Monday 22 March 2010

The Man with an Ambiguous Relationship with the Truth

Stephen Byers, the Right Honourable Stephen Byers MP, to give him his full title... (Nope, it’s no good, I’m sorry, I can’t say the man’s name and ‘honourable’ in the same paragraph without busting out in uncontrollable laughter). What a complete and utter idiot this man is.

When you consider his career it’s hard to feel anything but complete revulsion for this self serving character.

In his early junior ministerial posts his blunders were legend, like, when introducing a literacy and numeracy campaign as minister at the English Dept of Education, he insisted the 7 x 8 was 54.

As Trade Secretary in 2000 he was responsible for the fiasco that allowed a few people to make a fortune at the expense of the taxpayer and the employees of the Rover Group. A disgusting display that was either incompetence or something like it.....

Then he put Railtrack into administration (and created Network Rail), all over a weekend. The result of this was that we eventually had to give the shareholders compensation after the largest class legal action ever seen in the English courts... all at horrendous cost to the taxpayer.....

On September 11, 2001, Byers' political adviser Jo Moore sent an email advising people that this was “a very good day to get out anything we want to bury", given that the news media were all engaged with what was unfolding in New York. Both of them survived that folly, but clearly no “lessons had been learned” because a few months later a memo from her immediate boss Martin Sixsmith warned her NOT to try to bury any more bad news on the day of the funeral of the Queen’s sister, implying that she had been intending to do so.... Of course Byers, who was responsible for these staff survived.

Then there was considerable bad feeling over Byers’ decision to allow pornographic-magazine publisher Richard Desmond to buy the Daily Express.......

In 2009 it was revealed that Byers had claimed more than £125,000 in second home allowances for a London flat owned by his partner (and where he lives rent-free), including £27,000 for redecoration, maintenance and appliances for this property...... Unbelievable, but he got away with that too.

And now the man that is for hire as if he were a taxi cab, or maybe he isn’t, if we are to believe Adonois and ... ha ha ha , wait for it.... Mandleson...

You see the problem? Who to believe? Made worse by the fact that Harry Harperson says that it’s alright, or rather says that the PM says that it’s alright, no “wrong doings” and absolutely no need for an inquiry. Phew, the whitewash manufacturers in China must be breathing a sigh of relief.

Anyway, he tells this young female undercover journalist that he can get things done, and has. £500 million here, Peter Mandleson there, red benches... no bother, leave it to him....

But then Mandy and the Adonis fellow say they’ve never heard of him, or at least they know who he is but they never talk to him.... In fact no one seems to know him, or want to know him...

What a stinking mess. What a bunch of sleazy self serving liars they are.

I know it would be better for Britain if we elected a hung parliament and benefited from some of the good common sense that Vince Cable will bring, and the influence of the National parties....but there are times that you just wish that almost every man jack of them would get crushed at the election, never to be heard of again.

Pictured: Yeah, twice for a laugh, Stephen Byers.... lovely little man.



  1. This programme high-lighted what most of us suspected anyway and is just the tip of the iceberg which could well sink this government. Even if Byers is a two-faced grasping and conniving git I reckon he was telling the truth about the good lords Mandelson and Adonis.

    Incidentally, Jo Moore, the undertaker of bad news, was last heard of as a teacher but I'd bet her fingers are still in a few of Byers' pies.

  2. Ah've no looked tae see but are thae three craws, Byers Hoon and Hewitt standin' doon? Are they joinin' the throng o' disgraced freeloaders, singin' and dancin' doon the Thames Embankment behind the Pie-heid Piper o' Luton South, her wi' a begonia in her hair -
    "Is that a begonia?"
    "Naw, ah've jist goat an awfy wee heid."
    - oaf oan their holidays wi' ne'er a care? They better be.

    But if they arenae, and stand again, they could in aw' likelihood get elected again, bein' there sae many safe seats. Wid that no be awfy!

    Ah nivver watched the programme, ma auld telly can only pick up the Light Service. It makes me seek onyhow watchin' politicians bummin' thersels up. Byers has aye made me seek mind, Hoon tae. And Pat Hewitt. Labour? They have the cheek tae call thersels Labour?

    See if ye went an' asked Barbara Castle tae hae a look at them, well she widnae recognise them as the workin' man's Pairty. She widnae ye know. An' see Barbara had her principles, an' she stuck tae them. Ah mind when she was haein' some bother wi', er, well we'll say it wis her varicose veins. She had suffered wi' them for years, she wis a martyr tae them ye could tell she wisnae a happy lassie. She had tried aw' sorts, stuff ma grannie had tried. No that it helped her mind, but ye widnae ken if it did, she tried that many. Anythin' new that Vicks brought oot or wi' wheatgerm in it, stuff in the Polish shops she didnae even ken whit she wis tryin', stuff fae catalogues, an' online stores...

    Barbara wis waitin' for an operation oan the NHS. Ken her the bold lass, "Ah'll be awright, ah can thole it till then, ah've got ma cushion." but ah tried, ah even said ah wid pay, "It'll be in - oot, ye'll ne feel ah thing, an' ye can use the back door. O' the hospital ah mean, so ye dinnae get spied oan." This place wis oan Harley Street tae put ye right.

    But she thocht the NHS wis the bees-knees, she widnae hear a word against it. Ah'm losin' ma threed again. er er Barbara's operation. Ah think she's still oan the waitin' list ye know, and she's been deid nigh oan ten year noo. That no awfy?

    Bet ye Patricia Hewitt went private tae get her piles sorted.

  3. Brownlie: I haven't seen the show yet although it's taped. I gather that a Tory was also involved.

    Of course Mandleson and Ad(ha ha )onis... Oh lord that's so funny.... are probably up to their horrid old chins in it.

    The thought of Jo Moore with her fingers in Byers pies is not a thought I'd want to pursue... OK?

  4. Byers, Hoon and Hewitt are all suspended from the Labour party. Will they still get their pay-off, I wonder .....? From the look of Patricia Hewitt she had her piles transferred.

  5. Here. Ye can tell fae that second photie ye've goat up o' Stephen Byers. If he's no goat piles awready, he soon will have.

  6. They are all standing down, including the deselected Moron woman Sophia. But they have aparently all be suspended from the Labour Party pending an internal inquiry .... oh lordy they do make you laugh!!!!

    Thank you for that discourse on Barbara Castle's medical history... LOL. But I take your point. Once upon a time there were Labour pliticians who actually were Labour... Long gone. That oily bitch Hewitt, who lied through her teeth to us the NHS now seems to be a director of a load of different Private Health companies.

    Kier Hardy would birl in his grave at the nonsense of these foul parasites.

  7. Nah Brownlie.... She's always had a face like a weel skelpit erse.....

  8. We'll Sophia, when he was renting himself out like a cab, I heard he was hoping to make piles.... but I have a sneaking suspicion that's not quite what he had in mind.

    On the other hand, it couldn't happen to a nicer bloke.

  9. She's no as bad as Maggie Beckett tho. That no awfy?

  10. Pat Hewitt pits me in mind o' Virginia Bottomly. Horsey, condescendin' auld spinsters at the fag-end o' a government. Aye.

  11. Nobody's a bad as Beckett, and yes, she is a bit horsey.... Imagine that, a Labour person looking horsey. I always thought she modled her delivery on Mrs Thatcher. Condescending and superiour.

  12. Brownlie. I imagine that the payoff is a parliamentary payment; they've only been suspended from the Labour Party.

    Of course they don't have to take the money if they don't want to...... ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...... water quick please......

  13. They have now been chucked out of the Party so clearly there is no smoke without fire.

  14. Yes Munguin. It's odd that, whilst their behaviour is not so serious that they have to leave parliament, the prime minister (they say it was Nick Browne who took the decision, but we all know better than that) has seen fit to put them out of the Labour party. Nothing to do with the election coming up I suppose?

    Broken Britiain indeed. If these politicians want to sort Britian, they should look no farther than their own doorstep.

    Oh, as an afterthought, if Britian IS broken, that's OK with me. We'll have the top half... the lovely bit with the mountains and the burns and lochs and Edinburgh in it... we'll take it off somewhere nice and nurse it back to health.

  15. Just wondering if anybody else has noticed the mistake in the headline?


    thought not.

  16. Clever bugger.... erm LOL..... Thank you for pointing that out! MAN should clearly have been spelled ARSE.....

  17. A man with an ambigious relationship with reality perhaps if Lord Mandelson is proven correct, that he actually has little or no influence at all.

    But then, this is all rather sordid. Echoes of the dying Major government in so many respects.

  18. Well Dean, therein lies the problem. You have on the one hand, Stephen Byers and on the other you have Peter (his aristocraticness) Mandleson. And you have to make up your mind who is telling the truth.

    What worried me was that Mandleson initially said he had "no recollection" of a meeting with Byers. Is he hedging his bets here, in case it can be proven by diary secretaries that indeed he did.

    Of course, I suspect that, under Brown, all of this would be hushed up.

    I mean, we are supposed to believe Harriet (like we would ever) when she told us just hours later that both the Transport and Business Departments had looked into it and there had been no wrong doing.

    The very fact that Labour moved quickly to do something about the miscreants suggests that there was, in fact, "dirty works at the crossroads", as my gran would say.

    On the other hand it could have been an old man, who used to be a cabinet minister and who now is a big nothing, showing off to a young female that he still had power, he was in fact the power behind so many of these young (?) ministers.

    With the British government you just never know. You can bet all sides are lying; the question is which ones are the biggest liars.

    Anyway my friend, all that is of nothing. The good news is that you are feeling well enough to comment again, and that has brightened my morning. You are so incredibly welcome back....