Wednesday 24 March 2010


Well, poor old Geoff Hoon has cooked his goose well and truly this time.

It seems that he has been dismissed from a high level group of NATO personnel chaired by ex-Secretary of State Madeline Albright and tasked with studying new strategic concepts for the alliance (whatever that may be, and indeed whatever use he would have been to them).

He was caught on camera for a Channel Four Despatches programme bragging that a recent tax-payer funded trip to Washington DC, had involved “three days work for NATO followed by ‘a couple of days of Hoon work’”. He shouted his mouth off about the role that “provided him with commercially lucrative insights which could be useful to the arms industry”. He now wanted to turn his contacts and into “something that, bluntly, makes money”. Nice one Buster, we pay for you to go there (first class, I have no doubt, and pay for your hotel and food and you spend the time working for your greedy little self to make money in the arms trade. What kind of pond life are you?)

Anyway, his butt must be well sore because as a result of this piece of bragging to a young female journalist posing as a businesswoman, he has been tossed out of the Labour party and had his ass sacked from the NATO job that he was getting all these contacts from.

As my dear friend Spook would have said if he were writing this.....”wee shame”.

It appears that Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the secretary-general of NATO, asked him to leave when Gordon Brown made clear that he did not wish the former chief whip to remain a member of the committee.

So there you go you wee tube....... That’s what you get for trying to impress the ladies that despite your thinning hair, double chin and lined face you are still a force to be reckoned with. A word to the wise..... It’s probably best to remember that if a young lady is showing interest in you of any sort at all, there’s probably an ulterior motive, so watch out for the hidden camera, and mic, and keep your silly fat gob shut.

To think we once entrusted the lives of our troops to this fool.

Pictured: NATO summit and The Right Dishonourable Geoff Hoon, MP


  1. Ah retribution starts for Mr Hoon. Well done Tris. I'm too tired to post on this but I do hope many read it. I amy give it a go tomorrow though if the MSM don't make a big thing of it.

  2. I hope that the rest of the sneaky thieving gits in parliament find that people don't want to employ them given their records for dishonesty dupicity and greed.

    I certainly wouldn't trust them within a mile of any money of mine. Let's not forget that Geoff was happily claiming on a London home that he was renting out whilst living at our expense in a Grace and Favour House .....

    I hope the next one to get it in the neck is Pat Hewitt. She's on the board of some companies. I wonder how they feel to have on their boards someone who was too shoddy and dishonest even for the Labour Party to continue to employ.

    If I were them I'd get rid of her sharpish.

    As for that mad old thing Moran.... who on earth would want to employ her?

  3. Ye huv tae wonder whit they made o' Hoon oan that committee. They've likely been dyin' tae gie him the heave-ho fer ages. Either that or its a 'hale committe o' numpties, pensioned oaf tae obscurity.

    Ah'm inclined tae the latter view.

  4. As I am Sophia.

    I couldn't quite make out what the purpose of it was, but I guess, it's exactly as you suggest. A pile of 'has beens', 'never weres' or 'would like to have beens', or whatever, who get to travel the world 1st class, say in 5 star hotels and find ways of cheating us out of more of our taxes... and like Hoon using their governmental contacts to make money, by whatever prostitution of themsleves they can manage.

    I bet if we sacked every man jack of them tomorrow it wouldn't make any difference to anything at all....except we'd be a good few millions better off.

    Ho Hum.... not going to happen, but it gladdened my heart to see the Buffoon being kicked into touch. Prat that he is. I hope he has to go down the dole and sign on.....


  5. Oh how I laughed and laughed and laughed.

    What a great day it is....TOSSER deserves everything he gets....or doesn't as the case may be.

  6. I would have thought that in the arms trade dishonesty and a lack of moral fibre were musts. However, so is discretion and not getting caught. Running you mouth off nineteen to the dozen every time some dolly bird comes along just wont cut the mustard.

  7. Indeed LotF:

    For once, one of these greedy waste of oxygen gets hit where it hurts. Well done to NATO for booting him out, and, although it is doubtless done with PR in mind, not to mention a bit of revenge for the hapless "coup" ha ha ha ha ha, nonetheless, well done to Brown for indicating he no longer had confidence in the man.

    What took him so long? I haven't had confidence in him since....well, ever.

  8. Well Munguin, doubless that was why old Buff chose it. In a trade surrounded by other spineless, self servers interested only in themselves and money, Hoon would have melted into the background, if he hadn't seen a pretty face and reverted to being politican with a gob that runs away with itself.

    As I said in the post, at a certain age, and with certain looks, a man should be suspicious when a pretty young thing starts paying attention to him. That he didn't is testament to his vanity. He thought she was interested in what he had to say .... ha ha ha ha. Well she was Hoon, you prune.... as you can see.

    What a tube. Hopefully a broke tube too.

    Taxi for Hoon....ew er, no he can't afford it. Bus for Hoon.............

  9. Yes you would think he would be batting for Britain ( being our former Defence Secretary) but he said in the interview that he had 3 days of interviews in Washington where he arranged to help US firms find defence contracts in Europe now that European companies were struggling in the recession. I wonder if anyone has investigated the latest battle tank contract that went to the US ( General Dynamics) in case it was 'hooned'.
    But he hasn't been kicked out of the party and still draws his wages. Plus he'll get his pay off of £64K in May and will rent out his 7 properties paid for by the taxpayer. And once all the fuss has died down he'll add more directorships to his 'portfolio'. He has too many contacts and knows where too many bodies are buried to be idle for long.