Friday 12 March 2010


The SNP is more than happy with today’s Angus Reid Public Opinion Poll which shows that its support has increased by 8 points since the same organisation's poll which was sampled on February 16-17. The rise from 20% to 28% is heartening, even for a person like me who doesn’t put a lot of store by these polls.

The full figures [change from 2005 General Election in brackets] are:

SNP: 28% [+10]
Labour: 36% [-4]
Con: 17% [+1]
Lib Dem: 15% [-8%]
Others: 4%

This latest poll was sampled March 9 and 10, from 2,003 adults, with a Scottish sample of 178. This is of course a very small Scottish sample, but importantly the result is in line with the full Ipsos MORI Scottish poll published on 1 March which had Labour 34%, SNP 32%, Tories 17%, Lib Dems 12%.

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson commented that SNP support had surged by 8 points in the past month, confirming that the Westminster Election in Scotland is a two-horse race between SNP local champions and London Labour. He called the poll hugely encouraging and suggested that the election in Scotland was absolutely wide open. I'm wondering where Spud Murphy got the notion that the team to beat in Scotland was the Tories...

With the real possibility of a hung or balanced parliament at Westminster opportunity for Scotland is enormous. Let’s hope we can keep this up, and make a serious dent in Labour’s support in Scotland. It is essential that we Scots have as strong a voice as possible in Westminster for the moment until we can free ourselves. We certainly won’t get that from the London based parties which work so hard to suit the needs and desires of the South East of England!

Let's play a good and fair game. Let's tell people what life in an Independent Scotland would be like and how we can push better for that goal with more of our voices in Westminster. But let's not forget to stress just how bad the Labour government has been for Scotland, for our jobs, our economy and for all the things that matter to us.... and we could remind them of Labour MPs who think that they are above the law, and Labour Peers who clearly are.
Let’s get people voting SNP and get a voice for Scotland with Scotland’s Champions.

The full Angus Reid Public Opinion poll report is here:


  1. I am also not a great proponent of polls and so don’t propose to make a great fuss of one that shows what I want to happen. What I will say is that I am not a great believer in polls because I doubt their veracity, clearly if Yougov are commissioned by the Sun or the Sunday Times to produce a poll those august organs will be able to set the parameters of the poll and clearly it is in the pollsters best interests to provide a poll that will sell copies of the paper. However, the Ipsos/Mori polls I think are more independent and if I am going to believe them I will want to see trends over a period of time and not snap results. This poll I think does fit into the trend as Tris says it does not stand alone and seems to be backed up by an earlier Ipsos/Mori poll. So well done the SNP and long may that trend continue.

  2. Yep Munguin. I agree with all of that!