Monday 21 January 2013



  1. Why should the UK government discuss
    Independence with the snp .
    When there is no evidence the Scottish
    People want to separate .
    The idea behind the vote is to find out
    The settled wil of the Scottish people/voters

    Most scots would feel Shocked and betrayed if the
    Properly elected government of Scotland
    Were to enter into pre negotiations with the
    Snp at holyrood unrepresentative of the whole of
    Scotland as they early are.

    Let them win the yes to separation
    Vote first if they can and prove
    The s Othman people wish to separate

  2. I disagree Niko. It is important to hokd the referendum and make the cases on both sides. The decision will settle this issue permanently. As unionists we must not run from holding and fighting our corner in the court of live public debate.

    I believe that the internationalism of unionism over nationalism will have resonance.

    Besides the SNP got elected on a pro-referendum platform. They have the mandate to ask the question

  3. Deano

    yes but not to enter into pre-negotiations with the Westminster Parliament
    or more like pretendy pre-negotiations for which they have no mandate
    nor indeed any moral or political authority at all.

    Public debate is fine but Public shenanigans or obfuscation
    is a different kettle of snp fish.
    The snp are not a normal decent Democratic political party
    they are a unrepresentative band of extremists
    who if they could would force Independence
    down the throats of the Scottish people.

    Your in effect saying although i haven't agreed to
    sell my house people can view it take measurements
    and decide what alterations they intend to do
    and force a price on me i don't agree to on me.
    I dont think so

    wake up Deano these lot are trying to kill a nation
    and you have to treat them as such

    Mind if the English Torys seem to be winning the
    anti EU argument in 2014 then Independence within the
    larger European Union will be the only game in town,

    and I will throw up big time

  4. The wicked watcheth the righteous, and seeketh to slay him. The LORD will not leave him in his hand, nor condemn him when he is judged. And the LORD shall help them, and deliver them: he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in him.
    (Psalm 37:32,33,40)

  5. your a good lad Deano but I wonder if you realise
    just how evil the snp is and when the time comes
    and you have to stick em if you got the bottle for it.

    because when the time comes that bunch of nuts
    wont hesitate one bit.

  6. The UK government, Niko, being Tory, is wholly representative of the voters of Scotland. Good good. In that case you are probably right.

  7. Fair comment Dean

  8. One of the reasons that the Yes will remember that it is the YES campaign, Niko, and not just the SNP... wanted to talk turkey before the referendum is to answer some of the questions that the unionists keep asking...

    ... but it's fine with me if you don't want to discuss it.

    Every time the unionist side hides their hand, it makes them more suspicious.

    How about that intellectual giant Michael Moore getting a free ticket worth £1500 for the closing night of the Olympics? Nice work if you can get it. Not many ordinary Scots could afford that.

  9. Niko: Please start the medication again. You're beginning to sound like a mad monk...

  10. Civic nationalism vs British nationalism

    I would suggest Dean that British Nationalists like yourself and Niko haven't a clue in what you are talking about.

  11. I am not a nationalist, this is why I oppose the SNP plans for separation. I know ubernats like yourself can only see the world through blood and soil nationalism cynical, but some of us are a tad more cosmopolitan and open minded than that.

  12. Are you then and uberunionist, Dean?