Sunday 13 January 2013


Under Instruction From London


  1. tris

    what happened to the Nationalists 'POSITIVE' message for separation.

    you only reveal your desperation
    with the insults and deprecatory
    just how can any non snp voters live
    in safety with people such as
    you nats if separation was forced on
    the Scottish people.

    mind just were are you lot in the polls about 29% and falling

  2. No insults from the No campaign then Niko?

    You see, day in, day out we are sneered at by the likes of Davidson and lied to by the likes of Darling.

    And so we have a laugh back... Nothing wrong with that.

    I'll give you an example. Someone asked Alistair Darling how would things be split between Scotland and England. And he said that he couldn't answer that because it would have to be decided by negotiations between the two governments. (Michael Moore says that nothing will even be discussed until after the referendum.)

    So that's a fine answer; nothing wrong with it. It's factual. But then Alistair spoils it by saying. They've had 70 years to do it, so you would have thought the SNP would have worked it out by now.

    Well how could they? He's already pointed out that no one knows. Not even the cleverest man in the world could know. Because negotiations will have to be entered into after the referendum... but somehow the 70 years of the SNP's existence has given them time to know what it is impossible to know.

    Most people won't bother to analyse it; it's just another negative against the SNP. They haven't bothered to work it out.

    Only this week Iain Davidson said that getting rid ofTtrident would cost 22,000 jobs. The MoD says 550.

    Now you could make a mistake and call it 5,000 maybe, if you weren't that good with figures, or a little short sighted, but for goodness sake to magnify it into 22,000 is ridiculous. And clearly a lie. But hey, it plays well in the Scottish papers who print it.

    I don't know how the polls stand at the moment. On the basis that 20 months away, everything could have changed. The UK is heading for financial collapse, so who knows how people may be feeling when referendum time comes.

    But if you know that Independence stands at 29%, I'll accept that you haven't made it up.

    Does that mean that 71% are for remaining part of, or at least with, and in the shadow of England?

    I'd think it strange if it did.

    I'm fairly certain that it won't be anything like that.

    Incidentally, Niko, you might have noticed that half the pics in the post are actually aimed at the Tories and what they are doing to the poor.

    Have we had a cast iron statement from Mr Balls saying that one of the first actions of a Labour government will be to reverse these cruel cuts?

  3. Niko: You should read this...

  4. I think the Johann poster would be better with (under instructions from that London) added.
    I was dreading the flag dispute spilling over into the Scottish referendum debate. Might get messy.

  5. For years the British Labour party with their close friends and allies the British Conservative Party and the British Lib-Dems didn't want Scots to have an independence referendum even though they assured us the unionists would win because that acknowledged that independence was both a choice and a possibility for Scotland's people.

    Therefore I can understand why Michael Moore doesn't want to talk about negotiations after independence because that would also acknowledge that independence was a distinct possibility.

    The funny thing is that if the next General Election goes the way of the polls then it's going to be the Labour party who will be negotiating for the English share of the UK assets and they'll be trying to minimise Scotland's share. Nothing new there eh?

    Maybe Darling should start talks between Labour and the SNP so that Labour aren't left starting from scratch in the negotiations.

  6. tris and other malcontents

    The Nats are hardly likely to win the separation vote on the basis of vote for us to keep out the Torys.

    fact is on some issues many Scots do agree with the English Torys (as Alex did with Margaret thatchers policy's he admits)

    The notion vote for the snp and in a separate Scotland their will be no free market ideology driving the State is a myth.

  7. tris

    The snp support ATOS as a sponsor even while decrying their methods.
    Typical two faced politics but allowing the free market to unfairly win.

    why don't the snp refuse the sponsorship and keep them away from the games. or donate the cash to charities fro the disabled.

    Sturgeon personally welcomed Atos as an official sponsor of Glasgow 2014 last year, calling the French IT giant's involvement "a significant step forward for the Games"

    "Nicola Sturgeon is the person talking about a welfare system with Scottish values. If she's going to live up to those values, she should ensure Atos is dropped as a sponsor."

  8. Yes... so much so I have added it Monty.

    I hope the flag protest won't take on here. But if it does it won't be the independence people who look bad...unless of course we retaliate.

    The lack of interest at Nicola's office (I think there were 7 protesters)suggests that there's not a huge interest. And if we don't take the bait it won't gain any legitimacy. Most of these these protesters are only protesting for the fight that goes with it.

  9. Well, it would be interesting to see if Johann would be shouting for Scotland to get a decent share, or whether, yet again, she would be taking the line fed to her by Balls and Miliband minor...

  10. Niko: Stats show that the threat of Tories is quite a serious issue for Scots.

    I doubt that many people do believe in the Tory philosophy in Scotland. Why else would they (under what the Tories themselves say is the best method of gauging support) only manage 1 member of parliament out of 59?

    Alex didn't say he agreed with her policies.

    Of course there will be private enterprise in Scotland. The SNP isn't a communist organisation. But those things which should be provided by the state will be provided by the state.

  11. I agree, Niko. Atos should be dropped. It is beyond belief that the government has accepted these murderers as sponsors for the games.

    Since it was pointed out to me I have ceased to promote the games from the blog.

    Neither will I go to the games nor will I report the games here.

    I'll have nothing to do with ATOS.

    And I've not rejoined the SNP because of it.

  12. tris

    Friday, 22 August 2008

    Mr Salmond said the SNP had a strong social conscience, which was a key Scottish attribute.

    He told the magazine: "One of the reasons Scotland didn't take to Lady Thatcher was because of that."

    Mr Salmond added: "We didn't mind the economic side so much. But we didn't like the social side at all.


    Definition: The plural nominative case of the pronoun of the first person; the word with which a person in speaking or writing denotes a number or company of which he is one, as the subject of an action expressed by a verb.

    'But those things which should be provided by the state will be provided by the state.'

    Osborne etc couldn't of put it better.

    communist organisation.
    I wish

  13. tris

    I left Labour for principled reasons;

    and you left the snp for principled reasons.

    Oh! where oh where can we go has politics become so unrepresentative of what the people want.

    no matter who you choose its business interests which always prevail.

  14. Well the SNP saying that it has a strong social conscience is quite right, and it has proved to be true in government. You really can't deny that.

    You said that Salmond approved of her policies. He didn't. He said "we", the Scots, didn't like her lack of social conscience. (As she believed that there was no such thing as society we shouldn't be too surprised that she had no social conscience). He was right. We didn't.

    He said we didn't mind her economic policies as much. That is to say that they weren't as objectionable as her social policies.

    That's not the same as saying he liked them, or we liked them. We just didn't mind them as much.

    I don't like marzipan. I don't mind fruit cake as much. ...hardly suggests that I'm a big fan of fruit cake.

    I don't see what you are saying about Osborne. Water, Health and Education will continue to be state responsibilities under the SNP government. Under the Tories the first has become a profit making business and the other two are well on their way to becoming the same.

    What is Labour's policy with regard to that?

  15. I agree with that Niko.

    I'll vote SNP for the foreseeable future, because they are the only party that will give me a referendum on independence.

    After we get independence (touche en bois), I don't have a clue...

  16. Like the top pic, Titanic one needs work in the wording but the last one is best.

  17. Last one is really good... and true.

    Sadly, because there have been deaths, and there will be many many more.

    But fortunately, you will be glad to know, none of them will be Tory ministers or their families, or royals, or that's OK then.