Saturday 27 March 2010

Jim McGovern claims the credit.......Joe Fitzpatrick does the work

From the pages of the Dundee Courier’s Political Round-up comes this heartening tale of hard work rewarded.

That hard work is, according to Labour, the work of Dundee’s sole flyer of the red flag, Dundee West MP Jim McGovern. The Courier reports that Jim claims to have put in a huge amount of effort to secure Dundee a £100 million taxpayer boost for the high tech gaming industry in which the city excels.

It is suggested that Jim has been slogging away night and day by all possible means to secure that huge (and it is huge so I will say it again) £100 million.....and, I suppose, to help secure his lonely outpost of ex-Labour domination on the Tay.

But wait a minute........... This is a Labour MP we are talking about. The sort that likes to take all the credit, but do very little for it. So imagine Jim’s ire when some busybody sent in an FOI request to the Scotland Office to actually see all the communications on this subject between our Jim and them.

How dare they not take Honest Jim at his word, the blackguards!

Just out of interest, how many communications where there, I hear you all ask?

Well the answer given from the Scotland Office was........ one, and that was a letter sent to Dundee West MSP, Joe Fitzpatrick, Jim’s SNP counterpart in the Scottish Parliament.

Oh dear!

Hardly value for money is Jim, the ninth most expensive MP at Westminster with a whopping claim for £171,989.

It seems that 'well done Joe' should really be the order of the day.


  1. The Labour Party spin machine is awsome. McGovern didn't even have one letter and yet the Scotland Office could spin it into his triumph.

    Joe Fitzpatrick has been great for Dundee West and McGovern's replacement after the election by Jim Barrie, a local councillor is much anticipated.

  2. I think that Jim is desperate to hold on to the great state that Dundee was when Labour was in charge. But he could at least do something to justify his claims. Anything!

    It really would be better for them to think about these things before acting. This is a problem that seems to be inherent in Scottish labour at all levels. The “don't think before you act” syndrome. It is personified in the clique leader, Iain Gray, every time he opens his mouth.

  3. That Jim thinks that it is okay for him to sit around on his doup doing nothing except claiming expenses to the tune of the 9th most expensive in the UK (and drags Dundee West onto the role of shame that is topped by Jim Devine) is quite beyond belief.

    Must be another instance of thinking they would not get found out.

    Hey Jim look out the window: everything you see was once Labour, but now it's not: try doing a bit of work!

  4. The problem may lie, as in McGevern's case, in a party bein' so dominant, for so long, in an district or toun. There's nae democracy there. Ah think ordinsry folk hae a natural distrust o' any organisation that likes power, like the Labour pairty or the masons or the nuns. Ah wis watchin' the pope oan the telly last night an' ah thocht he looked awfy like the Emperor Palpatine.

  5. That wisnae very well thocht oot ah'm sorry. Ah shouldnae type an' talk at the same time.

    Ah've no got ma brain switched oan th' day.

  6. I think he looks like Von Smallhousen from 'Allô Allô' and my mum thinks he sounds just like him too.....

    I think I prefer Von Smallhousen. He was a much nicer wee man, and he had to put up with Herr Flick

  7. Thats ok Sophia, but I have no idea what emperor Palpatine looks like. The only emperor I have ever seen is an emperor penguin.

    They are not so very dominant here now what with both MSPs being SNP, Dundee east MP being SNP and the council being SNP an all. I guess Mr McGoveran can feel the cold finger of fate on his collar and so has to try to justify himself. By in this case pretending to do a whole lot of work that he never did. Mr McGoveran clearly feels that he has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin.

  8. He does look like John Louis Mansi when he played Englebert von Smallhausen in Allo Allo.

  9. Hum... Ok Munguin. Von SmallhAusen then.... my German ain't too good. :-)

  10. Tris: never mind I am not going to do a Kezia Dugdale and correct your comments for grammar and spelling.

  11. Same happens around my constituency, we get a glossy Labour vote for me pamphlet every so often with the local MP (Labour) standing beside local events and achievements, yet fails to mention that this is a local Tory borough (mostly) and most of what he claims as his achievements are in fact the local councils.

  12. Great post Tris. Typical labour. Tell me, did the Courier do the FOI?

    This is obviously in the paper copy because they don't put their politics section online.

  13. Labour has very little value left. And, just as Tory domination of the Tay, and wider Scotland eventually evapourated between 1951-1997, so we shall also see this trend infect Labour.

    Core, unthinking Labour voters grow old and die..just like my Party's core vote did. Then, over the next 20 years what matters is appeal to my generation- and frankly Labour has very little of any of that. Those of us who have grown up under Labour shall never ever vote Labour so long as we live.

    Oh, and I wouldn't bet too much on Labours last Tayside enclave holding out in 2010, May 6th! That and Ochil are two guaranteed SNP gains!

  14. SR... it was Munguin's post, not mine... but I think that they did, I'm sure it was the guy who does the political round up..... I'm sure Munguin will know the answer.........

  15. QM: yea very true but here Labour used to dominate and now only wee Jim is left, so he does have something to prove. But lets a golden opportunity slip by, just because he is a lazy trougher.

  16. Sorry S/R this one is mine.

    It does not say if the Courier were responsible for the FOI request but I wouldn't put it past them. Yes DCTs are not very generous with their online content as indeed will the Times be soon enough.

  17. Thanks Dean I very much hope that Dundee can go totally SNP. I think it will be the first of Scotland's cities to do so, so we have all to play for in Dundee West.