2014.

We’ve been here before with the Tories:

The declaration of Perth 1968

No Vote Will not Kill Devolution - Thatcher - Herald 28 February 1979

Douglas-Home: “…the only way to be certain that these flaws
can be revised is to vote No…” 1979

Should be a laugh!


  1. Are you talking about "line in the sand/Calman but no more Ruth Davidson"?

  2. Er yeah, anon. That'd be the same wumin....

  3. Um! but not the power to see through
    Unionist lies
    or the power to fly to Freedom

    The Unionist power of
    unlimited Negativity and
    deception will shine upon
    Scotland and its people.

    And the power of fear,doubt
    and indecision will course
    through the Peoples veins.
    Leading them into a land
    ruled by Tory employment laws
    and slavery.

  4. The sands are shifting though totally out of her control, isn't nature wonderful.

  5. You nats can have

    its all your worth max

  6. David's been in touch then...... and all the way from Davos (probably thinks daddy bought him the village). Hope he reversed the charges, after all it's the Scot who's been paying for it since 1707!

  7. I posted a post but the shifting sands seems to have covered it up again whilst uncovering the panic from a tory minor.

  8. Niko: You're becoming a little too poetic and intellectual for the majority of readers on here... on the other hand, I prefer that to when you are being coorse.

    Oh and thanks for ...erm ... nothing.

  9. Hmmm Boorach. I expect he has a special kind of phone that the rest of us couldn't afford...

    The Etonphone, for the man who has everything...

  10. I found it in the spam bin CH... I'm sorry...

    I think that line she drew in the sand was a wee bitty on the wavy side, don't you...

    With a little licence, here are a few words from the lovely Autumn Leaves (French original) Most appropriate though:

    «Et la mer effacera sur le sable
    Les lignes des Tories décimés»

    Now... that's not bad for someone with flu... (except I forgot the 's' on décimés, and had to repost!)

  11. I thought I might of been going doolala tris but then I saw Niko phew.

  12. Aye CH. As long as Niko is about... you've nothing to worry over.

    Bless him.

  13. David Cameron must have realised how ridiculous he looks after his promise of an EU referendum and has told his man in Scotland to make some inane promises to the Scots to beef up his Jam Tomorrow if we all vote no idea. Should indeed be good!

  14. Ruth Davidson is a gonk, nothing she says can be taken at face value.

    I wouldn't trust her as far as she could throw me... Erm...

    You get my meaning.

  15. I reckon that's it Munguin. There has t be a distraction for how silly he's made the No Campaign look.

    Now he's just making her look stupid as her line in the sand disappears under the waves.

  16. hey tris...niko will cancel out your vote in favour of independence. Unless you can 'turn' him by next year.
    Mind you, Dean will cancel out my vote as well :(

  17. Pa... We know that Cameron wanted her for leader and that he broke the rules to ensure that she was the leader by sending up his people to train her in what to say.

    Now, when someone like Cameron wants someone to be a deputy for him, you can bet he hasn't chosen anyone who will outshine him in any way.

    Imagine then, being more lacklustre than Cameron.

    I don't know how she is at throwing, but she could probably kick you from one end of the Highland Way to the other!

  18. Well, Monty, Niko is coming round... but if it looks like he's going to vote no, Taz won't let him out of the house.

    I'm not sure how you will deal with Dean, but he'll probably be living in Australia by then, so he won't get a vote.

    You could help out by looking at the situations vacant ads in the Melbourne Herald.

  19. Bon Voyage to Dean ;) It seems a drastic step just to get away from us lot. Is he being deported for sheep rustling ?

    Their PM gave a 'cast iron guarantee' not to introduce a carbon credit scam tax. And then introduced one on the day she took office. Be like home from home.

  20. That's politicians for you....