Friday 25 January 2013


According to the Sun, a company of on-line bookies have taken the completely amazing step of writing to the Queen and Cameron asking them to make Andy Murray an ENGLISHMAN presumably without his permission. 

Apparently they are desperate for Murray’s nationality to be changed in case he should win Wimbledon, and it appears that they don't give a stuff whether he wants to change or not

TVBet argues that Wimbledon is English, which of course no one could deny, what with it taking place in a suburb of London, the capital of England. They appear to think that we have our own sports like tossing the caber, which again, no one would deny.

They think that it wouldn't be right for a Scot to win the tournament. 

This is quite odd, because as far as I'm aware the last time an Englishman actually won it, most of them weren't even born, given that it was 1936.

“It’s as English as strawberries and cream" said a spokesman for the company, forgetting or not knowing that the strawberries for Wimbledon come from the Carse of Gowrie, in Scotland. 

We have to assume that are pulling our legs, but you really never know, specially not with The Sun.

Congratulations, Andy: Good result (6-4 6-7 6-3 6-7 6-2)


  1. tris

    Well one thing is for sure Andy is a 100% Unionist


  2. I read in the daily Blurb evidence has been found which
    conclusively proves Andy was switched at birth and is in fact of
    Noble English descendant going back a thousand years or more.

  3. Will there still be tennis in Scotland when we leave the UK ? Or will that be another casualty ?
    Most strawberries for wimblebore come from Kent...

  4. Well, wouldn't you know it, Niko. I thought a Scot would be too wee, too poor and too stupid to get where he has got.

    He's probably related to Cameron.

    BTW, did you know that Cameron (and Boris) because they are both descendants of some king or other, have to get permission from the Queen to marry.

    Anyway, are you sure Andy is a unionist?

  5. No Monty. Tennis will cease to exist.

    Mr Salmond will order that only Tossing the Caber, Shinty and Three-legged Haggis racing will be allowed.

    I suppose their strawberries are better than ours, Bigger, richer and less stupid.

  6. Congrats Andy (not that he's reading this!). Good luck for the final. As for him being a unionist, I'm fairly sure he is but what's that got to do with it. Some of my family are unionists, I quite like them too.

    Can I recommend the old Monty Python sketch - a Scotsman at Wimbledon - it's on youtube.

  7. How do you know Panda. It may be that Andy drops in the Munguin's Republic on a regular basis.

    On the other hand.... :)

    Thanks for the Monty Python ... I'll head to Youtube now.

  8. Let's not forget how he upset the English when asked if he would be supporting their football team....... Scotland, of course, failing to qualify.

  9. After that he has probably been more diplomatic, Boorach.

    And he hardly had the chance to drape himself in a Saltire when he got his gold. it was illegal to have one in the grounds.

    His fans made it very clear to him when he came back to Dunkeld though... the place was a sea of blue and white... No read anywhere. Even the pillar box was painted gold.