Thursday 11 March 2010


On Monday Subrosa carried a story about a truth blackout on military matters from Afghanistan in the period of Purdah which as she explains is “the period generally known to be between an election being called and taking place”.
The news comes from a memo written by Mr Gurr, the MoD’s director of Media and Communications. You can read the whole thing at Subrosa’s place from this link (and if you haven’t already read the post, can I suggest you do), but the main thrust is that the MoD is taking steps to reduce embarrassing disclosures.....

I quote this direct from Subrosa’s blog:

“Information on MoD and armed forces websites, it [the memo] says, must be 'cleansed.' Official blogs and websites must 'report factual information only.' Even internal MoD and service journals must be 'submitted for approval before publication' with 'controversial issues avoided' because 'these get into the public domain'. Another order is that 'Any activity that can be delayed should be.'

Subrosa continues: “The most distressing section of Mr Gurr's email, for me, is, 'Fatalities: Can put in public domain as now with Min (minimum I assume) quotes paying tribute to the individual.”

It seems that our government wants to make sure that nothing that might lessen its chances of being re-elected gets into the press. And keeping their podgy little trotters on the levers of power, and in the trough of course, seems to be more important to them than paying full tribute to men who may die for them.

There not a lot about this Wetminster government that I find shocking any more, but this is much lower than even I thought that even they would sink.

I suggested to Subrosa, and she agreed, that we should publish a website with links to English language newspapers in other countries, so that we can keep abreast of any information that the MoD might try to keep from us, and we bloggers can publish to make up for the supine press (at least here in Scotland) who roll over at a word from Brown.

So here’s the link.
And here's a link to Last of the Few's Facebook page!/group.php?gid=365628811528&ref=mf



  1. Tris,

    Top idea.

    I have started a facebook group for the social networking folks who use network blogs on there etc.

    But I am not doing well with your link.

    Yes I am a thicko
    However once sorted I will post the link on the facebook group.
    I have an issue with this can not be allowed.

  2. Tris,

    Shocking but not surprising. Just when you think that cannot be more despicable they proved you wrong. I'm surprised the Scotsman have not made a big issue - no pun intended - of this. I would have thought it would be right up David Maddox's street (not that I know where it is!) and set his nose for a story twitching.

    Incidentally, I notice that the illustrious and illuminating Stornoway Gazette is not on your list.

  3. LotF:

    Yes... Facebook is a fantastic idea. Bravo. We'll stop Ain't Worth and his crew.

    It angers me that Brown is prepared to go out there and use these men as a photo opportunity and yet the horrible reality, which might damage him, is to be hidden. No. Correction, that disgusts me.

    What angers me is that he thinks the UK public is so incredibly stupid that in a month's time when he announces his election they will have forgotten the 5 bodies that came home this morning. How dare he? He might have forgotten; we haven't.

    The link is working from my computer though. What's the problem at your end?

    If I can help, let me know.

  4. Morning Brownlie:

    Mad Ox, ah yeah. I hear that his own editor called him stupid recently, so I'm not sure anyone should listen to a word he says...

    Brown insults intelligent people with his assumption that he can make us forget the war, by saying very little about it over the next few weeks.

    But much worse. I hope with all my heart that none of these lads dies over the next couple of months, and into the election period. (Of we all do. We all hope not one more soldier, or Afghan has to die.) But how insulting, how incredibly inhuman is it that, should another man lay down his life in the service of his prime minister, to help keep that prime minister in post, that man should not be given the honours that he deserves in death?

    It makes me nauseous to even think that they could do this.

    As for the Stornoway Gazette. Goodness. I can’t imagine how it came to be left out of that list.

    I got it from my mum. You’d better take it up with her..... but I’d get the SAS to give you some combat training first.... She’s not a walk over. :¬)

  5. LotF:

    If you post the Facebook link we can include it in our blogs.....

  6. Tris,

    Link is Ok now

    Ok facebook group is here!/group.php?gid=365628811528&ref=mf

    Goes by the title:- Dont Let Labour Gag the Military during a General Election

    So all FB user get on and sign up.

    I post pics, vids and links to blogs etc on it daily to keep it in the domain.

    I am gonna bore the world ridgid with this.

  7. Go for it LotF. I don't use Facebook myself but I'll tell people who do.

    I'll add your link to the post.