Tuesday 22 January 2013


This doesn't need much comment from me...

Thanks heavens for Morrisons, Asda, Aldi and Lidl
I wonder if I killed 11,000 people, I'd get away with it.


  1. 6045 That is the number of people who took their own lives in Britain in 2011.

    Sad when your country can't protect you.

  2. I don't think they see benefit claimants as people really,CH. I mean none of their contemporaries would be seen dead at the Jobcentre. And if they are sick they probably pop over to Switzerland for some private treatment, and then Daddy has the west wing converted for them.

    Wait till the complete train crash arrives later in the year. Universal Benefit... If it didn't affect people's lives it would be hilarious, but unfortunately it will accelerate the number of people who will feel that their only option is to leave the country, by killing themselves.

  3. Unadulteratedly evil bastards

  4. tris to be honest the scum English Torys and their quisling lib dem
    supporters would see a rising number of dead as a success a badge
    of honour no different than if the people were Taliban terrorist in fact they hate the
    disabled more than terrorists.


  5. tris

    can you blame them


    Suicide numbers rise sharply, especially among middle-aged men

    Male suicides at highest level for a decade while rate for men aged 45-59 is at worst level since 1986

    Significant rises in the overall UK suicide rate and in the proportion of men aged between 45 and 59 killing themselves have been reported by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

  6. Yes, they are, Boorach.

  7. And these guys claim to be christians, Niko...

  8. Nothing to live for Niko.

    I can't understand what a new way of counting suicides can be in Scotland... I mean how else do you count them...

  9. Tory - Christian..... oxymoron surely!

    Moronic sadists certainly


  10. “The thorns which I have reap'd are of the tree
    I planted; they have torn me, and I bleed.
    I should have known what fruit would spring from such a seed.”
    ― George Gordon Byron

  11. Well yes Boorach, but they're all there at the abbey, and there's Cameron telling us all about his Christian values. It's another thing I would like to see the churches disown... if that lot are Christian then I'm Greenlandic.

  12. Political and economic oppression have been with us since the days of feudalism, which increased dramatically during the Industrial Revolution. Of course with the Enclosures Acts this oppression pushed the people from their ancient common lands. And now we have a new type of oppression, one that is designed to replace the people altogether. It is called ethnocide, or bloodless genocide.

    Data from the 2011 National Census has shown the English population of England is now little more than 60 per cent.

    Think yourself lucky Scotland, a leading french social anthropologist said recently: "the English will become an absolute minority in their own homeland before the end of this century."

    Cause: mass immigration.


  13. Oh very appropriate Niko.... :)

  14. Well Steve, I'm not so bothered about ethnicity or colour or creed.. or any of the otehr little things that people get so bent out of shape about, but that don't really matter.

    I care that the government we elect looks after every one of us, according to our needs.

    And it seems to me that the poor Tory backers must have incredible needs, because they aren't have getting well looked after...

  15. tris @ 8:44

    'Well Steve, I'm not so bothered about ethnicity or colour or creed.. or any of the otehr little things that people get so bent out of shape about, but that don't really matter.'

    Well I do care, because I actually believe in human diversity. Diversity is what creates unique cultures, so that when we travel we see other unique cultures. Multi-culture is not diversity, it is anti-diversity.

    I also like the fact that there are 23 species of tiger, be a shame if eventually there was just one, wouldn't it tris?


  16. This is a fight that has to happen in Westminster for as long as they are dictating Welfare policy.

    The problem is that Labour are hugely vulnerable on this. This isn't just something that accidentally happened to them, they didn't find themselves surprised by defections of Lord Freud to the Tories with Frank Field and John Purnells as his helpers to make a bad situation worse.

    Labour started this. Not in 2009, not in 2005 but earlier with the big changed being marked in 2001. As described here http://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2011/09/07/new-labour-the-market-state-and-the-end-of-welfare/

    The reviled US Health insurance company, banned from several states in the US due to running "disability denial factories" was brought in to manage them.

    The same people who set this up are still in Labour. They do not see they have done anything wronf, Labour agree witht he Tories on this, Milliband has used the same rhetoric, Liam Byrne is infamous for it, Ed Balls doesn't see the problem.

    Westminster will not solve this

  17. Steve: I respect you opinion.

    And I totally agree about labour. Business will not let anything get in its way of making profit, and if a few thousand or a few hundred thousand people die, so what? it's not them and it's not their people.

  18. Tris has a bad dose of the flu... (not man flu, REAL flu!!!)

    So please pardon the lack of responses....


  19. tris @ 1:29

    'Steve: I respect you opinion.'

    And I yours.


  20. Cheers CH... and Niko :)

    Just flu, will be back on my feet soon... but ouch it's horrible at the moment.

  21. Get well Tris!

    That said I disagree with Anon when he says " Labour agree witht he Tories on this, Milliband has used the same rhetoric, Liam Byrne is infamous for it, Ed Balls doesn't see the problem."

    It is unfair to equate (legitimate) reform of social security conducted under New Labour (which achieved, among other things huge inroads in the battle to abolish childhood poverty); and what IDS is doing.

    While it is fair (and I agree) that unfinished New Labour (NL) reforming zeal left an 'open door' for Tories to sneak their filthy ideas into... this is not in of itself Labours fault.

    Holding Labour to blame for the actions of a totally separate party is absurd. We didn't vote for IDS reforms, and they represent a distortion of what the NL agenda was all about.

  22. Deano

    Labour went down that road eyes wide open
    The Torys pushed a bit further.
    If labour made another more moral choice
    The Tory cuts would have had a far more
    Dificult time.


    Dint wanna make feel even more sick
    But. 23%. Not very good result
    At this stage and as for the silly
    Excuses trotted out by the snp

    Pretty pathetic

  23. Niko... I honestly don't know what you're talking about there...what's 23%, what excuses?

    I've been asleep...:(

  24. Ah yes, I've just seen. Different question suing the word separation, so probably not that representative, but as Nicola said the other night, we have a lot of work to do.

    And if England is coming out of the EU, remembering that Scotland is more pro Europe as much more trade and many more jobs depend on the EU, that could be influential.

    I'm not worried about bad polls 2 years away from the event Niko.

  25. I've been looking at it Niko. It's actually 24% ie 8% + 16%

    But that's neither here nor there.

    As I said, I don't get excited when we suddenly poll 45% either. It's all up in the air.

    Frankly I think that around 30% are dyed in the wool YES and around 40% are NO.

    Nothing will change most of them.

    But that leaves around 30% who honestly don't know, or don't much care or don't even know it's happening.

    If neither side convinces any of that 30%, then with 40% of the vote, the NO side will win.

    But that's democracy.

    However, I suspect that with both campaigns working non-stop there will be a winning over of at lest some of that 30%.

    It's a case of the best arguments winning. You start off with better figures and with the BBC on your side. You also have the advantage that people don't like change; they are frightened of it, and status quo often wins because of that.

    Clearly I believe the arguments that say we would be better off, and freer out of the union with England, but still in a union with the rest of Europe. Probably this is explained by my left wing sympathies and my dislike and mistrust of the right.

    I'm fed up of being ruled from London by people we didn't elect and whose policies I find not just wrong, but utterly repugnant.

    The death of 11,000 who were sick but were told they could work is beyond repugnant to me... and yet we headline the death of two people who chose to go climbing in snow. Now I can feel sympathy for them, but, there were 2 , and they took a risk for their own pleasure.

    Likewise, it seemed the whole country had come to a stand still because of the Algerian hostage crisis. We had Cameron cancelling speeches, chairing Cobra, that little Muppet Hague trying to look serious and telling us to prepare ourselves of bad news... Once again, it's the worst news in the world for the friends and families of the hostages. But isn't it also when a few days after being told they are fit to work, your father collapses with a heart attack?

    I don't like living in a country where it is more important to have £100 billion worth of WMDs... than to pay OAPs a decent pension.

    It's a matter of priorities. My priorities are left wing. I'd rather make sure ordinary people had food and warmth than the likes of Cameron had a platform to play at being a world figure.

    All we need to do is make people see that. But as I say with the English newspapers (and most Scottish newspapers are just subsidiaries of English papers) and the BBC totally biased against us, we don't have a great deal of publicity space.

    It's an uphill climb, but it's worth it to live in a decent country, and Britain is NOT that. (Well not unless you are very rich or have a title).

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  27. Niko But. 23%. Not very good result Not bad when the funder of the 'pollster' is funded by the British establishment over 7 months including the limpics and royal fawning.

    Reality is the latest poll on Jan 4th has independence at 39% a whopping 16% rise. Angus Reid poll

    But the real long term trend Polling geek.

    Y = 40%
    N = 45%
    DK = 15%

    Keep those unionist bed throws in their wrappers as they will start to be collectors items after production stops in 2014.

  28. Oh well, if long term polling is at about 40% then my figures are well out...

    That gives us 15% to work with then CH? and the Nos have a 5% advantage.

    I wonder what Mr Cameron's intervention yesterday will do to those figures.

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  30. ch

    On present trends the snp are gonna get a spanking
    thats a fact if you wish to

    yourself fair enough;

  31. tris

    knows his Torys
    and he is on


    “Who will speak for ‘Outers’? Seriously, who will answer the phone for the ‘Out’ campaign? While the ‘Inners’ will be disciplined, coordinated and united in their quest, the ‘Outers’ consist of a ragbag of ‘swivel-eyed nutters’, ‘right-wing xenophobes’, ‘eccentric little-Englanders’, not to mention the ‘fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists’. And (here’s the important point) most of them simply can’t stand the sight of each other. There’s backbiting, distrust and an entire dung-heap of mutual loathing.”

  32. He he... Niko. You can call me deluded if you want...

    I continue with my hopes that we will have a more decent country when Edinburgh takes over. If that doesn't happen, I hope that people will be happy with right wing London government, and if the Tories have their way without the lightening effect of EU social contract conditions.

    The Tories want employment laws to come back to England... and all the other things that are good for the working people, but bad for the rich.

    I wonder what Labour will do to protect us from these monsters? Any ideas Niko?

    Yesterday Ed said that he didn't want an in-out referendum when pushed by the Eton boy atht their first minister's questions. His deputy's face said it all... His spin doctors were pointing out within minutes that when Ed said no what he meant was, I don't know...maybe.

  33. Bless Cramer...

    He can be the 'no campaign' spokesman.


  34. tris

    Looks like you have a couple of forum spammers there.

    Rev Stu has quite convincingly picked that poll apart here http://wingsland.podgamer.com/when-no-means-yes/

    It isn't a true poll of the situation going, we know that DevoMax supporters split to YES and NO if DevoMax isn't an option

    And it isn't

  35. I'm glad you are happy with Prof Curtice take on this poll Niko now I wonder how did his projections go in 2011 elections.

    The telling thing is that the LibDems are trying to get the SNP on board the Devo nothing brigade as per FMQ's today which shows how worried those at the top really are.

  36. yes Anon... thanks for that. Trust Stu!! He's a pretty sound guy!

  37. OOOOOH can't wait to see FMQ, but need to sleep now.... Will watch tomorrow morning!