Monday 15 March 2010


Gordon Brown promised to ban credit card firms taking advantage of customers by increasing interest rates, as part of a crackdown on what he described as "sharp practices".

He also wants to introduce new rules designed to prevent irresponsible lending.

This was announced in his weekly podcast, of which I was blissfully unaware, until I came across it in the Telegraph.

He promised to empower and protect consumers, and to make banks and credit card companies behave responsibly and act fairly. He said that he would re-write the rules on lending to end the sharp practices. Lord love us.....

He also promised a statutory right to reject interest rate increases... although I’m damned if I can see how that will work. Then Brown warbled on about “being on your side”.... what a bloody joke! The only side he's on is his...and it's his BACKside!

"Never again”, he wittered, “should banks and credit card companies encourage you to borrow more than you can realistically repay." Wow... that's a novel idea. I wonder where that came from.

Brown announced a new 'money guidance service' which would be funded by the banks, and prophesied that it would help a million people choose financial products and deal with debt.

It’s a bit like the reform of the Lords which has suddenly been announced now that he has heard we’re ever so slightly miffed that their Noblenesses are getting away with benefit theft unlike people who have only red blood, who get 6 months in stir.

You want to ask yourself just how long has this man been in government? Just how long has he had his hands on the purse strings? For how long was he Chancellor and for how long the First Lord of the Treasury? Has he in any of these positions overseen the banks and their dodgy practices?

The words: Forth, we, a banana boat, up the, in, came up, and, ......and the somewhat dubious question “do you think? all come to mind! He really must think we are all as thick you know.


  1. Typical electioneering. Always remember the words of the Labour brief at the court case for a referendum on Lisbon. "Manifesto promises are not subject to legitimate expectation"

    In other words they can (and do) say anything or promise anything to get votes, then ignore us for 5 years.

  2. That's a rather mild "in other words" QM. What it means, I think, is " we can and will lie through our teeth, promise you the moon on a stick, and then, once we have out feet under the table and our greedy, little piggy snouts well into the trough we will tell you to 'go away' and introduce a law that says you can't question us on pain of death..... you stupid people".

  3. I thought Gordon done rather well he gets my votes

  4. Lordy Niko. That's hardly a recommendation.... I mean, what on earth would the horror have to do NOT to get your vote?

  5. Don't believe Brown, Tris, between you and me there is a slight possibility that he could be telling lies.

    Niko, don't lie, we've all been reading your blog and you will not be voting for Brown. After all, you did go to Eton with Cameron.

  6. Now that an election is looming we are getting the populist band wagon reforms coming quick and fast. No hope of implementing any of them. I think that every Labour government since Ramsay MacDonald has promised to abolish the Lords and its been a key plank of Labour party policy since the party was founded in 1900. So that is 110 years we have been waiting and now because Uddin and her ilk have made it more unpopular than it usually is, the powers that be in the Labour party (petronella and campbubble) have cranked up the clockwork cyclops.

  7. I can't wait for their manifesto to come out. I'm sure it will go straight to the top of the most outrageous fiction category for the Booker prize.

  8. You have such a way with words Munguin, but of course you're bang on there. Pure fiction... but I suspect, if Her Majesty's last speech from the throne was anything to go by, it won't win any literary merit awards. I've never heard anything so badly written since I was in primary school, and I worte it!

  9. tris

    Join the conservative party

    Yes it is true i did go to Eton with Cameron
    as his Valet come shoe shine boy...

    All the bullying i endured turned me against the Conservatives I'll never forgive Cameron and Osborne for 'roasting' me over an open fire

    then giving me a Golden Guinea for my troubles
    whilst laughing

  10. dear god stop placing photos of that man on you blog, it/he is utterly repulsive and I cannot stand the sight of him, makes me retch every time please stop please please

  11. Brownlie.... Brown....lie? Ouch...LOL we've been there before, haven't we?

    Niko is the Classics master at Eton.... I remember him from when I was there...

    .....of course I should say I was only there working on the dry rot....

  12. Erm.... Anon... I'm not god, we just closely resemble one another... but I know what you mean... It's heavy work looking at that face.

    JBut jst remember that it's me that has to look for and find pictures of him... and it's not easy you know. I'm just a tad too good to you lot....

  13. Niko... you were his fag... own up!

    He told me one night in the Bullingdon just before we trashed that nice Chinese Take Away...