Thursday, 25 March 2010

Lýðveldið Ísland... One of the most beautiful places in the world

I was having a quick look at the stats for the blog tonight (thanks to you all for looking in) and I was delighted to see the first ever, as far as I know, visitor from Iceland.

It made me look for some pictures of the country to remind me of what a beautiful place it is....

Contrary to its name, which of course is not Iceland but Island (Lýðveldið Ísland), the country is not that cold or that icy. The temperatures are not really much more or less than you’d expect in parts of Scotland and the landscapes are breathtaking. The towns are small, and beautifully clean. The buildings are bright and colourful in a northern way, perhaps to brighten the dark of northern winters.

The peop
le are hard-working, well educated, speak several languages and love it when a stranger speaks Icelandic, however little, with a foreign accent. There are fewer than 400,000 of a population and yet they have built a modern and until recently prosperous society. One day soon it will be prosperous again.... long long before Britain Mr Murphy.

Of course, according to Gordon Brown they are terrorists, but then who cares what that has been thinks.

I thought you might enjoy some pictures of this beautiful country.


  1. Lovely post Tris. I'm off to bed now feeling slightly more cheerful.

  2. It certainly looks very lovely.

  3. Thank you Subrosa; what a lovely compliment for a post. To think I cheered someone up with a post is a great feeling.

    Hope your cold is better.

  4. Munguin...

    You're right there. Lovely.

    I fancy a week there in the summer!

  5. If any Icelanders are reading this.

    1. Any chance of getting our money back ?
    2. Is Bjork a stunner in Iceland ?
    3. Do you have to kill all those whales ?
    4. Is Iceland full of dodgy geisers ?
    5. Did you enjoy the money while it lasted ?

  6. Anonymous,

    Not really surprised at your choice of name. They could probably reply "We have not killed any Iraqis".

  7. Oh yes.... that's true Brownlie. Not a single one, nor any Afghans, and despite the cold they don't even kill their own pensioners during the winter like we do.

  8. Anon:

    1. Iceland has made it clear that the money will be paid. However, don't you think that a bank that was doing business in the UK should have been being regulated by the UK? Of course we all know that the FSA were, literally probably 'out to lunch'. Liquid ones at the club.

    They missed what was happening until the day that Northern Rock went down. After all Newcastle was in the North, among savages who didn't eat sun dried tomato chiabatta. If things were bad in Newcastle they were hardly going to go as far north as Iceland.

    No, better to sit on their fat lazy arses and do sod all..... And so they did.

    As it was a foreign bank it was also subject to the scrutiny of the EU authorities, who apparently don’t even like going to London...such as the delights of Bruxelles.

    2. In fairness Bjork’s a bit passée these days, and no she never was a stunner. But there are some real beauties in Iceland I promise you.

    3. Whales are traditional Icelandic food. We killed all the cod and the haddock and nearly all the herring... and we moan like hell when the EU tells us we can’t catch it any more. Why is it ok for the UK to do these things and not for Iceland?

    4. Ha Ha geysers.... hummmmmmmm

    5. Yes of course they did... it was magical. Ask the city of London. They enjoyed it. They lit cigars with £100 notes, they bought champagne at £3000 a bottle, not because it was worth that but because the more expensive the champagne the more that your colleagues guessed that you had got as a bonus... and what’s a few thousand quid.

    Of course they enjoyed it. We all enjoy the good time and hate the bad ones....even foreigners.

  9. wow
    it must've been heaven :)))

  10. It's a like a bit of heaven Mauro